Retro Desk Accessories to Add Style to Your Office

Would you like to have a feeling of how it was back in those good old days, your desk stylishly decorated with lots of fanciful vintage accessories? Sure you could! Below is a list of such retro desk accessories to give your office that wow look you get from your visitors each time they come to your office.

1. Metal Four Tin Organizer with Handles

If you are tired of seeing things scattered on your office desk then this vintage Metal Four Tin Organizer with Handle is just perfect for you to use. It leaves your office well organized. The tin pots are removable and rust finished, with wooden handles that suit your hands while carrying it. There are also replaceable papers attached to each pot for writing descriptions.

2. Vintage Wooden Block Perpetual Calendar

Give your visitors that look of astonishment with this stylish and practical vintage wooden block calendar on your desk. This gorgeously designed desk accessory is made up of different colored woods as well as a wooden stand. The beautiful three sections of the display can easily be turned around to show the complete combination of the full date in the year. With the four felt pads on the base, it cancels the fear of scratches on furniture. The size of this vintage desk accessory is W4″ x H5″ x D2″ which is just suitable to have in your office.

3. Wood Mail Sorter/Desktop Office Supply Storage Box

Reduce the stress of looking for letters, notes, and other documents by neatly arranging all of those items with this magical vintage mail sorter box. This desk accessory is made from wood with the rustic-style dark brown finish, as well as an alluring retro-style postcard print. With the 3 slots on this wooden box, documents are arranged in heights from the tallest slot in the back to the shortest slot in the front. Using this vintage organizer rack helps you store and organize memos, files, magazines, newspapers, and letters, and so on for easy access when the need arises.

4. Vintage telephone / classic desk phone with rotary dialer

This retro landline phone works just exactly as it would have done in the 1960s, all thanks to its traditional rotary dial feature. With the high-quality microphone and the speaker in the classical receiver handset, you are guaranteed of superb voice quality. You can also enjoy modern phone features with DTMF menu control, which are supported by the * and # buttons. The manual in English, German, French, Italian, Turkish and Spanish languages. You are sure of getting the best from the device.

5. Retro Swingline Stapler

Built for durability and reliability, this vintage legacy stapler has a 20 sheet stapling capacity and can open for tacking. The anvil can be inverted to create momentary staple pin. The retro design offers aesthetic appeal, and  the vintage green color with cream-colored nameplate makes this stapler an excellent and functional desk accessories.

6. White Quill Pen Inkwell & Blotter

Enhance your writing experience with this vintage White Quill Pen Inkwell with Blotter. This retro desk accessory is equipped with 2 top interior spaces measuring 3.25×2.5″ each along with a front compartment for a Pen (Ballpoint, Fountain Pen, Pencil etc.).

7. Stone & Beam Vintage Task Lamp With Bulb

Feel the blend of both vintage and modern experience with this Stone and Beam Vintage Task Lamp through its warm antiqued brass finish. With the adjustment of both arm and hood, it allows you to direct light to where you need it.

8. Monkey Jack Antique Vintage Style Scissor Cutter

This simple and uniquely designed vintage style scissors will look perfect on your table. Though suitable for embroidery, crewel, sewing, cross stitch, crafting and needle works, it can also find a good use on your desk for cutting papers and other items.

9. Rapesco Retro Heavy Duty 2-Hole Punch

This vintage heavy duty 2-hole punch is classic with retro styling that can swivel/flip locking device for easy storage. It also has a rare loading punch for increased leverage and power.

10. Retro Desk Set Chalkboard Black

This ever stylish vintage 1951 desk chalkboard will no doubt stand out among other desk accessories in your office while it keeps your pen within reach. With its iconic look, it portrays a matte chalkboard black base made from poly resin accompanied with a matching metal pen.

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With these vintage office desk accessories, you now have the option of getting some to share in the exciting experience of how it was back in the yesteryears. Having these accessories in your office can only leave your office looking stylish and classy.