Quick & easy photo albums {Plus 15 album theme ideas!}

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love taking pictures of my children. Yes, I’m one of those moms. The one who posts far too many pictures of my adorable children on all of my social media accounts and who is constantly having to delete apps and games on my phone to make room for more photos. More photos! Of course I need 500 pictures of my toddler eating spaghetti. The only problem is that I don’t really ever do anything with all of the pictures I take. They just sit there on Facebook and Instagram or take up room on my phone, tablet, and camera. I’m horrible at having my pictures printed. One look around my house and you’ll see that I don’t even have a single picture of my almost two month old baby boy…unless you count on my phone. 
When I was a kid we had these huge photo albums we’d look at all the time. I loved looking at them. Back then, taking pictures was expensive (think film & developing it), and putting together a photo album or scrapbook took a lot of time and effort. I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I don’t have a single photo album in my house. Nope. Not one. Well, until now.
Thankfully Shutterfly has a brand new service called Make My Book that makes it so easy to whip up a photo album in almost no time. Perfect for lazy busy moms like me. You can even use pictures directly from your Facebook or Instagram- I love that part! All of my best pictures are on there so it made finding my favorites for this baby book I wanted to make quick and easy. 

Putting together this photo album took little to no effort on my part. The designers at Shutterfly did it all! A book like this would have taken me HOURS to put together. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of time anymore. In reality, this book only took me about 10 minutes and I kind of just threw it together- Shutterfly’s Make My Book did the rest! All I did was connect my Instagram, choose my pictures, select my book size/style, and submit my order. I opted to have a designer curate my best photos for me and I left a note on the order that the book would be documenting the first 2 years of my daughter’s life ( It’s so great that they give you a space to leave a note with special requests or whatever you want to let them know about the book before they design it for you!) Within 3 days they emailed me a preview of my book and I was blown away! Make My Book created a beautiful photo album showing Harper from birth to two years old. They chose the best photos and added all of these amazing little touches to make it look like a handmade scrapbook. I think my jaw may have dropped when I saw the preview. I reviewed my order and submitted it back to Shutterfly (you can also make changes here or add some finishing touches). I could not wait to get my book in the mail!


What I received from Shutterfly’s Make My Book service is this stunning photo album/baby book of my beautiful Harper. The quality is amazing. I chose the 11×14 book and it’s huge! The photos are so pretty, even though they were taken with a phone and were from my Instagram, and the book looks like it was carefully put together and took tons of time to make. I love all of the little flourishes and finishing touches they added! Everything is absolutely perfect and I get all of the credit for making it!



My family has spent so much time together looking over this photo book and cracking up. We laughed until we cried, and then we really did cry! I love having a physical copy of these precious memories for my family to cherish forever. I’m not sure what Harper thinks about this big book about her, but it’s such a special keepsake to have. I can’t wait to put together some albums for each of my kids now that I know how easy the process is with Make My Book.

Here are a few more ideas/occasions for photo albums I want to make:

  • Baby book for each of the kids
  • Summer break
  • Wedding
  • Vacation
  • School year
  • Anniversary
  • Instagram favorites
  • Engagement
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth story book
  • Love story
  • Family tree
  • Family reunion
  • School year
  • Graduation
  • College
  • Photography

These photo books make great keepsakes for your family and would also make for an amazing gift! I’ve already got ideas swirling in my head for Christmas and birthdays!

What would you create with Make My Book?