Sandalwood Bracelets and Their Benefits

Sandalwood beads are part of Buddhist traditions. It’s known to be a powerful aid to enhance meditation, increase the power of your wishes and stimulate a sense of awareness. When you’re caught up in the middle of a busy life and you can’t find peace, regular meditation with a sandalwood bracelet can help you gain a better perspective and achieve positive energy to balance your life.

Bracelets made of sandalwood beads are known as chandan mala (sandalwood rosary) and can be worn to lift up your meditation and make your wishes come true. Besides these, here are the other benefits of wearing sandalwood bracelets:

  • It brings peace and calm to the person wearing it.
  • It stimulates and jazzes up a sense of awareness.
  • It brings good luck and diminishes negative energies around you.
  • It helps you concentrate on one thing.
  • Its scent invokes a sense of tranquility and connection with divinity.
  • It can relieve stress and other mental traumas.
  • It lifts up melancholic thoughts and ideas to promote restful sleep.
  • It promotes energy and enthusiasm to increase self-esteem and zest for life.
  • It controls aggressiveness and irritability of the wearer and makes him open-minded to suggestions.
  • It helps in gaining inner strength and helps in overcoming adversities in life.
Where to Buy
OVALBUY Tibetan Buddhist Green Sandalwood Beads Prayer Wrist Bracelet Mala
MILAKOO India Barbie Sandalwood Bead Bracelet Tibetan Buddha Meditation Bracelet
Maa Padma Farms Strand Bracelet Red Sandalwood
Postpartum Beaded Mala Bracelet by Kuratif
MeruBeads Premium Mala Beads Bracelet
DONMON Store Sandalwood Wrist Mala Necklace Prayer Beads Bracelet
Natural Wood Bracelet Buddhist Mala Necklace from Top Plaza


All these are anchored in ancient Buddhist traditions, as it is widely believed as the powers of sandalwood. It’s also known that burning sandalwood incense can benefit healing work by relaxing the wearer. But with a bracelet, simply inhaling the natural scent of the wood can help with meditation. You can find a lot of them from Amazon.

Tibetan Buddhist Green Sandalwood Beads Prayer Wrist Bracelet Mala is a gorgeous bracelet carved with Fo and Lotus Buddhism symbols. The beads are about 10 mm in size and it comes with a jewelry pouch. The sandalwood has a nice color that changes to a deeper olive green over time. The band is elastic, so it can stretch out to fit most wrists. This bracelet would be a delight to anyone who loves sandalwood.

MILAKOO India Barbie Sandalwood Bead Bracelet Tibetan Buddha Meditation Bracelet is a bit smaller, with 6 mm beads. It looks like real sandalwood with a bit more rawness as it’s not too shiny. This exquisite barbie sandalwood bracelet brings good health and peace. A lot of people also prefer this sandalwood for Yoga meditation counting mantras and prostration. So if you’re looking for a not-so-big sandalwood bracelet with the raw appearance of the wood, get this one.

If you’re looking for a more fashionable looking mala bracelet, Maa Padma Farms Strand Bracelet Red Sandalwood is the one to buy. It features 27 shiny red sandalwood beads. It’s a handmade bracelet with a red string, which is knotted in between every bead, then it makes a red tassel in the middle. It looks beautiful on the wrist.

There are also sandalwood healing bracelets out there. This Postpartum Beaded Mala Bracelet by Kuratif is one, and it’s most beneficial for post-partum women. This bracelet is made of authentic sandalwood that gives off a relaxing natural aroma, and Amazonite stones that soothe the brain and nervous systems. This can help the mental balance, reduce worry and fear, which ultimately prevents post-partum depression. It’s made of 8mm healing beads that are lightweight. It also comes in an eco-friendly, cotton burlap bag perfect for gifting.

If you prefer a mala bracelet with extendable braided thread, MeruBeads Premium Mala Beads Bracelet is for you. It can fit palms up to 10” wide, then you can simply adjust it on your wrist. It’s called the “I am Peace” bracelet because sandalwood has calming and healing properties, supports the immune system and increases optimism and clarity of thought. The bracelet is 100% authentic and traditional, with the natural fragrance of sandalwood. Each bead is hand-knotted for extra durability. It comes packed in a cotton carry bag, with an “I am Peace” mantra card and a cute box.

If you want a stacked, sandalwood mala bracelet, try this DONMON Store Sandalwood Wrist Mala Necklace Prayer Beads Bracelet. It’s a necklace that can be made into a stacked bracelet for the wrist. All in all, it has 108 beads; its diameter is 8mm, while the length is 47 cm. The beads are a symbol of the removal of 108 kinds of trouble and invite wealth as well. It’s a high-quality sandalwood made both for men and women.

That bracelet from Charlotte may be too plain and simple for your taste, so if you prefer a more colorful one, get this Natural Wood Bracelet Buddhist Mala Necklace from Top Plaza. The beads are made of different sandalwood varieties, making the bracelet colorful. It also has 108 beads, for doing 100 mantra recitations in Tibetan Buddhism, with the extras done for repetitions to amend any mistakes in recitation. Besides serving as a prayer bracelet, this can also become a pretty fashion statement.

All these necklaces are of top quality, with carefully selected beads to avoid defect. Whatever bracelet you pick, what’s important is to meditate so you can liberate your mind and body from negativity and sicknesses.