Reasons to Use Double-Sided Measuring Spoons

Whether you are cooking or baking, one of the most important measuring tools in the kitchen is measuring spoons. Measuring spoons are used to measure everything from salt and baking soda to honey and butter. While some people rely on guesswork to add ingredients to their dishes and get excellent results, the rest of us require accurate measuring spoons that help us get the taste just right.

When using measuring spoons to add the required amounts of ingredients in any dish, a primary concern is to use measuring spoons that are accurate, good quality, and convenient to use. If measuring spoons are not accurate, using them would be pointless, and the taste of your food will be off. If measuring spoons aren’t sturdy, there would be the danger of them breaking or bending and causing spillage.

And if measuring spoons are not convenient, they will add more hassle to the cooking process. Ideally, one should opt for those spoons that are easy to use and easy to store and organize. One of the most convenient types of measuring spoons is double-sided measuring spoons.

What Are Double-Sided Measuring Spoons?


As the name indicates, double-sided measuring spoons are 2-in-1 measuring spoons. The handle has spoons at both ends, one of which is used for measuring wet ingredients and one for dry ingredients. The 2-in-1 spoons usually measure the same amount of ingredients from both ends. Double-sided measuring spoons are used for increased convenience. Let us explore the reasons why these spoons are good for use in the kitchen.

Reasons Why You Should Use Double-Sided Measuring Spoons in the Kitchen

Many people have made the switch from traditional measuring spoons to double-sided ones. Here is why:

1. Reduced Need for Washing

Sometimes recipes call for the same measured amount of two different ingredients, such as one tablespoon of brown sugar and one tbsp. of honey. With the traditional type of measuring spoons, you would need to wash the spoon after measuring one ingredient and then measure the second ingredient—this stopping to wash spoons while in the middle of cooking can be very annoying.

With double-sided measuring spoons, you can switch to the other side of the spoon and measure the second ingredient, eliminating the need for washing spoons while cooking. This makes your cooking experience more convenient and smoother.

2. Allow You to Measure both Wet and Dry Ingredients

With traditional measuring spoons, you usually have to buy separate spoons for measuring dry and wet ingredients. This is because the spoons that measure dry ingredients can cause spilling if used to measure wet ingredients. You can put this concern to rest with double-sided measuring spoons because they can measure both wet and dry ingredients with their dual sides.

3. Save Time

When you do not have to be continually washing your spoons to measure a different type of material and can measure both wet and dry ingredients from the same spoon, it reduces the time that goes into prepping your meals. Even though this time difference may not seem significant to you now, its importance becomes apparent when you have to repeatedly wash spoons or switch spoons for every ingredient.

4. Save Space

Lastly, double-sided measuring spoons can help you save space in the kitchen. Instead of having two different sets of traditional measuring spoons, one each for dry and wet ingredients, you now need only one set of double-sided measuring spoons. This means storage space in the kitchen increases significantly. You can hang the measuring spoons on your knife rack or place them in the kitchen drawer. Usually, some features like magnetic strips or the ability to nest together easily make the organization and storage of measuring spoons easy.

Material Choices

There are two material choices when it comes to double-sided measuring spoons; metal and plastic. Both of them have their benefits and drawbacks.

1. Metal

If you want durability, metal measuring spoons are your best choice. Measuring spoons made of metal, usually stainless steel, are safe from rusting or scratching. They do not run the danger of breaking from simple pressures and can last years on end. Plus, ingredient measurements are etched onto the metallic surfaces, meaning they won’t wear off with time.

Metal spoons are also made with flat surfaces at the bottom, meaning they can stand on their own on shelves. This is advantageous because you can measure ingredients before you need them and leave them on the shelf.

When choosing metal measuring spoons, you should ensure that they are made of a single metal piece. If two or three pieces of metal or plastic are welded or soldered to make a spoon, it creates nooks where bacteria can flourish. So, it is better to opt for spoons made out of a single piece of metal.

2. Plastic

Plastic measuring spoons are the best choice when you are on a budget. Even though they are cheaper than metal measuring spoons, they are just as accurate at weighing out ingredients as metal ones. Previously, plastic-made items posed health risks to humans, but now BPA-free plastic is used to make items that are safe for use.

The drawback of plastic measuring spoons is that they might bend or deform with continuous usage over a long period. A little mishandling can cause measuring spoons to break. Moreover, you need to be careful while handling hot materials with plastic spoons since anything with a temperature near or equal to the boiling temperature will cause the spoons to melt.

Our Top Picks

Below are a few of our recommended double-sided measuring spoons:

Where to Buy
Multicolored Plastic Double-Sided Measuring Spoons
Magnetic Double-Sided Measuring Spoons
Double-Sided Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups

1. Multicolored Plastic Double-Sided Measuring Spoons

This is a five-piece set of double-sided measuring spoons by Progressive International. It contains measuring spoons of 1 tbsp., 1/2 tbsp., 1 tsp, 1/2 tsp, and 1/4 tsp. The spoons are colored and feature measurements in both the US and the metric; they can rest flatly on the counter, allowing for ingredients to be poured into them without spilling. The spoons’ narrow ends allow for reaching into most jars while the round ends hold liquid ingredients effectively.

The multicolored spoons can snap together, making it easy to organize the spoons and store them in a small space. The spoons are dishwasher-safe and thus convenient.


  • Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)
  • The magnetic feature helps the spoons stay together
  • Has both dry and wet measuring spoons for each size
  • Durable quality


  • The measurement labels are not engraved, so they might fade out after some use
  • Magnets are weak to stick on a surface like a fridge

2. Magnetic Double-Sided Measuring Spoons

These double-sided measuring spoons have a single metal construction and are made from heavy-duty premium stainless steel. Thus, they are incredibly durable and eliminate any fear of bending or rusting. They are etched with both metric and US measurement markings that are easy-to-read, accurate, and won’t come off with time.

The spoons are magnetic, so you can use whatever spoon you need at a time and then store them all together. They nest, making for easy organization and storage. Since there is no ring, you won’t have to fumble trying to get to the spoon you need. The spoons are dual-ended, with the rectangular end being narrow enough to go into most jars, so you don’t have to shake spices onto the spoons. The round end is ideal for measuring liquids.

The set of seven spoons comes with a leveler, which helps you measure ingredients precisely and accurately. The spoons have a lifetime warranty.


  • The magnetic feature helps the spoons stay together
  • Sits level on the counter even if empty
  • Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)
  • Multi-color set for quick identification. Makes it easy to say which one’s which even if the labels fade out. 


  • Labels are not engraved; they might wear off after some use

3. Double-Sided Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups

This 12-piece set includes six double-sided measuring spoons, five measuring cups, and a metal plate. The metal measuring cups have colorful non-slip handles that allow for a comfortable grip. The removable locking ring lets you hang the cups on a rack or store them in a drawer. Unlike other rings, it opens and closes quickly. The magnetic spoons have dual heads, which are oval and round. The strong magnets in the center allow the spoons to nest together, saving you space and making it easy to organize them.

The cups and spoons are engraved with clear and precise measurements in both the US and metric measurement markings. They further come with a metal plate that gives detailed equivalent measurements and also helps in leveling ingredients. The cups and spoons are made of food-grade, thick, polished stainless steel. The handles are made of BPA-free silicone. The cups and spoons have a single structure that is smooth, sturdy, rust-proof, and dishwasher-safe.


  • High-quality material of spoons
  • The set comes with both measuring spoons and cups


  • Labels wear off after some use
  • The material of the cups is a bit flimsy

Comparing these Spoons

  Multicolored Plastic Double-Sided Measuring SpoonsMagnetic Double-Sided Measuring SpoonsDouble-Sided Measuring Spoons and Measuring Cups
MaterialFlexible PlasticHeavy-duty stainless steelStainless steel with BPA-free silicone handles
Number of Pieces5812

Caring and Maintaining the Measuring Spoons 


There is nothing like letting a teaspoon of an ingredient, such as flour or sugar, ruin the whole recipe for you. It is why caring for your measuring spoons is more than necessary. You care for them thoroughly, and you can ensure that your measuring spoons set can last you long enough. It is essential not to let any ingredient, dirt, or oil sit in your measuring tools, be it cups or spoons, for a long time. It might affect the accuracy of your tools. 

Moreover, you must soak your measuring tools in warm soapy water after using them before washing. It eliminates all the residues of the ingredients from the crevices of the spoons or cups. By doing this, you can extend the life of your measuring tools. 


Measuring tools are an absolute necessity in the kitchen. Baking and cooking enthusiasts are always on the lookout for tools that make the experience of cooking convenient and efficient. Double-sided measuring spoons are a great way of introducing ease and convenience in your meal preparation. They increase efficiency while minimizing time and storage space.