Secret Santa! {Blog Edition}

Yay! I was so happy to jump right on board when I saw that a few of my blog friends decided to organize Secret Santa for us. You could link up if you wanted to participate, and they’d give you a blogger’s name & URL that you were to be “Secret Santa” for. Fun idea, right? I was game, so I signed up!
I did not know the girl that I was paired up with prior to this, but I “got to know her” a little through stalking reading her blog over the last few weeks. She’s really sweet, funny, & her blog is pretty darn awesome. I even won one of her giveaways last week {yay!}. Sooooooooo, the cute little lady I shopped for was
Ms. Ashley from Oh Wells Instead of What Ifs.
Make sure you hop over to her blog to see what I got her!
Ashley, it was a lot of fun shopping for you and getting to know you a little more through your blog. You definitely got a new reader! 🙂 Hope you enjoy your goodies. Merry Christmas!
And now I’ll show you what I received from my Secret Santa.
The box that arrived didn’t give me any clues {besides that she has really cute handwriting}. Obviously there was no name on the return address so all I had to go off of was Loveland, Colorado. I know the town, but I don’t know anyone from there and I couldn’t recall any bloggers off the top of my head who may have mentioned it, so I immediately gave up on trying to figure out who she was.
Whoever she is, she did a great job at figuring out what I like!
Here’s what I got!
Really cute black & green scarf.
A bottle of Essie polish from the Winter 2012 collection.
$10 Barnes & Noble gift card.
All things that are seriously perfect for me. The scarf is amaze…I even got a few compliments on it when I wore it grocery shopping the next day. The nail polish is a really pretty shade of rosy reddish pink, and I’ve said before that I pretty much always wear pinks. And the gift card is perfect for my Barnes & Noble Nook because I can use it to order books right to my E-reader.
It was revealed here that my SS was Elise from That’s Comma With a K!!! Thank you Elise!

So whoever my Secret Santa was….thank you! Ya did good!
Really, honestly, I had a huge grin on my face when I opened the box & I think I said out loud “Yesssssss!” Thank you! You did a great job at figuring out the perfect little gift for me.
I had a ton of fun doing this, so I will definitely be participating next year.

A big thank you to the awesome girls who organized this!


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