Self care goals for 2018

Hello 2018! Hello to a new year and a fresh start. Don’t you just love that? I do. As cliche as it sounds, I love starting off the new year with a few basic goals for myself. Nothing crazy-big or fancy, but with 2017 in my rearview (and we all know it was a rough year) I’m looking forward to taking better care of myself as a main priority. 2017 was the year of the fussy baby and the needy toddler, which didn’t leave much time for mom. I feel like I kind of had the life sucked out of me. 2018 is going to be different and I’m going to focus on more self care this trip around the sun. Here’s how:
Eat better. My diet has been pretty much crap since Josiah was born. At first I was nursing, so of course I was eating like a horse and had plenty of excess fat to lose from my body. Within a couple of months though, I was back to my old habits of coffee, coffee, coffee all day and I’d subsist on mostly toddler snacks. Fishy crackers, string cheese…you know the drill. Most days I’d experience major caffeine crashes and be completely exhausted. Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. My body hasn’t been properly fueled in I don’t even know how long. This last week or so I’ve really tried to eat more. I’ve been doing a green smoothie every morning to get some green, leafy veggies in and I just started adding some protein powder to it too. It fills up my stomach and helps me make better snack and lunch choices later in the day. 
Move my body. Exercise has been pretty nonexistent in my lifestyle for years. Sure, I’m skinny. I don’t need to lose weight. But I have the upper body strength of a kitten and I’m pretty sure I’ve got about zero muscle tone. And just because I’m not overweight doesn’t mean I’m healthy- I know I need to do something to get moving and get my heart rate up every now and again. I have a stair-stepper and I’ve been making it my goal to use it every other day. Even just 20 minutes gets me panting and sweating. My goal is to keep up with that at the very minimum and to add some kind of strength training to it as well to tone up. Oh, and I’m dying for spring to roll around so I can get back to walking with my double stroller- the one form of exercise I actually enjoy! 
Make better use of my time. This year I’m going to try to simplify and make better use of my time. Embracing technology helps so much with this one- I love stocking up at & using their free 2 day shipping feature. I’ve streamlined my errands by ordering what I can online and stocking up when things are on sale so I’m not running out at the last minute for basic necessities. Most of them are delivered right to my door now. Right before Christmas I stocked up on these Kleenex tissues- a staple in our house during cold and flu season and beyond. I’ve got 4 little noses to wipe, and these are our favorite. (They have a special layer in the middle to trap and kill 99.9% of cold & flu viruses in the tissue within 15 minutes!) I’ve even started doing my grocery shopping online…I just order and pull up at the store. I don’t even have to get out of the car with all of the little ones anymore. So convenient and it saves me so much time and stress. Find out how to get free 2 day shipping or free store pickup here- it’s a life-saver for sure! 


Rest when needed. It’s hard to admit that you can’t do it all 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Mom life can be rough, but rest is essential. I’m going to stop feeling guilty about this one and put my feet up when I need a little breather. 
Do things I enjoy. I realized that in 2017 I didn’t really do anything that I really love to do. I didn’t read a book. I didn’t do any crafting. My sewing machine went completely untouched. I didn’t do a whole lot for myself, besides the occasional blog post and what I was doing to run my new business. I kept myself busy doing a lot of busy work, but I didn’t do any of the things that used to really make me happy. That is going to change!
Those 5 little things are going to hopefully make me a better me in 2018. This is going to be the year I prioritize myself, my health, and my happiness a little more. What are you doing to take better care of yourself? Do you have any big goals for the new year?