Race For The Cure 2013

The kids and I got to do something really special this past weekend.
We walked in Race for the Cure!
You may remember me referencing my strong family history of breast cancer before. My mom is a survivor, having been diagnosed 4 years ago, and has been cancer free for the last 3 years now. My parents have done Race for the Cure 4 times now, including this past weekend. It’s a cute tradition that they look forward to doing together now, and we were so happy to join them at this year’s race.

Everyone wore pink- even Ayden and Grandpa. I was so happy that Ayden wasn’t afraid or embarrassed to wear pink. He said it was fun!
Here they are in their pink gear.


Now I, being the mom, am not in any of these pictures really, because I’m the one holding the camera. I always forget to hand it to someone else and say “Here- take my picture so there is photographic evidence that I was here!” I really wish I would have gotten one with me in it too!
Before the race started, we meandered around all of the booths and picked up tons of free, pink swag. It was pretty awesome. The kids got bracelets, candy, bags, stickers, cow bells (that mysteriously disappeared when we got home), and a lot of other goodies. They loved going around to all of the booths to see what was there and loved seeing all of the pink ribbons everywhere. Lily especially would get excited and proclaim “There’s another pink ribbon!” each time she saw one. You can understand how I was slightly annoyed with the gasping and pointing after a while, since there were about a million pink ribbons around us at any given moment.
Here’s my beautiful mother sitting for the group photo of the survivors there. It was such a cool thing to see- I even got choked up seeing all of those women in the chairs on stage. It was also sad because I recognized a few of the women up there- I saw a former teacher from high school and an old friend’s mom up there, along with my own mom. Breast cancer touches so many lives!


Oh, there I am. See? I walked 🙂

The actual race part was fun. The kids and I opted out of doing the whole 5K and instead did a 1 mile loop that they had marked off. Lily was tired of walking before we even started, so I was glad there was a shorter option available. I saw a lot of families going that route and it was the perfect for the little ones who can’t (or don’t want to) walk that far. We even ran for a little stint, until the freezing cold wind started blowing hats off of people’s heads.
When we crossed the finish line, the kids chugged some water and we decided to wait and watch for Grandma and Grandpa. They did the 5K and were alternating between walking & jogging, so we knew they wouldn’t be too far behind our slow butts. The kids kept themselves busy by cheering, high-fiving, and holding up signs at the finish line for everyone. It was all their idea- I just wanted to snag a picture of my parents when they finished up.
These guys were seriously so adorable. I just stood across from them and giggled proudly while people smiled, waved, and thanked them for being such good cheerleaders.

In fact, they were so cute that two photographers for the newspaper took their pictures and talked to me about them, and they ended up on the front page of the paper the next day!
This is the picture that was used:

And that’s my mom and dad running by, high-fiving the kids.
So the gal at the paper captured a truly perfect moment and didn’t even know it!

One of the things I was looking forward to most about the day was getting my 2013 Warriors in Pink scarf. My mom has gotten me one from the previous years and I love them, so I squealed in delight when I saw this year’s design. So pretty!
Go here to read what all of the different symbols represent! It’s pretty cool. I love wearing my scarves- especially for October (breast cancer awareness month!) Just in time for Fall too!
The only snag we hit all day at the event was at the survivor’s brunch after the race was over. It was catered by Texas Roadhouse, so while we were hanging out by the food service, Lily was traumatized by their mascot.
Kinda creepy, right? It’s a big armadillo, but I thought it was a weird elephant/rat mutation at first. Lily was absolutely terrified of it, even when it wasn’t “looking at her” and it was 30 feet away. She cowered behind me, cried, shook, and even screamed a little, all while begging me to take her home. Luckily it was about time to go, she got her wish, and the creepy looking guy didn’t eat her soul or whatever it was she thought he may or may not do. I tried showing her that kids were standing and getting their picture taken with it and they all survived, but she wasn’t having any of it.
All in all, and weird armadillo thing aside, the race was a success.
We can’t wait to do it again next year.
Have you ever done Race for the Cure?


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