She’s back!

Hello blog land!
It’s kind of crazy to me that it’s been almost two months since my last blog. Two months?! And before my last update it had been 25 days. I’m sorry for the hiatus. Life just gets crazy sometimes and I felt like a break and a little “reset” was in order. Mommyhood with three kids is much more hectic than I thought it would be, and it’s taken me a little extra time to adjust and find my groove again. Harper is 6 months old now and I feel like I’m just settling into a real routine.

I thought baby number 3 would definitely be a challenge, but at the same time I thought it would be easier with my two older kids in school all day. Wrong! Sure, it’s really nice being home alone with Harper during school hours, but having two school age children means we have a schedule we must adhere to. We have to get up on time, get ready, and be out the door to drop the kids off at school every morning (even if I was up all night with Harper). We’ve got school pick up, after school snacks, after school activities, dinner, homework, bath/shower, bedtime routines, and reading every night on top of the baby duties. Plus, we just added Lego Robotics Club for Ayden after school twice a week and we are looking into putting her in Girl Scouts. We’re about to get even more hectic! The last time I had a baby I only had a 3 1/2 year old. Back then we didn’t have much going on- no school, no scheduled activities, no daycare, no work, nothing. If I was up all night with a screaming baby or nursing every 2 hours we could just sleep later and adjust our day accordingly. Now, not so much. That alarm goes off and I have to get up and get everyone moving. To say I’m exhausted is an understatement. By the time all three kids are settled into bed every night I’m ready for bed myself. Most nights I feel like I’m asleep before my head even hits the pillow.

The last six months really have flown by. It makes me sad because Harper is already moving out of that tiny baby phase. She’s so big now- 17 pounds and completely healthy and very chubby and squishy. Lately we’ve been referring to her as “Da Chub.” I know…we’re weird. Anywho, Harper can roll over and sit up on her own and she has not one, but two little baby teeth already. I’m not even sure when those little suckers popped up. I was changing her the other day and saw something, so I felt around on her gums and sure enough, she had two teeth already completely through! I guess when you have three kids it takes a little extra time to notice little things like that. I had a bit of mom guilt when I noticed her big ol’ chompers. Was I a bad mom because I didn’t even realize my sweet baby was cutting her first two teeth? Was she uncomfortable or in pain? I hadn’t given her any teething tablets, cold wash cloths, frozen chew toys,  baby Tylenol or anything. I felt so bad that she may have been hurting and oblivious Mommy over here didn’t even notice. After feeling bad for a few minutes I realized that she really hadn’t been acting differently though, besides a little extra drool and her wanting to chew on everything, but babies drool and love to put things in their mouth, right? Sigh. Mom guilt is the worst sometimes.
So, where do I stand now? I feel like my head is finally above water again. I’m figuring this whole 3 kids thing out. I’m not perfect, and some days are a bigger struggle than others, but I am learning to juggle it all. It’s time for me to get back to doing some of the things I enjoy for myself. I can’t just be mom all the time. If you follow me on social media (namely Facebook & Instagram) you know that I’ve been getting back into my crafting groove just the last few weeks. I made a lot of hand made Christmas gifts for family and friends, and I recently finished up a gorgeous little gray and yellow baby quilt for an expecting mom friend. It feels great to just sit down in my craft room for a few hours at night and get my creative juices going. I have to make time for myself and do the things I enjoy doing because it’s one of my only outlets for stress. Sewing and quilting is so calming for me. I can just zone out and focus on the stitches and the tension just melts away. Plus, I just love making things for people! I need to make that “me time” a priority on a regular basis from now on.



Had to make a little custom onesie for my little Khaleesi. If ya know, ya know.


And of course, one for myself!

Where does that leave time for blogging? I’m not really sure. I’m definitely ready to get back to it though, so I’m going to try to squeeze in a few posts here and there when I can without missing out on my precious baby and family time. I miss blogging. It’s been a great way for myself to document my children’s lives and share them with my friends and family. In more recent years it’s also been a lot of fun doing things like tutorials and how-tos when it comes to things beauty and craft related. I’m really looking forward to sharing some more gel nail stuff with you all (since my gel nail posts are my most-viewed blog posts). I’d also like to start doing some more tutorials on things I’ve been making with my Silhouette and my sewing machine lately. Again, if you follow me you’ve probably seen some of the fun things I’ve been coming up with. I’d totally be down for sharing some tips and tricks and show you my own crazy methods for some of the crafty things I’m planning.


That being said, I’d better wrap this up, as I’ve used up all of Harper’s much-too-short nap time to write this. Here’s to hoping that I can start posting on a more regular basis!


Thanks for still reading and not giving up on me 🙂
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