Learn About Neon Lighting Options for Your Home and Office


    From the overall color scheme to the tiniest accent pieces, there is an almost infinite number of options to adorn your house. The way you furnish and decorate your house says a lot about you. Neon signs for the home are a terrific addition to any space, especially the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

    Neon signs and lights are not only cute but also quite noticeable decorations. The bright colors, clever sayings, cute iconography, and eye-catching geometric patterns make them a welcome addition to just about any place. This neon lighting is stylish and versatile, fitting well with a wide range of aesthetics from industrial chic to modern antiques.

    What are Neon Lights and Signs?

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    When an electric current is run through neon lights, they emit a bright reddish-orange light. While pure neon gives a reddish glow, adding more chemicals may alter it to more than 150 other hues. Because of their ability to immediately draw attention, neon lights are perfect for use in outdoor advertising.

    The glass tubes housed in most neon lights provide a lot of creative freedom when constructing representations or letters. They are commonly utilized to create eye-catching neon signs for commercial purposes. However, as time has progressed, neon lights and signages have made their way not just in public spaces and commercial establishments but also into our homes.

    Types of Neon Lights and Signs

    There are usually three types of neon signs: glass neon signs made from glass, LED flex ones, and LED ones made with acrylic. 

    Glass Neon Signs


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    Neon signs manufactured from elongated panes of glass typically have a phosphor coating applied as a powder during production. Glass is heated like pasta in a flame until it can be used with the hands. Neon signs are versatile enough to be used indoors or out, as they are safe to touch even if hung at eye level. However, there are situations when alternative choices make more sense. Covering the neon is the best solution, or electrical codes must be followed. It’s possible to hang a neon sign on just about any hard surface, including the wall, an acrylic panel, an acrylic box, an old wooden board, or a metal panel. If unsure, it is best to contact a professional to make customized neon signs and mount them anywhere you like.

    LED Flex Neon Signs


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    LED Flex is used to create LED Flex Neon signs; because of its flexibility, it must be attached to a rigid surface. Hence it is often affixed to either transparent or black acrylic. LED Flex Neon signage is usually only used indoors. Because of the production process, cuts must be made in the sealed LED Flex to bend it into the needed forms and produce the necessary soldered connections between individual components. LED Flex Neon signs, because of their fabrication, must be fixed to acrylic. You may then hang it, secure it with sign supports, or attach it to the wall.

    LED Acrylic-Type Neon Signs

    This “Neon” sign is fashioned from a single block of 30mm thick acrylic, with openings routed in the back for LEDs and the writing or design’s outline cut from the front. After the text or pattern has been carved out using a router, it is polished. After the text or pattern has been carved out using a router, it is polished. The production process slightly differs between those neon signs used indoors and those outdoors. Construction of this sort is sturdy and durable, withstanding significant stress. This design allows several ways to attach to a wall or other stiff surface. If you need help installing a neon sign, it’s advisable to get in touch with a professional in the field.

    Portable Tabletop Neon Signs


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    Large neon signs that need to be mounted might be a nuisance, and sometimes all you need is a charming neon sign that you can set up anywhere you like. Neon signs aren’t limited to the wall, as portable tabletop varieties are available to buy online. There is a wide variety of alternatives, including famous sayings and cartoon characters. Even shops will make one just for you if none of the above appeal to you.

    Neon Signs are Eye-Catchers

    Why should you decorate your home with neon lights and signs? Neon lights are an eye-catching indoor illumination solution that distinguishes your house from the rest. 

    Neon signs allow you to make dramatic changes to a room due to the vast array of colors available. Some individuals only put neon lights in their bedrooms. Still, others utilize them as the main attraction in their dining or living rooms.

    Neon lighting is a modern and stylish method to illuminate your home while injecting a splash of color where you need it. Neon lights are versatile; you can place them around your home, camper, and yard throughout spring and summer.

    Design Flexibility

    Neon lights and signs are ideal for homes since they can be found in various styles and patterns. Neon lights may be made in an almost infinite variety of colors, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste.

    In addition, neon lights and signs may be used to create an endless variety of forms and patterns. Because it’s simple to form letters, logos, and even whole pictures out of neon lights, they’re frequently used in store windows and by entrepreneurs. In your house, a personalized neon sign may even be mounted or placed to display a name, a favorite quote, or anything else the owner desires.

    Set the Mood with Neon Lights

    Neon lights are a simple method to upgrade the appearance of a room and establish the mood. This will allow you to express yourself via design by using the colors that best reflect your character.

    Energy levels may also be altered by the hue of your home’s illumination. Internal clocks and mental health benefit from exposure to red light. Increased sleep-inducing hormone melatonin production is associated with red light exposure.

    Instead, studies have shown that exposure to blue and white light can increase alertness and productivity. However, if you use these lights in bed, you may find it difficult to fall asleep.

    Where to Decorate with Neon Lights

    Neon lights have a wide variety of applications, both indoors and out. Neon lights placed on furniture give it a one-of-a-kind shine and help draw attention to the little details. The light flickers when it shines into tight places, illuminating hidden details. You may furnish your home with various sofas, tables, bed frames, and bookcases.

    Neon lights on screens have a practical purpose in addition to their evident aesthetic value: they dampen the screen’s brightness, relieving eye strain. You may create a soothing atmosphere by placing neon lights on mirrors or by placing soft, glowing lights around the edge of your bathtub.

    Furthermore, neon lights may be used in the great outdoors. They can withstand a lot of stress from Mother Nature. They work great as deck edging, stair treads, under eaves, and railings.

    Neon lights have become increasingly popular as an aesthetic and functional addition to interior design and lighting. Neon lights are not only a favorite of store owners but also make a fantastic addition to any residential interior design. Neon lights make it simple to create a statement with your home decor.


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