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    Creating a nursery for your baby is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Whether setting up a nursery for the first time or giving an old one a makeover, curtains are likely a major investment. Having plain, old drapes in the nursery won’t make it seem warm and welcoming to your new baby. Therefore, you should replace your old, damaged blinds with something more aesthetically pleasing. The curtains must be perfectly chosen and hung. Incorporating patterns and a wide range of colors into the space makes it more stimulating for your infant. Changing the drapes or curtains in a room is one of the quickest and easiest ways to give the nursery a whole new look without investing in new furniture or paint. Using interesting draperies in the nursery is a terrific way to give the area a one-of-a-kind look.  

    Tips on Choosing and Hanging Nursery Drapes

    The safety of the infant is your top priority. Don’t forget that your newborn baby will soon be a toddler. The kid will likely be taking their first steps within a year. Because of this, you should think ahead while selecting drapes, keeping your child’s safety in mind, without neglecting the room’s overall aesthetics. Read on if you want to know how to pick the perfect curtains for your space.

    1. Make plans ahead of time

    Please do not put off choosing curtains until the last minute, as they will have a significant impact on the final appearance. Incorporate window coverings into your overall scheme at a time when you’re considering carpets, paint, and furnishings. Curtains should complement the interior’s design and color palette.

    2. Select an appropriate color scheme and design

    It’s up to you to determine if the curtains will be the main attraction in the baby’s room. You must choose a curtain color carefully. The curtains in your nursery room should complement the space’s overall design and color scheme. You can go for something simple and timeless, like white or beige. Curtains are commonly used to add visual interest and texture to a space. The nursery curtain might include a sweet teddy bear or floral patterns. They might blend in with the room’s existing decor or serve as a bold focal point.

    3. Do not hang drapes near the infant’s crib

    A youngster as little as a month old can pull hard on the draperies by grabbing them. Even the lightest curtain could seriously injure a baby too young to throw anything away. Keep curtains away from the crib for the baby’s safety. It’s best to move the bed away from any windows. It’s also preferable to put the bedroom where it won’t be too cold or hot if the temperature outside suddenly changes.

    4. Choose lightweight curtains

    You also need to consider the fabric the curtains are made of. Curtains need to be more than just a lovely appearance. Cotton is typically the material of choice for curtains because of its ability to prevent dust and limit the amount of light that enters the room. Silk is another available option for you.

    Pink Drapes Nursery

    5. Consider the type of material when deciding on the length of your drapes

    If you opt for Long, opulent window drapes, consider having a short one. If possible, curtain rods and drapes should be kept short and out of a toddler’s reach. Still, if you insist on using heavier materials, you should probably wait till they’re older. Even though valances are another potential source of excess bulk, their short length is advantageous. The nursery’s window style is also a factor here. For example, floor-to-ceiling windows or glass walls do necessitate tall drapes but with lightweight materials. When your infant first learns to stand, they may try to tug on things, such as long drapes.

    6. Avoid all kinds of beads

    Beads are not safe for babies and should be kept out of their reach. Keep the beads out of reach for now; it will be a while before your child is old enough to play with them without supervision safely. If you’re looking for curtains, avoid beaded ones at all costs. Not even appliqued or weaved into the fabric. Inevitably, a rip will break a bead.

    7. Prevent a child from choking on wires and ribbons by keeping them out of reach

    Please note the re-issued warning about the potential choking hazard. Keep any curtain cords safely, always tucked out of a young child’s reach.

    8. Curtains should be installed safely

    Anything in the nursery that could cause harm to a newborn should be fastened down extremely firmly. Both the furniture and the draperies should be treated the same way. Heavier objects require more careful attention to ensure they stay on the wall. Talk to an expert if you need help figuring out how to achieve that.

    9. Choose Black Out Curtain

    Many parents worry that their babies might get too much sun in the nursery. If you live somewhere with exceptionally long summer days, this could be an even bigger problem. After all, newborns sleep for 14-17 hours per day and need 12 hours per day or more when they age. Babies and infants of all ages require naps in the middle of the day, often more than one. When the infant is napping, it’s best to keep the nursery dark. That is why blackout drapes are a must for nurseries. However, most blackout drapes available in the market are often dreary, dark, and featureless. The good news is several retailers provide exceptionally blackout drapes for nurseries. Better yet, you can get blackout lining sewn into the back of your nursery curtains or buy basic, affordable blackout curtains. For maximum enjoyment, it is recommended that you purchase them on both sides of the blackout curtain if possible. Otherwise, flip it inside out so you and your baby may appreciate the design.

    Nursery with black out curtain

    10. Express your theme 

    Keep your theme in mind while you work. Curtains are a great accessory for any room, and the nursery is no exception. Textures, colors, and prints can accentuate any design scheme. As an illustration, if you’re creating a princess-themed nursery for a little girl, you might want to hang some pink or pearly white satin-like drapes about the room. Perhaps you’d enjoy a nursery decorated in a safari style. You may hang some lush green drapes or choose some kid-friendly animal patterns.

    Nursery Drapes Design

    Replace your old, drapes with something more aesthetically pleasing. Here are some suggestions to make your nursery look more vibrant and lovely, from modern to classic styles.

    1. Sheer Curtains with a Linen Look and Feel

    A translucent curtain decorated with adorable patterns is perfect for your home’s nursery; it would keep the space bright while protecting your baby’s privacy. The imitation linen fabric used to make this curtain is uncomplicated, earthy, and long-lasting. It’s semi-opaque, so you can enjoy natural light and seclusion without sacrificing complete ventilation. There are many available colors you can choose from, which includes pink, blue, green, purple, white, and even red, all of which would look lovely in a baby’s nursery.

    2. Curtains with Burgundy Stencil Stars for a Prairie Style Window

    These lovely drapes are the perfect finishing touch for a baby’s prairie-themed nursery. They are made of 100% organic, non-hazardous cotton. This curtain set will add a playful vibe to your nursery thanks to the adorable stars printed on it. It also comes in a neutral brown tint that won’t make your window too flashy.

    3. Striped Bohemian Curtains

    With a bohemian striped pattern, these drapes are ideal for creating a beautiful and cozy nursery. It’s a daring, adorable, and one-of-a-kind flower and geometric design in shades of turquoise and orange that would brighten up any nursery. Its contemporary and bohemian elements would make your child’s nursery a lovely addition.

    4. Total-Blackout Drapes

    These drapes are perfect if you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in the nursery for the baby to sleep in. A newborn can dream peacefully under the stars thanks to the unique design of this drapes. The sun and UV rays are completely blocked out by the triple-weave fabric of this curtain, which contains high-density dark yarn. In addition, it can lessen ambient noise, making the room a more conducive place for your infant to rest. It is available in various pastel shades, including pink, blue, beige, black, burgundy red, dark navy, olive green, and purple.

    5. Zoo Animal-Print Blackout Curtains

    These drapes will soften the aesthetic of your nursery, making it feel more inviting to a young child. Patterns of bright zoo animals are printed on them in a semi-digital style. These curtains are great for blocking the sun and UV rays, making them ideal for sleeping in and napping during the day. If you’re looking to balance the temperature in the nursery and save on your energy expenses, these curtains are a great option.

    6. Cloud Curtain Panel

    You can decorate your baby’s room style with these soft white cloud forms on light blue background drapes. Your child will love waking up to a blue sky and fluffy clouds every morning. This curtain has a striking appearance and a novel pattern. The contemporary fabric used in its construction eliminates the need for chemical finishes or dyes, making it perfectly safe for your infant. In addition to making the room darker and quieter, the heavy curtain can also block light.

    7. Beautiful Floral Lace Translucent Curtain

    You should go with this lovely white floral lace curtain if you want the nursery to feel airy and light. Its flowery pattern is so fine that it may softly block out the sun without sacrificing your privacy. These curtains are perfect if you’re going for a contemporary look in the nursery with white walls. It’s a great choice for a classic or retro-style nursery.

    Nursery with translucent curtains

    8. Star-Print Blackout Drapes

    These drapes are just what you need to give your baby’s room an air of refined playfulness. These curtains have a double-layer design, a gradient tulle overlay, a great color scheme, and hollow craftsmanship. It has the potential to impart a chic ambiance to your nursery. It’s a stylish and practical addition to your baby’s nursery. A beautiful light show is created by each panel, which your infant is sure to love. It can screen light while adding sparkle to the environment.

    9. Eyelet Drapes

    These ruffled drapes are the perfect way to add a touch of whimsy to a girl’s nursery. These are handmade cascades of overlapping, massive ruffles with  glitter metal accents. It has just the right amount of gentleness, elegance, and appeal. These curtains are a great match for a baby’s nursery with a girl theme, especially when paired with some adorable accents.

    Pink Nursery Valances

    10. Blackout Curtains Printed Digitally with Sea Lions and Dolphins

    Sea lions and dolphins are printed on these drapes, making them a fun addition to a nursery. These blackout drapes are ideal for nurseries since they prevent light from waking your little ones while they sleep. These drapes are not only stylish but will also add a touch of playfulness to your child’s bedroom.


    Curtains have a significant role in the overall aesthetic of a room. As their name implies, they are quite massive; thus, selecting the correct ones for your overall layout is important.  Given the importance of cleanliness and the lack of harmful gases in a nursery, the curtain material must be non-toxic and odorless. The regulation of lighting is the second issue. The light in a baby’s nursery should be dim, warm, and dark yellow because their eyes are more sensitive to it. The space must remain bright despite the curtain blocking some of the sunshine. The ideal drapes would act as a thermal insulator, keeping the nursery cooler during summer and warmer in winter. In addition, you should keep the nursery open and airy, and the curtains should be made of breathable material. 

    When designing your baby’s nursery, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Creating the coziest place for your newborn and yourselves is one of the best parts of motherhood. Create a secure, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing nursery that both you and your baby will remember.

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