Ideas for a Secret Santa

As Christmas is fast approaching, it’s time to feel festive once again! It also means that school, office, and family reunion parties are also in the offing, and they typically entail Secret Santa gift exchanges. One of the great things about Secret Santa is that it doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice – you’ll still get a present either way!

Another, Secret Santa doesn’t require specific gift criteria, which would otherwise cause difficulty finding a present that meets those criteria.

Since the presents to be exchanged should cost no more than the set amount, Secret Santas are economical, practical, and low-key in giving holiday gifts. This is great as you probably have a list of other people you’re planning to give presents to. And that may take up a chunk of your Christmas budget. So, a Secret Santa is a fantastic idea, budget-wise.

If you are especially adept at creating and managing a build-up team activity and keeping a secret at the same time, chances are you’ll do successfully in a Secret Santa.

But if you need more Secret Santa holiday gift ideas, check out some cool ones.

For the coworkers:

  • Loose leaf tea – Who doesn’t like tea? Besides, tea is excellent in relieving work stress.
  • Coffee beans – Keep your coworker caffeinated all office hours. Better, give them coffee beans infused with wine and other special flavors.
  • Wireless speaker – Whether your colleagues like to listen to their favorite tunes or podcasts while they work (or having a workout), a wireless speaker is a perfect gift for them.
  • Mobile lens kit – It seems everyone is into mobile photography! The mobile lens kit – consisting of three lenses (fisheye, wide-angle, and macro) – will help them up with their Instagram game.
  • Stainless steel water bottle – Believe it or not, many people will appreciate simple and practical gifts such as this one. Durable and BPA-free, they can keep beverages hot or cold for hours.
  • Gift cards – Gift cards are great as they will save you the trouble of choosing a gift. Instead, your intended recipient will get to select anything for themselves.
  • Adult coloring books – They’re also another great way to bust out office stress. Coloring anything is a relaxing and soothing activity.
  • Essential oils – With their soothing and pleasant aroma, essential oils will help elevate mood, promote better sleep, and find harmony in life. Your coworkers will appreciate that you care about well-being through this gift.
  • Socks with fun prints – Not only does everyone need a pair of socks, but there’s also a wide variety of fun and quirky designs available online that you’re likely to find a pair for any and every personality.
  • Heating coasters – Everyone hates their coffee getting cold too quickly. These heating coasters will keep beverages warm for hours.

For families, relatives, or friends:

  • Musical pillow – A unique pillow with a built-in speaker. It’s perfect for those who love to listen to their favorite music or podcasts but have trouble getting their earphones in while lying in bed.
  • Wireless charging station – Perfect for those who work from home.
  • Reusable shopping bags – Get people to save the planet with reusable shopping bags. Make sure that they have features and designs (such as extra pockets inside) that will make them different from ordinary shopping bags.
  • Organic soaps – They will surely love these! You can’t go wrong with organic soaps.
  • Aromatic or scented candles – Generic, yes, but they work for all folks.
  • Himalayan salt lamp – This trending item is not only for decoration, but it is also purported to have healing properties.
  • French press – Sometimes, coffee is the answer to everything. A French press will make the easiest, most rich-tasting, and most delicious coffee (next to espresso). Whether you want to make freshly brewed coffee or iced coffee, the French press will be the perfect tool for making your preferred cup of coffee.
  • A pair of fuzzy slippers – Comfort is the most important above all else. So, gift them a pair of cozy slippers to protect and warm their feet.
  • A cute set of planters – Help them add some greenery to their space with cute pots for indoor plants and herbs. Add some real plants if you want to complete the gift.
  • Any food, beverage, or arts and crafts kit – A chocolate kit, cheese-making kit, candle-making kit, beer kit, or any DIY kit will keep them occupied and tap their creative potential while being holed up at home.