Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Mornings can be a hectic time, even if you’ve got a routine in place. With a family to look after or early meetings to attend, most of us end up skipping breakfast or going for an unhealthy option. While those sugary cereals and energy bars might give us a boost of energy in the beginning, they’re likely to make you crash later on. This is why it’s best to get some quick and healthy breakfast ideas as soon as possible.

Fortunately, whipping up quick, easy, and healthy meals isn’t a difficult task, especially if you prepare beforehand. You might want to look up some quick vegan and vegetarian meal ideas first, (Quick Vegan/Vegetarian Meal Ideas) but we’ll focus on breakfast ideas here:

Healthy Breakfast Sandwich

Whether you make them at home or buy them from a nearby fast-food joint, breakfast sandwiches are usually greasy, oily, and full of unhealthy fats. Make a quick healthy version for yourself by using whole-grain bread and a mayo substitute. You can get the latter by grinding up some miso paste, nutritional yeast, nuts, and garlic. Make the paste beforehand and store it in the fridge so you only have to spread it in the morning.

A healthy breakfast

You can then layer some fresh tomato slices on top of this concoction and season with pepper and salt. Any herb you have on hand, such as dried basil, will also be delicious.

Filling Avocado Toast

Avocado toast can cost a bundle at any place that does brunch, but it’s very reasonable if you put in the effort to make it at home. Simply smash a ripe avocado, place it on a couple of toasted slices, and top them up with sunny-side-up eggs. Season with salt and pepper, and then enjoy your meal!

This simple and quick recipe will give you a healthy level of protein as well as loads of flavor. plus, the healthy fats will fill you right up, fuelling you for work and other activities until it’s time for lunch.

A Healthy Smoothie

Ditch the fruit juices for breakfast and turn to smoothies instead. Even if you’re juicing at home, the process is likely to take out most of the nutritional pulp from the fruit. Plus, it can take a lot of time to set up the juicer and then clean it properly after use.

Instead of a juicer, invest in a powerful blender and drop your ingredients for a healthy smoothie every morning. These could include yogurt, milk, ice, berries, and even spinach leaves for an extra health boost. If you freeze your berries and bananas beforehand, the resulting smoothie will be even creamier and delicious! Plus, with the natural sweetness of the fruit, there, no need to add sugar. You can also add a scoop or spoonful of peanut butter for some more protein.

if you want a vegan option, go for coconut water instead of milk. One glass of a thick breakfast smoothie could be enough for breakfast, but you might want to make two and freeze the spare for a delicious snack in the middle of the day.

Overnight Oats

This is a wholesome, quick breakfast that many millennials swear by. You make it the night before, preferably in a mason jar. That way, you can simply grab it on your way out if there’s no time for a sit-down breakfast. Don’t forget the spoon, though.

All you have to do for your overnight oats is to combine some oats, milk (regular or non-dairy), some sort of sweetener, and whatever fruit you have handy. Some other excellent additions include chia seeds, vanilla essence, maple syrup, etc. You can also top off the whole thing with some banana slices or crushed almonds. Screw on the jar lid, and leave the concoction in the fridge overnight. If you want a hot breakfast, take the lid off in the morning and microwave the jar for a minute or so.

Savory Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a delicious and filling breakfast no matter how you prepare it, but you might not feel like having something sweet first thing in the morning. Luckily, there are ways to make your oatmeal savory.

What you need are some rolled oats or even the quick-cooking steel-cut kind. You can even cook these in a microwave if you’re short on time. Mix in some cheddar cheese, sprinkle some onion and red pepper and lay an over-easy egg on top. You’ll soon have a mouthwatering meal that will tide you over for the first part of the day.

 Some Books to Help You Out

These ideas are all very well, but sometimes you need more choices and detailed instructions on how to whip up a quick, healthy breakfast. This is why we’ve discussed some useful books here, which can help us get on the easy breakfast track without compromising on our health:

Where to Buy
Easy Kids Breakfast: Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipes (Family Cooking Series Book 8)
Easy Keto Breakfasts: 60+ Low-Carb Recipes to Jump-Start Your Day
The Healthy Breakfast Book: Cereal-Free Secrets to Starting the Day with Real Food
Breakfast Recipes: 50 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes (Quick & Easy Breakfast Recipes, Delicious Breakfast, Everyday Recipes)
Crazy Healthy with 4 Ingredients: Dessert, Breakfast & Snack Vegan Recipes


 Easy Kids Breakfast: Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Easy Kids Breakfast: Quick Healthy Breakfast Recipes

This eBook by Debbie Madson gives is some extremely easy yet mouthwatering recipes that are specially designed for kids. This means there are no complicated instructions, no weird ingredients, and everything is sure to turn out delicious!

Kids can be very picky about their meals, especially when it comes to breakfast. This book could help them take an interest in what they’re eating, especially if they’re cooking it themselves. Of course, adults who are complete novices at cooking will also benefit from the simple steps in this work.

The breakfast recipes are divided into useful categories here, with options for freezer breakfast as well as weekend recipes that might take kids a bit more time. Whatever category we choose, the result is sure to be tasty enough to satisfy a kid’s taste buds.

Easy Keto Breakfasts: 60+ Low-Carb Recipes to Jump-Start Your Day

Easy Keto Breakfasts: 60+ Low-Carb Recipes to Jump-Start Your Day

This paperback book by Carolyn Ketchum makes life easier for those of us who are trying to follow a keto lifestyle. It can be hard to stick to keto, especially when you’re in a hurry and all those baked goods look so tempting. Fortunately, this food blogger can help us get the best low-carb recipes that won’t take more than a few minutes to prepare.

These breakfasts are also great for those who want to eat healthy but want something baked as well. The recipe will give an interesting twist to classic options like omelets, breakfast meats, etc. Plus, the color photos will give us an idea of what the results are supposed to look like.

The Healthy Breakfast Book: Cereal-Free Secrets to Starting the Day with Real Food

The Healthy Breakfast Book: Cereal-Free Secrets to Starting the Day with Real Food

As mentioned above, cereal is a super-easy breakfast but not much good if we’re trying to eat healthy. This Kindle book by Katie Kimball can help us kick the cereal habit for ourselves as well as our kids. This work contains around 50 easy recipes that are actually doable for someone with a family to feed. With several tips, secrets, and philosophies to guide you along the way, these pages could even teach us a new lifestyle that isn’t dependent on processed foods.

Almost all the recipes are gluten-free and nut-free as well. A major chunk of them also uses no dairy, eggs, or grains. Plus, there are more than 50 online resources listed to help you with your cooking journey.

Breakfast Recipes: 50 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast Recipes: 50 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

With this book, Nancy Kelsey teaches us how to make more than 50 quick and healthy breakfasts. Each recipe has a beautiful color photo of the outcome, so we’re motivated and guided by the visuals.

It’s also fortunate that the ingredient list and steps are both written in easy terms. However, there’s no nutritional information given, so you might have to do a bit of guesswork here. The ingredients in the recipes are healthy and fresh for the most part, so they should be good choices in any case.

Crazy Healthy with 4 Ingredients: Dessert, Breakfast & Snack Vegan Recipes Paperback

Crazy Healthy with 4 Ingredients: Dessert, Breakfast & Snack Vegan Recipes Paperback

This book by Dee Dine gives us quick and healthy recipes for breakfast as well as desserts and simple snacks. With this work on hand, we can have something delicious for our bellies at any time of the day. The recipes all use plant-based foods, which is a good choice for our health.  You can also incorporate this work with some easy salad ideas (Easy to Make Salad Ideas).

The meals you make using this book will hopefully allow you to inculcate a few wholesome meals into your routine. You might go for meat and dairy for dinner and lunch, but the instruction here will also help you fulfill your quota of vegetables and fruits.


The ideas above will hopefully help you get a healthy breakfast every single day, which will fuel you up and enhance your productivity. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from having one of these breakfasts for just about any meal! Afterward, you can always whip up some easy and simple desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth (How to Cook Easy& Simple Desserts).