Set Baby Free! {+ Amazon giveaway}

Ladies and gentlemen…at long last, we finally have a walker!


Not that I’m excited for my littlest baby to be growing up, but I’m so proud of my Harper for finally figuring out the whole walking thing. She’s about 14 1/2 months now, and as baby number three, she took the most time making the transition from all fours to two legs. I think maybe she was just taking her time and playing it safe- being cautious! I mean, walking is serious business, and her little world is full of all kinds of dangerous things for her to get into. Baby-proofing has been a must!
The number one thing on my list for baby-proofing the new house was a baby gate. If you have any kind of stairs in your house you must block them off completely, at least in the beginning. Stairs are a huge hazard, and it’s best to just not even let baby have the opportunity to learn how to climb them. If you have older kids or pets, you’ll have to make sure you get a gate that they can figure out too.
Another huge hazard is cords and outlets, and you might need to do some rearranging of furniture and move things with dangling cords to another room or area. You can buy those little outlet covers for really cheap at just about any store, so stock up and go through your entire house with them. You can also buy special outlet covers that can be used even when the outlet has cords plugged in to it
Locks or safety latches should be put on all cabinets, cupboards, and drawers that are a danger to baby, especially under the kitchen and bathroom sinks! Sometimes it’s not even what’s in the cupboard that matters though- just opening and closing the cupboard itself is a hazard because your baby can pinch their fingers.
Large pieces of furniture, like bookshelves, dressers, and armoires should be secured to the wall. You know those extra pieces of hardware that came with that new bookshelf you got? Yeah, now is the time to actually install them and secure that thing to the wall so baby doesn’t climb up on it and tip it over.
While you’re at it, check your furniture for sharp edges and corners that might need to be protected. I know my TV center and coffee table both have really sharp, square corners on them. I picked up some of those soft padded covers for corners and now I don’t have to worry about Harper losing an eye on the coffee table anymore. 
Doors that are accessible to your baby should be secured somehow. In the beginning, simply closing the doors for the rooms you want to keep baby out of is good enough. But as they get older and learn how to open and close doors, you’ll want to get some door knob covers and/or door stops. The door stops are great for your baby’s bedroom door- maybe it’s OK for her to go in there, but you’ll want to keep her from closing the door on her little fingers.
Small toys should be completely banned from the main living/playing area for your baby. I have an 11 year old who is obsessed with LEGOs, but he’s only allowed to play with them in his own room. Ditto for my 7 year old daughter’s Barbies and the tiny Barbie shoes. I don’t even let them bring their toys in the living room at all because it would be so easy for one little piece to get left on the floor and then I’d have to try to remember how to do the Heimlich Maneuver on a baby. No bueno. Keep the big kid toys in the big kid rooms!
Got hardwood floors in your baby’s room or play area? Get some area rugs to help soften the fall when they inevitably trip, fall, and tumble across the hard floor. 
Vacuum…often! Seems pretty straightforward, but you don’t realize how much stuff ends up on your floor until you’ve got a mobile baby who puts every crumb or piece of garbage they find in their mouth! Gross, plus it’s a choking hazard.


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