Radius Root Slayer Shovel Is a Multi-Tool for Gardening

Are you having the hardest time digging? Do roots always seem to get in the way? Do you always need to get a hatchet, a saw, or a pry-bar as you dig? If you’re always stymied by roots when you’re trying to dig up, it’s high time to replace your shovel with the Radius Root Slayer Shovel .

What is Radius Root Slayer Shovel?

The Root Slayer is a multi-purpose shovel that can eliminate the need for using other tools when you’re digging around your garden. It’s one of the best tools to use for digging up plants for moving, for planting, and for dividing up closely-planted shrubs. It’s a shovel, root saw, and root hatchet in one tool.

There are many shovels on the market with sawing blades designed to sever plant roots, but the Root Slayer stands apart. It has a unique inverted curve shape instead of a pointed, rounded, or flattened end, making the tip a V-shaped, concave, wide-angled notch. This was designed to keep the shovel from wear and tear. This type of notching centers the force of the blade on roots when it hits them, guiding the weight of the user towards the root, rather than away from it.

On the sides of the shovel, you can find sharp, ripsaw teeth to make it easier for the shovel to penetrate any turf surface. The rigged sides come into play, cutting the soil and the roots well with each downward push. All teeth face the same direction to be able to cut more easily through roots.

This shovel does indeed “slay” the roots through the V-notch shovel tip plus the ripsaw teeth on each side. It can easily cut through thicker roots, and masses of fibrous root that grows deep underground. It also has more dirt holding capacity than a standard shovel. With the Root Slayer, you can make a digging project much easier to finish.

Important Features

Efficient cutting

The cutting teeth on each side of the shovel work together with the V-shaped concave top of the shovel to make it efficient for cutting rots.

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Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel, (Red)

Ergonomic handle

The typical shovel handle is D-shaped, while the Root Slayer has an O-shaped grip. It’s weird for some users, but as you use the shovel, you will realize that it feels more comfortable. The patented round grip, which the company dubs as the “Natural Radius O-Handle (NRO) Grip, has as much as four times the gripping surface of traditional handles. The result is a grip that offers excellent leverage without straining the wrist, arms, and hands of the user.

Strong shaft

The full length of the shovel shaft has a steel tube inside the thermoplastic handle, adding strength beyond the exterior shaft’s strength.

Wide step

The shovel blade flares to a step that’s wide enough for a foot to rest comfortably on it as your feet push deeper during a downward dig. It allows the user to put full body weight when digging to bring full force.

Quality materials

The blade is made of powder-coated carbon steel that is tempered, while the shaft is made of resin-encased carbon steel. The handle is padded with a non-latex, thermoplastic elastomer molded into polypropylene.

Lifetime warranty

The company, Radius Garden, warrants the Root Slayer a lifetime warranty for the tool. So if there’s a problem with the shovel, all the company asks is a photo to see what’s wrong with it, and the shovel will be replaced without question. In short, the product will always be replaced if it fails to perform as advertised. And if the customer is dissatisfied with the product which has not failed, then the company will refund or replace the shovel at the discretion of the customer. Also, the cutting blade and teeth can be sharpened without voiding the warranty.