Review for the Omega Blenders

There are many brands of blenders that you can find in the market. If you are looking for one to add to your kitchen appliances, one brand that’s popular is Omega. It is a world-leading juicer brand in the world, and it also manufactures other beverage equipment like blenders. It was in 2016 when the brand introduced 3 horsepower blenders, which are some of the quietest high-powered blenders on the market.

If you are looking into purchasing a blender soon, you might want to check out what Omega has to offer. We’ve previously posted an Omega blender review, which is for the Omega BL460S 3 Peak Horsepower Commercial Blender.  For you to know what other blenders the brand has to offer, we are giving you a short review for each of them.

Where to Buy
Omega 3HP Blender with 64 OZ BPA Free Container Creates Delicious Smoothies Features Stainless Steel Blades & 11-Speeds Includes Plunger & Recipe Book, 1400-Watt, Silver
Omega OM6560S Blender Powerful 3 Peak HP Features Easy to Use Toggle Controls Plus Dial Speed Control with 10 Variable Speeds Includes Pulse and Stainless Steel Blade, Silver
Omega PBL1000BD MeGo Nutrition on The Go Personal Blender for Healthy Smoothies Powerful Motor and Auto Shutoff Hot or Cold with 2 Blending Cup, Medium, Black
Omega BL460S 3 Peak Horse Power Commercial Blender Variable Speed with Pulse, 64-Ounce, Silver
Omega BL330S 1-HP Blender, 48-Ounce Tritan Copolyester Container, Silver


1. Omega 3HP Blender with 64 oz Container

This blender by Omega has 11 speeds, pulse function, and a 6-minute timer with automatic shut-off, which can make consistent blends. It has infinity control that oscillates the blade to speed up and down and force the ingredients into the blades. It can quickly blend ingredients and multiple servings with ease. Aside from that, this blender also has noise reduction. It has a rubber pad that sits on top of the motor housing and under the container to minimize its vibration and noise.

It comes with a 64-ounce heavy-duty BPA-free container that has clear measurement markings and a removable ingredient cap. It features a wingtip stainless-steel blade design. For added stability, it has 13 gripper feet under the motor housing. This blender also comes with a plunger and a spatula. You can use the plunger to push ingredients into a continuous blend. The spatula, on the other hand, can be used to assist in moving ingredients wedged on the container sides.

2. Omega OM6560S Blender

This Omega blender has 11 speeds with LED light indicating speed. Aside from that, it also has a toggle switch for high and low speeds and on and off with pulse function. It can quickly blend different ingredients easily. It has a 64-ounce BPA-free container that has a removable cap and clear measurement markings. It has stainless-steel blades that can whip up perfect smoothies.

This blender features noise reduction and stability. It also has a rubber pad on top of the motor housing and under the container to lessen vibration and noise. You can remove this pad for cleaning. It is also convenient to use as it comes with a plunger and a spatula to push and move the ingredients in the container. It also has a convenient cord storage under the unit and 4 gripper feet under the motor to make it more stable.

3. Omega PBL1000BD MeGo Personal Blender

If you are always on-the-go, Omega also has the perfect blender for you. This blender has a powerful 1000-watt motor that converts vegetables, nuts, seeds, greens, and ice into a silky smooth and nutrient-dense drink. All you need to do is push down and twist to blend. This blender comes with two BPA-free and dishwasher safe containers. One is a 32-ounce container, and the other is a 27-ounce container with two flip-top lids, making them portable and easy to carry.

This blender has a sleek and modern glossy black finish. Its blending blades feature 6 strong stainless-steel prongs. It has a pressure release valve for safely blending warm foods and liquids, and as well as an auto shut-off to keep your blending worry-free.

4. Omega BL460S 3 Peak Horse Power Commercial Blender

This blender comes with a 64-ounce container that is equipped with an impressive combination of functional features and quality construction. It has a 10-speed and pulse function that will enable you to manually stop and start the blender, so ingredients fall down into the blade, and no need for a plunger. You can toggle the pulse switch a few times to make a smoother mixture in less time.

The on/off toggle of this blender is easy to use. It also has a removable cap on the lid that will help you add the ingredients easily, even during the blending cycle. It has a stainless-steel blade assembly, and its container is made of durable Eastman Tritan, BPA-free plastic. You can use it to blend an endless variety of ingredients and combinations into a smooth, silky texture.

5. Omega BL330S 1HP Blender

This blender has a compact case that encases an efficient 1HP motor. It is created to mix different ingredients into creams, soups, smoothies, and iced beverages easily. It comes with an unbreakable Tritan Copolyester container. This blender is powerful and can crush frozen fruits and ice. With this blender, you can find the ideal balance between blending options and operating efficiency.

It features simple but durable steel toggle switches. It has two speeds, which can give instant, intuitive control of all your blending tasks. It delivers a full horsepower of extreme ice crushing power at the blade. It will also look good in any kitchen and sit nicely tucked away under most wall units, giving you fast access to healthy recipes. It is a great blender, whether for whipping up your daily smoothies or serving up a silky smooth soup.

These are the different blenders being offered by Omega. Like their juicers, you can also put your trust in their blenders. These blenders can help you make smoothies and other drinks every day. Therefore, if you’re looking for a good blender, try to consider the ones offered by Omega.