Guide to Rugged Coffee Makers for Tough Conditions


    People who enjoy coffee are not just people who work in offices or at home. There are people who work in the field, like construction workers, who would also like a cup of freshly made coffee every now and again. In addition to them, there are also those who enjoy the outdoors and adventurers that find it pleasurable to sip hot coffee while they are in the mountains or the woods. These individuals may find it challenging to bring coffee with them because, after a few hours, the coffee will become cold and stale. Although, more often than not, they are allowed to bring coffee makers, the coffee makers would certainly be damaged and break easily in those conditions.

    What are Rugged Coffee Makers

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    There are coffee makers, and then there’s rugged coffee makers. Nowadays, thanks to the advent of modern, tough coffee makers, those who spend the majority of their time outside may now have a freshly brewed cup of coffee whenever they want. These innovative portable, battery-operated rugged coffee makers can be brought anywhere without much worry of breakage or tough conditions. Rugged coffee makers are ideal for taking on adventures like hiking, boating, hunting, camping, and other challenging activities because they are exceptionally durable, unlike other portable coffee makers that are lightweight and travel-friendly.

    Since this is a recent development in the coffee maker industry, there are now just two rugged coffee machines on the market that you can choose from: OXX’s CoffeeBoxx and Makita’s CM501DZ rugged coffee machine.

    OXX: CoffeeBoxx

    According to OXX, their CoffeeBoxx is designed “Beyond Rugged” to be the ultimate coffee maker for the job site, the RV, the camping, or even the apocalypse. It is stain-, dust-, and waterproof. It boasts impact-resistant exterior and rust-resistant hardware. Because of its strength, the construction is crush-proof and can withstand up to 1500 lbs. It is convenient to take anywhere thanks to the rubberized carry handle, fold-up drip tray, and 3′ retractable power cord. Serving a hot cup of coffee to anybody or everyone in no time flat is made possible by the 2.5L removable water tank, thirty second pre-heat, compatibility with any K-cup compatible pods, and customizable cup size (8/10/12 oz). Serving even the person who insisted on the flavored K-cup options is no hassle. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a separate hot water dispenser for things like tea, porridge, noodles, and more. We’re starting to be convinced that this coffee maker was built with the apocalypse in mind.

    Makita: CM501DZ rugged coffee machine

    This coffee maker runs on battery power and was created by the Japanese power tool manufacturer Makita. It was designed specifically for use in construction sites. The exciting feature about Makita’s rugged coffee machine is that they work with Makita cordless tools, which have compatible max cxt lithium-ion batteries. Slide out your drill battery, insert it into your coffee machine, and enjoy your coffee break! A measuring spoon for your preferred ground coffee and a detachable stainless steel dual wall mug and lid are included in the Makita portable coffee maker kit. However, use caution when using your own cups because some sizes won’t fit under the low cup clearance of the machine.

    What to Consider

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    Now, you can buy any coffee maker that you want and like, even if you don’t actually need that type of model or if that coffee maker is too small or too bulky for you – you do you. You can even choose to get a heavy duty rugged coffee machine for your home even if such coffee machines were designed for tough conditions (unless, of course, you consider your home situation as ‘tough’, but we certainly hope not), no one can tell you otherwise. To each his own. But, for purposes of efficiency and practicality, you may want to consider the following points if you are planning to buy a rugged coffee maker.

    • Your Purpose – Because of the fact that rugged coffee makers are actually made for tough conditions, you need to examine what your purpose is in purchasing it. This type of coffee machine is priced higher than the usual coffee machine you need at home or office and they are a bit bulky. So, if your purpose of choosing is just for the heck of it, practicality-wise, it’s not that appealing. Unless, you’re preparing for an apocalypse, then this type of coffee machine is the perfect one.
    • Your Place – As we have earlier mentioned and as obvious from its name, this type of coffee machine is made for tough conditions. The materials used in making them are heavy duty that are capable of withstanding drops and heavy weights. In addition to this, these rugged coffee machines were made precisely to be placed in rugged conditions, like construction sites where dust, cement, paint, etc. are all over the place. If you’re planning to set up a coffee machine in a place where one is not expected to give the same due care you give to a coffee machine in an office setting, then a rugged coffee machine would be your best choice.
    • Your Group Size – It would also be helpful to consider the number of people that would be using the machine and the number of people who would also love to have a cup of coffee at the place where you’re planning to set up the machine. These rugged coffee makers are capable of producing larger volumes of coffee in one go compared to the normal coffee makers we all know and love. Although, it would be a good investment, but not if none or only a few are going to use it. Maintaining it would probably cost you more than what you’re actually getting from it.
    • Your ROI – In all of our purchases, from a brand new car down to the toothpaste that we use, we almost always get what we pay for. We always expect a return on our investment in these purchases that we make. The best example of a ‘return on investment’ purchase is an insurance policy – you pay for the company’s insurance product and when the time comes, you get more or the equivalent of what you paid for. This is also true in purchasing as simple as a coffee machine, practicality-wise, especially something as specific as a rugged coffee machine. 

    Whatever coffee maker you decide on, the basic idea is the same: ground coffee is combined with water to draw out the taste of the beans. Coffee that is grit-free is served in a cup, mug, or carafe after the water drains through the beans that are contained in a filter. So, is purchasing a relatively higher-priced coffee machine for your rugged workplace worth it? The answer depends on your drinking habits, your coffee preferences, and the things you’re ready to pay for.

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