Safety Essentials for Every Home

Statistics say that from 2000 to 2008, more than thirty thousand Americans died each year just because of accidents at home. Whoa… Which is why it is vital to have safety items in your humble abode. Even if you think that a possibility of a break-in, a fire, or an emergency is far from reality, it’s always better to be prepared. As the famous saying goes. prevention is better than cure. That’s why we are here to help you feel more secure and safe by listing down these safety essentials that your home needs.

Where to Buy
First Alert Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm
Nest Protect 2nd Generation Smart Smoke
First Alert FE2A10GR Large Home Fire Extinguisher Red
Victory 5 Lb. Type ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
Ring Floodlight Camera Motion-Activated HD Security Cam Two-Way Talk and Siren Alarm
Solar 28 LED Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor
Be Smart Get Prepared 100 Piece First Aid Kit
M2 BASICS 300 Piece
Ring Alarm
Blink XT Home Security Camera System with Motion Detection
SereneLife Safe Box, Safes and Lock Boxes
SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe
Pack of 4 Flashlights, BYBLIGHT 150 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Flashlight
LED Tactical Flashlight
Powkey Portable Power Bank with AC Outlet- 42000mAh (200Watts)
EF ECOFLOW River Portable Power Station Generator
Outlet Plug Covers
WONDERKID Top Quality Adjustable
Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches


1. Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors

You need to have a working smoke detector or fire alarm in your home. There should be one on each floor and outside each sleeping area. Always make sure that you maintain its battery by changing it when it is needed. Experts say that a smoke detector should be changed after ten years and you should have it tested monthly just to be sure they are working fine. If you are looking for smoke detectors for your home, these are the products we can recommend.

This battery powered smoke detector can provide continuous monitoring of CO levels in your home. It also has indicator lights that signal you if there is a presence of smoke or carbon monoxide. It comes with an 85-decibel siren that can provide a loud and clear warning upon detection of smoke.

This smoke and carbon monoxide detector have a Farsight feature which displays the time, weather, and the temperature in your home that you can read even if you are across the room. Another good thing about this product is that you can monitor this anywhere because of the Wi-Fi connectivity that enables it to send you alarms and alerts to your phone. It also has a Bluetooth Low Energy feature that tells you if there is smoke or CO in your home and alert you if its battery is getting low.

2. Fire Extinguishers

It’s safer if you have fire extinguishers in the kitchen, on the second floor or in your bedroom, near a fireplace or even one in your car. Always have your fire extinguishers checked and replaced if it’s expired. Make sure that every member of your family knows how to operate a fire extinguisher. Here is some fire extinguisher that you can order online.

This is a heavy duty fire extinguisher that can fight gasoline, plastic, electrical, and wood fires. It comes with an easy to read, color-coded, corrosion-resistant pressure gauge and a mounting bracket that enables you to put it anywhere in your home.

This 5 Lb. fire extinguisher comes with a wall hook which you can attach effortlessly into any walls in your house. It also comes with a vehicle bracket, a sign, and an inspection tag.

3. Motion Detectors

This device is recommended by police departments and security experts simply because they can really defend you against nighttime intruders. These energy efficient fixtures shine a light on would-be burglars and make them think twice before doing bad deeds in the dark. These motion sensor lights can also provide a safe pathway to anyone who arrives home after dark. Here are some products we can recommend to you if you want to install motion detectors in your home.

This motion detector light doubles as an HD security cam that enables you to see, hear and speak to your visitors from your tablet, PC, or phone. It sends you an alert once it detects motion and it has ultra-bright lights and a siren that can alert anybody. It also works with Amazon Alexa to let you see a real-time video.

The Zooki Wireless solar powered motion sensor is made of high-impact ABS material that can withstand rain, snow, and other extreme conditions. It has a wide-angle motion sensor that enables it to turn on automatically once it detects motion within three to five meters in darkness.

4. First Aid Kits

Always have a first aid kit stored in your bedroom or bathroom because you’ll never know what when little accidents will come. Your first aid kits should include, antiseptics, cotton balls, thermometer, band-aids, scissors, gloves, antibiotic ointments, and peroxide. Also, remember to check the expiry date of everything in your kit so that you will be able to replace what has expired. If you don’t want to come up with your own kits, there are prepared first aid kits that are available online.

This first aid kit comes in a high-density plastic case with fully organized interior compartments that provides you quick access. It has adhesive bandages, gauze pads, gloves, ointments, instant cold compress, cotton tips, alcohol, a first aid guide, and antiseptic towelettes.

This first aid kit comes in a zippered bag that has clear pockets which enables you organize your first aid supplies. It is also easy to bring it along to any activity such as sports, camping, hiking, work, travel, or vacation.

5. Home Security Systems

Research shows that burglars and home intruders avoid homes with security systems. That’s why it is important to have these devices that will make your home safer.

This home security system offers 24/7 professional monitoring that alerts you on your smartphone when windows or doors open and motion is detected. It works with Alexa to arm and disarm and let you check the status of your security system with your voice.

This home security camera system has a built-in motion sensor alarm that sends you alerts thru your smartphone and records a clip of the event.

6. A Safe

A safe protects your important papers and valuables from burglary, fire, and water. It’s not just for money and jewelry, it’s also for birth certificates, identification cards, marriage certificates, and the deed to your house. Here are some safety vaults that we can recommend.

This safe can be used at home, office or business it protects and stores items such as cash & currency, pistols & firearms, personal documents, and jewelry. This electronic safe box gives you easy access to your belongings. It also has a mechanical override function which enables you to use the digital touch button control pad or gain access manually via the included keys.

This security safe is ETL verified it can go up to 8 inches of water for up to 24 hours while providing peace of mind that your belongings are safe even in the event of a flood. It also has four live-locking bolts, steel construction, and a pry-resistant hinge bar to protect it from any unauthorized entry.

7. Flashlight

Always make sure that everyone in your household has a flashlight next to their beds in case of a power outage. Stock up an extra supply of batteries too so you don’t run out.

One great thing about this product is it comes in a set of four. It also has three light modes like high, low, and strobe and it only has one button that makes it easy to operate. You can also adjust its focus for long-range observations and for large area illumination.

This flashlight supports five switchable modes, high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. It also creates a  large area floodlight and a perfectly focused spotlight over a beam distance of 656ft/200m.

8. Portable Power

During storms and hurricanes, power outages are a common occurrence but losing electricity does not mean you also have to lose touch with the rest of the world. That is why it’s important to have a portable power with you to power your radio to let you know the latest local weather alerts and charge your phone.

This portable battery pack acts as a power supply and a mini generator. It’s has a compact size, universal compatibility, and high capacity which means you can enjoy and charge and provide power to your phone, laptops, and radios.

The Ecoflow River is a silent, lightweight lithium-ion (Li-on) battery generator that weighs just 11 lbs it has a battery management system feature that can hold a charge for up to 1 year. Its advanced, smart tech regulates safe and efficient charging for your devices.

9. Outlet Covers

These things are necessary especially if you have children at home. This will protect your kids and everyone from electrical shock.

The best outlet plugs to keep children and babies away from electric hazards. These outlet covers are easy to install, just simply insert the safety caps in the unused outlets and the plug protector will fit firmly in the outlet.

10. Childproof Latches

This is another must-have if you have toddlers and children at home who can open cabinets and drawers that may have dangerous items inside, or they could use the open drawers to climb up. You can never know what a toddler can do so it’s better to be safe than sorry and keep those problems away by locking your drawers and cabinets.

These locks are reusable which enables you to move them where you need them because it has extra pads so you can reuse your locks time and again. These child safety locks also have a flexible strap and adhesive back that works well on flat surfaces and around corners.

This latch secures cabinets, drawers, appliances, and even toilet seats. It has flexible strap that allows easy latching around corners. It is also easy to install because it comes adhesive that won’t damage furniture.