Sennheiser Ear Bud Reviews

Sennheiser produces products with a mission to stay true to the sound and soul the artists are giving in their music. For more than 60 years, Sennheiser provides clear sound from the fragile intimacy of a whispered word to the deep and dark beats of an attacking bassline.

They deliver pure emotion and excitement with every sound. They offer a high-quality product that artists and music lovers all over the world would love. They give a great experience for everyone who really wants to hear what the artists what them when they listen to their music.

1. Sennheiser CX200 Twist-to-Fit Earbuds

This is an ear-canal headset that features an innovative finger-contoured design. The finger-contoured housing design enables an easy adjustment and optimal wearing comfort in the ears. It has different sizes of ear adapters that are included in every product.

It features an innovative system called Twist-to-Fit system that ensures the best possible fit for everyone. It has a high passive attenuation of ambient noise with a powerful bass-driven stereo sound. The bass sound is strengthened for clearer sound even in busy environments.

It is optimized for iPod, iPhone, mp3 players, CD players, and portable gaming symmetrical cables. It is also compatible with any other phones that support a 3.5mm jack plug. The earbuds support the latest generation of tablets from iPad to Android tablets and Blackberry Playbook although for listening only.

2. Sennheiser CX300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds

These earbuds have a dynamic transducer that delivers high-quality dynamic speaker systems for powerful bass-driven sound. It is made with greater clarity and improved dynamics compared to other standard earbuds.

It is an ideal earbud to use for cell phones, tablets, and portable music players. It is designed as an in-ear canal that provides ambient noise isolation to enhance the listening experience. It also has exceptional noise blocking capability.

It has a safety and ergonomic feature with its asymmetrical cable with a right-angled plug that reduces tangles and cable clutter. One of the other earbud cables is longer than the other so it can go behind the neck and into the opposite ear. This reduces the amount of cable in front of the user that is good when doing any physical activity.

It has soft silicon ear-tips that can fit everyone. It offers different sizes of ear adapters that is optimized to fit for comfort and sound quality.

3. Sennheiser CX 2.00G In-Ear

Sennheiser CX 2.00G In-Ear showcases design and engineering expertise. These in-ear-canal headsets deliver clearness and balanced sound across every frequency range. It features extended highs, smooth mid-range, and accurate powerful bass response.

It has a new ultra-small design that features transducer delivering vibrant balanced sound and deep bass. It also has 4 ear adapter sizes you can choose from to ensure a good fit. Its shape and sizes are optimized for exceptional fit and outstanding wearing comfort. It is also effective for noise blocking and improved sound quality.

Its new acoustic design and driver technology deliver a lightweight and ultra-small form factor with great fit and performance. It is equipped with an integrated 3-button in-line remote control and microphone for taking calls and controlling music on Windows phones and Samsung Galaxy devices.

It is a universal upgrade with vibrant bass-driven sound. It is available in colors black or white.

4. Sennheiser CX 5.00G In-Ear

Sennheiser CX 5.00G In-Ear has a new ergonomic angled enclosure design that employs a transducer tuned for wide frequency response. It offers a high-quality headset that has exceptional clarity and superior bass.

It has an optimum sound for both music and calls. It delivers impressive balance sound and has a superior bass response that is combined with the functionality needed for portable devices.

It has a 3-button in-line remote cable with an integrated mic that allows you to answer calls and control the music with the push of a button. Its elliptical cable with right-angled connector provides a tangle-free connection.

It has 4 ear adapter sizes that are effective for noise blocking and additional comfort for the ears. It is compatible with iOS devices and Android Galaxy devices. CX 5.00G In-Ear is available in colors black and white. Plus, every CX 5.00 comes with a hard carry case.

5. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear

The sonic signature of Sennheiser Momentum is pure. It has a high-quality dynamic transducer that produces a high level of output with low distortion. It is balanced with powerful bass, smooth mid-range, extended highs, detailed vocal projection, and great soundstage.

It has an ergonomically engineered design that has been crafted with precision using only premium materials. It is designed with a high-gloss finish with mirror chrome logo detail and color coordinated cable. It displays product quality while delivering exceptional sound quality.

Momentum In-Ear brings elegant styling and premium performance with its new design. It displays a very stylish design with its black and red color combination.

It also features a tangle-free oval cable featuring 3-button in-line remote with integrated microphone. It is a perfect complement to your mobile phone, and it will also allow you to control calls and music with the touch of its button.

It is custom machined which has low resonance stainless steel housing that delivers a detailed and accurate sound. The polycarbonate housing helps deliver detailed sound and contributes to excellent durability.

Its in-ear canal design provides excellent reduction of ambient noise. It has multiple varieties of ear tips sizes that ensures a personalized fit and comfort for maximum enjoyment of your favorite music. Momentum In-Ear is optimized for Apple iOS devices and Samsung Galaxy smart devices.

Customers around the world should not worry if a problem arises because every product of Sennheiser comes with a 2-year global warranty. With Sennheiser’s worldwide network, it can quickly and reliably handle any warranty issues.

Sennheiser technology pursuits focus on generating the perfect sound. It focuses on giving customers around the globe a unique sound experience. It creates a pristine sound for audiences to enjoy, and it also provides innovation and passion for excellence.