Quilting for a cause

I recently heard about this amazing program that melted my heart. It’s called Quilts for Kids. They collect and deliver handmade quilts to children who are in the hospital all over the United States. This is just so touching to me because these kids spend days, weeks, and months in the hospital sometimes, and how sweet is it that they could have their own handmade quilt to keep them warm and cozy while they are there?! A quilt is something that takes a lot of time, work, and love to put together and I know that the recipients can feel that love when they receive their finished quilt.

These pictures are from their website:

Aren’t those just the sweetest? Gosh, they are cute. I love all of the quilts and you can tell the kids love them too!
If you can sew or quilt you can help out Quilts For Kids too! All you have to do is go on their website & request a quilt making kit. They will send you a package with the fabric already pre-cut and the instructions and everything. The only thing you’ll need to supply is the batting (the cottony stuff in the middle) and then the cost to ship your quilt back to the company once it’s done. They consider that part (and your hard work) your “donation” to the program. If you use a Joann’s coupon you should be able to get the batting for about $5. The one I get is usually about $10 & I always have a 50% off coupon. I can manage $5 and a couple bucks for shipping if it means helping one of these cuties get a snuggly quilt for their hospital stay! 
I signed up online at Quilts For Kids last week and they said I’d get my quilt kit in 1-2 weeks. Well, I got it today! 
I’m so excited to start working on it! I’d like to even make this a more regular thing. Like maybe make a certain amount every year. What a great way to do a good deed…not to mention having fun in the process!
You guys should check it out. If you can work a sewing machine you should give quilting a try. And if sewing isn’t your thing but you know someone who does, pass this idea along. They can always use more volunteers!