Procrastinating unpacking

When it comes to unpacking, I’m not usually a procrastinator.
I’m insanely neurotic and I need to have everything in its place as soon as possible. I can’t stand having half unpacked boxes everywhere and I just want everything set up and looking perfect immediately. I don’t like clutter or disarray at all.
Well, not so much this time around. Even though I’ve been dying to sew and get my craft on, I have yet to do anything about unpacking my massive amount of crafty things.
This is what it currently looks like:
This is technically going to be the new baby’s room, but I figured for now I could also put my sewing stuff in it too since it won’t actually be used for a baby until August. I have a room downstairs that will be the permanent sewing room, but it’s absolutely freezing down there right now and I don’t want to be down there if I don’t have to be.

I have all kinds of yummy fabric I can’t wait to work with.
But unfortunately, my sewing machine is still just sitting in a box.
I don’t know what my deal is. Maybe I’m enjoying finally having a place of my own again a little too much. I’ve been so lazy. Being pregnant doesn’t help and only gives me another excuse not to “over-exert” myself and to not do “too much” in a day. So rather than getting my crap together and set up, I sit and snack and blissfully read or watch TV and movies, or even take a nap. I admit, it’s been wonderful. But I think it’s about time I snap out of it and get moving. I could be creating so many cute baby things right now! And I’d like to actually get it done before I give birth
So someone, tell me to get off my butt, put the book down, and do something.

What have you been procrastinating?