Sci-Fi Decorating Ideas for Your Home Office

One of the best things in having your office at home is you can design it anyway you want. Working in a themed home office is more fun and motivating especially when you’re surrounded by the things you love. One of the cool themes for a home office is Science Fiction or a futuristic design. If you’d like to turn your work space at home into a cool sci-fi office, here are some decorating ideas that are inspired by popular sci-fi movies which you may like.

Avengers Inspired Home Office

If you’re a Marvel fan, there are lots of office decorations you can find. For wall decors, I would suggest a Marvel Minimalist Wall Poster or a set of Avengers Minimalist Posters. I prefer minimalist posters since it’s for a home office. Having too much design on your office wall can be distracting.

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Marvel minimalist Grid Wall Poster

You can also put a decorative light on your office’s wall. There are these cool Avengers LED wall lights which have different designs. You can choose from Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, Hulk’s fist, Spider-Man’s face, and Iron Man’s mask, depending on who’s your favorite, or you can have them all if you want.

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Captain America's shield
Thor's Hammer
Hulk's Fist
Spider-Man Mask
Iron Man's Mask

You can also match your decors with Avengers themed office chairs. Two of the cool ones I really like are Captain America and Iron Man designed computer chairs. They both look cool and comfortable.

For your working table, the Marvel Avengers 10 Inch Infinity Gauntlet Desk Lamp is a cool décor. If you have lots of papers and documents on your table, you can place Captain America and Iron Man paperweights on them to keep them neat and tidy. I also find the Spider-Man candy holder a great table décor, especially when you love keeping candies in your office.

If you have a bookshelf in your home office, you may decorate it with Avengers bookends. I find the Iron Man bookends, and Black Widow and Hawkeye bookends really cool.

 There are also lots of other Avengers accessories you can find. If you’re into drinking coffee, it’s a good idea to have your own coffee maker in your home office. To match the Avengers theme, I would suggest this Captain America coffee maker with a matching mug. You can also place extra Avengers mugs beside it for your visitors to use.

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Captain America Computer Chair
Iron Man Computer Chair
Spider-Man candy holder
Black Widow and Hawkeye Bookends
Captain America coffee maker and mug
Avengers mugs set

Batman Inspired Home Office

If you’re a fan, or if you’d like a darker ambiance for your sci-fi home office, decorating it with Batman accessories can be great. Having a Batman themed home office looks much simpler compared to the Avengers inspired one since it doesn’t have much color combinations.

For the wall décor, you can choose between a Batman Wall Sticker or a 5-Piece Batman Poster. If you have a small office, you can go for the wall sticker, but if your office has a spacious wall, the poster would be great. Placing a Batman Wall Clock is also a good idea. These wall decors are simple but eye-catching.

For your desk, you can decorate it with a Batman Desk Lamp. There’s also another one which comes with an Organizer and a USB Port. To organize your documents, you can use a Batman Collectible Paperweight. A Batman Candy Holder is a cute desk décor as well and it also has a Joker design, too. These desk décors are not just for design purposes because they are very useful as well.

A Batman designed office chair would also complement the decors I’ve suggested. You can also place a throw pillow on it for more comfort. A Batman throw pillow case would look nice on it.

You can also use cool Batman bookends which you can place on your bookshelf to keep your books looking neat and tidy. And just like the in the Avengers décor ideas, there is also a Batman designed coffee maker you can place in your office to help boost your energy.

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Batman Quote Wall Sticker
Batman Wall Clock
Batman Desk Lamp
Batman Candy Holder
Batman Collectible Paperweight
Batman Office Chair
Batman Throw Pillow Case
Batman Coffee Maker

Star Wars Inspired Home Office

Star Wars is another popular sci-fi movie and it’s also a great theme for a home office design. One of the cool things in Star Wars is the lightsaber. You can decorate your office walls with Lightsaber Room Lights for a more futuristic look. It will create a cool ambiance in your office at night. You can also decorate your walls with a Star Wars Art Poster and a Star Wars Vinyl Wall Clock to complement the effect of the lightsaber.

On your desk, you can place a “May The Force Be with You” sign. A Death Star pencil holder is a cool thing to organize your pens. Another cool desk décor for your home office is an R2-BHD Calendar. There is also a Yoda candy bowl holder available for your desk to hold your favorite candies. These decors will look good together on your office desk. And to keep your books standing, the Darth Vader & Storm Trooper bookends would help.

If your fond of eating in your office or you want to keep foods and drinks for guests, a Han Solo Mini Fridge would look good in your office. You can also match it with a Star Wars Popcorn Maker. You wouldn’t go hungry while working if you have these things in your home office.

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Star Wars Art Poster
Star Wars Vinyl Wall Clock
Lightsaber Room Light
May The Force Be With You desk sign
Death Star Pencil Holder
Yoda Candy Bowl Holder
R2-BHD Calendar
Darth Vader & Storm trooper Bookends
Star Wars Popcorn Maker

Having a home office decorated with your favorite sci-fi characters and movies is a wonderful inspiration while working. I hope these ideas will help you decide on how you’d like your sci-fi home office to be decorated.