Rugged Coffee Makers for Tough Conditions

Coffee lovers are not only limited to those who work in offices or at home. It’s because there are people who work in the field, like construction workers, who also like to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee once in a while. Aside from them, nature lovers and adventurers also find it nice to have a sip of hot coffee while their out in the wild or on the mountains. It can be tough for these people to bring coffee with them because the coffee will be cold after a few hours and it’s no longer delicious to drink. They can bring coffee makers with them, however, those coffee makers would just be beaten up and easily break in those environments.

Heavy-DUty Construction Coffeeboxx

Today, people who spend most of their time outdoors can now enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee anytime they want because of the new rugged coffee makers. These are battery-powered coffee makers that you can bring with you anywhere you go. Though there are portable coffee makers in the market that are easy to carry and are travel friendly, what differs rugged coffee makers from them is that they are very durable, making them perfect to bring on adventures like hiking, boating, hunting, camping, and other tough activities.

Since this is a new invention in the coffee maker world, we only found two rugged coffee machines in the market which are available for you to purchase. To know more about them, here are a few details.

Where to Buy
Makita CM501DZ Rugged Coffee Machine
OXX Coffeeboxx

1. Makita CM501DZ Rugged Coffee Machine

Power supply: ? Battery: Slide type Li-ion 10.8 V / Li-ion 14.4 V / Li-ion 18 V / ? ? Light battery / power light battery excluded.

Makita, a Japanese power tools manufacturer made this coffee maker that runs on battery power. This coffee maker is intentionally built to use in construction sites. Just like other Makita tools, this coffee maker uses lithium ion battery packs. It weighs 1.5kg or 3.3 pounds. According to the company, the largest battery, 18V BL1860, can brew about 640mL or 5.3 cups of coffee.

Makita also sells a variety of coffee pods for this machine, which enables you to brew artisanal coffee anywhere you are, but you can also use it with regular ground coffee. Its batteries and battery charger are sold separately.

This is a worth it investments, and since Makita is a popular power tools manufacturer, they can ensure you that this coffee maker is as tough as the tools they make.

2. OXX Coffeeboxx

HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION >> Engineered ultra-tough to tackle the toughest job sites. Stores easily with all your tools and gear. Crush proof chassis with a 1500lb load rating. Impact resistant design. Requires 120V power.

The OXX Coffeeboxx is known to be the toughest coffee maker in the world. It is proven to withstand the harshness of worksites, farms, camps, and boats making it perfect for people who love to brew coffee in tough environments.

The OXX Coffeeboxx uses the K-cup system. It can brew an 8, 10, or 12-ounce cup of coffee in 90 seconds. Aside from brewing coffee, it can also serve hot water which you can use for easy instant meals.

According to OXX, the Coffeeboxx has an impact resistant shell and its core can withstand a crushing force of 500 pounds. It’s strong enough to support the weight of a car! It weighs 11 pounds, and is dust and water resistant to IP55 standards. It has a 2.5L tank, a 3ft. retractable cord, a folding and removable drip tray for larger cups, and stainless steel tie downs.

OXX decided to create this rugged coffee maker because they noticed the coffee makers in some job sites looked filthy and out of place. They thought that if they can make a coffee maker that is tough enough for the workers, they can also make it tough enough for the campers, hunters, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Though this coffee maker can be expensive, it’s a worth it investment because you’ll be able to use it for a long time, compared to buying cheaper ones that will just easily break because they are not made for tough conditions.

3. K-cup

Snug fit, we've specifically designed the castling case with foam to snugly fit K-Cup pods, 9 in one hard case.Note:K-Cups and other accessories showed on the picture are not included.

When these coffee makers become more popular, many coffee maker companies might also create their own rugged coffee makers. It is now possible to make a delicious cup of coffee anytime and anywhere we go, and these rugged coffee makers made it more possible even on tough conditions.

If you’re a coffee lover who works in the field, construction site, and workshop, or if you’re into extreme adventures, you might want to consider using a rugged coffee maker.