Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution – Book Review


    Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution is an informative science content based book written by Noel Jerke and Grayson Jerke. The book revolves around modern sciences of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the presence as well as their future implications to the different types of people. The book is one of its own in the list with no other books in the series. The book comprises 10 different chapters excluding the introduction. According to the authors, the book is useful for students, parents, educators, employers, employees, and other stakeholders that may be impacted due to the improvement in an overall technology.

    Book Synopsis

    In the 10 different chapters of the book, this book covers a wide array of perspectives on the subject. The book has been compiled in the form of 10 different questions which many might have when they are told about robotics and artificial intelligence. The book opens up with the basic scientific knowledge required to comprehend and understand the wider aspect of the subject which includes details on robots, artificial intelligence, as well as some of the historic background to the two.

    Further, the author has discussed the real-life applications that are currently being used as well as similar such applications that are expected to be in the future. The author has taken a neutral tone on the concept of robotics and artificial intelligence by mentioning the good and the bad both without any ambiguities.

    In addition to that, the book shares the evolving industry as well as the exponentially high growth that has been seen in this sector over the past few years. The last sections of the book discuss the revolution and the major changes that are expected to be seen. Much of these are already there and becoming clearer such as loss of jobs with the increased automation. However, there are other changes as well regarding which book provides some useful recommendations so as to be prepared for the ongoing revolution.




    The tone of the book has been light and formal. The tone throughout the book has been in an informative manner by presenting new facts and figures related to AI and robotics while the author has also used analytical style to go provide the readers with an in-depth approach to the content. The author has used a slightly convincing and persuasive tone at the end of the book so as to raise awareness as well as persuade the readers to seriously consider artificial intelligence and robotics for the future.


    The book has sufficient content for a beginner. It contains all the basic information as well as other important evidence required to highlight the importance of the revolution in technology. The content is free from all jargons and there is rarely any technical language used which shows that the book is easy to read for all kinds of readers. A good thing about the content is that it is built upon solid evidence as well as the different types of examples from the past as well as present to emphasize on the importance of this technology.

    The Good Side

    One of the things that I personally liked about the book is that it is unlike the many other science books that we read. With real life examples, the reader always has his interest and wants to read more. There is no aspect of boredom while reading this book which is one of the main reasons why I liked it. The book has sufficient knowledge on the subject matter. There were many new things that I got to know which shows that this book is rich in its content.

    In general, this book is more simplistic which is directly addressing the topic in a clear manner. Technicalities are not there which are usually there in a book that is based on scientific facts and figures as well as technical knowledge. Readers will not be facing any kinds of difficulties in knowing about AI and Robotics.

    In addition to that, the good side to the book is the style in which the book has been composed. The systematic arrangement in 10 different sections that mainly starts with the past, discusses the present, and provides useful insights on the future makes this book a complete one.



    What could have been better?

    The author should have done a little less of the repetition so that it does not appear that a certain aspect in the content has been overdone. Moreover, the book should have had some pictorial illustrations and graphical images to further engage the reader within the book and maintain the attention span. Although, there are a few in the current version but there could be more as well.

    It could be better if there is another part of the book which is Part 2 of the existing book so that the readers who have the basic knowledge on AI and robotics are able to understand it even further and in a better detail. In addition to that, some sort of quantitative analysis should have been provided by the author to further validate his point.


    Preparing for the AI and Robotic Revolution provides a reasonable knowledge on the topic of artificial intelligence and robotics. It is recommended for all students so that they can choose their career path in accordance with the current and future trends expected. The revolution will not come all at once but will be in smaller steps, and most importantly, it is our preparation that matters.  Be sure to check out as well for more great insight!

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