What Are the Benefits of a Root Slayer Shovel?


    If you are a gardening enthusiast and are looking to save up time and go easy on your hands & wrists, you should consider buying a root slayer shovel.

    A root slayer shovel is a multi-purpose tool used to dig up soil around your home, particularly in gardens. This product makes it a much easier job to cut through the roots and sods in the soil without the need for any other tools such as hatches, prybars, and saws.

    In this post, we will dive deep into the benefits of using a root slayer shovel when gardening and digging up the soil. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the benefits of owning a root slayer shovel.

    Benefits of a Root Slayer Shovel

    Top View of gardening tools and seedlings on soil

    Saves time

    Using a root slayer shovel removes the need to use other tools when you need to cut through the soil and dig it up due to the shape of the root slayer shovel. It is shaped like an inverted ‘V’ with sharp ends and is great when it is used for root-cutting. With such a shape, you will not need other tools to successfully dig up your soil, and as a result, save a bunch of time in this entire activity.

    Saves other costs

    As discussed above, you will not need any other tools when you have a root slayer shovel. Tools such as hatches, saws, prybars, and other spades are then not required and you can save up on the money that will be spent to buy these other gardening tools.

    Trenches with precision 

    With a sturdy and sharp inverted ‘V’ blade on the root slayer shovel, you can create trenches for planting in your garden with much more precision. This will allow you to grow your seedlings much more effectively, and consequently, you can expect a better yield and save money on buying ‘backup’ seedlings. 

    Works with different types of soil

    Because of the shape of the root slayer shovel and its sharp teeth, you can work with stubborn soils such as clay, sand, silty, and loomy. 

    As a result, you don’t need different types of shovels for the various types of soils you may have to deal with – a root slayer shovel is considered a one-stop shop for creating trenches in all types of soils. This saves time and money as well.

    Easy on your arms, hands, and wrists

    Gardening is not an easy job and injuries can occur. However, since the root slayer shovel is a multi-purpose tool for all your gardening needs, you don’t need to switch between different tools midst gardening. 

    On top of this, root slayer shovels are designed ergonomically which makes gardening a more comfortable and enjoyable hobby. 

    Sturdy blade

    Root slayer shovel comes with a powdered-coated blade made up of carbon steel. The blade is shock, scratch, impact, and weather-resistance. Due to the powder coating, it is also protected from any corrosion arising from consistent interaction with harsh soils and its components.

    In addition, because of the build of a root slayer shovel and its resistance to the external environment, it is virtually maintenance-free as you will need only wipe off any dirt left. 

    Convenient foot placement

    Root slayer shovels come with a wide foot placement spot so that it is more convenient to penetrate the soil and requires less energy. The placement spot also eliminates the chances of your foot slipping under the razor blade and allows for precision trenching. 


    Pros Cons
    • Efficient cutting with the inverted ‘V’ design
    • Wide step for comfortable foot placement
    • Egornomic handle
    • Stainless steel built
    • No slipping when digging
    • Relatively expensive
    • Plastic handle can be damaged easily
    • Heavier than other shovels

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is a root slayer shovel used for?

    With an inverted ‘V’ shape and a sturdy blade, a root slayer shovel is used to cut through and dig out sods and roots in the soil. It is a multi-purpose gardening shovel that saves you money and time as you don’t have to buy other tools and switch between tools.


    How much does the root slayer weigh?

    It weighs around 5 pounds. However, it may also vary depending on the size of the shovel you purchase.


    What is the root slayer shovel made out of?

    It is made out of tempered mid-carbon steel with a plastic handle that is molded into the steel. As such, it is a solid shovel that is hard to break.

    Is using a root slayer shovel easy?

    Yes, it comes with a convenient foot placement to allow you to fully penetrate through the soil. On top of this, the root slayer has a patented Natural Radius O-Handle (NRO) grip that is ergonomic and safe for your hands & wrists.

    Does the root slayer shovel come with a warranty?

    Yes, it comes with a lifetime product warranty. If the product you have purchased has any issues, you can report them to the company by sending them the pictures and the company will replace the product.

    Can you use the root slayer shovel for professional uses?

    Yes, you can use the root slayer shovel for both personal and professional uses.

    Where can you buy the root slayer shovel?

    You can buy the root slayer shovel at Amazon and other retail outlets & supermarkets such as Walmart.


    A root slayer shovel is a multi-purpose tool that will save you time & cost, is sturdy, precise with trenches, tackles all types of soils, and is an excellent option for garden enthusiasts. It can be used for both personal and professional use. 

    However, with so many benefits, some drawbacks also exist which include the expensive price. But, it is a solid product with good value but you should weigh its benefits against the expensive price point.

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