Practical Bathroom Items that Add Style


    The bathroom is likely not the first room your guests see when they enter your home. Nonetheless, the design of this vital room has a remarkable impact on how others see your little dwelling. And beyond the impression it makes on your guests, there is no disputing the intrinsic pleasure a clean, visually beautiful bathroom provides.

    Bathrooms can be difficult to get right at the best of times, but when space is limited, it becomes much more important to get the design and arrangement just right. There are many methods to make your bathroom, cloakroom, or shower room the zen-like area you’ve always envisioned, using clever storage solutions, wise layouts, and smart design tricks.

    Modernizing your bathroom with gorgeous finishes, useful components, and contemporary accents can make a world of difference not only for the bathroom but for the entire home.

    Here are some useful bathroom design tips:

    1. Vertical Storage

    The secret to making a bathroom user-friendly is to incorporate storage in ingenious ways. Add storage towers to the countertop to make skin care products and other items easily accessible at eye level. It is similar to the pullout spice racks that flank a kitchen stove.

    2. Pendants Rather Than Sconces


    If bathroom wall space is restricted, consider suspending pendant lights from the ceiling rather than attempting to fit sconces.

    3. Supersize Niches

    A shower niche provides additional storage for bathing necessities without taking up excessive space. However, if you find the majority of shower niches to be too tiny, there is no reason why you cannot increase them, particularly vertically between the wall studs.

    4. On top of the Bowl

    In bathrooms, the wall space above the toilet is frequently underutilized. Many people choose for a framed painting or photograph above the toilet, but if you’re seeking for extra functionality, install a towel storage rack that can keep up to four folded towels within reach of the shower threshold.

    5. Construct a “false wall” shelf

    False Wall shelf

    It may seem paradoxical in a tiny area, but constructing a half-height false wall in your bathroom will allow you to conceal the unsightly dirt and water pipes required for your toilet, as well as provide a shelf for your finer accessories. Once tiled, it will appear as though it was always there. Fresh or artificial houseplants will look fantastic aligned along the top, and there is also area for artwork.

    6. Choose a makeshift living wall

    Bring an abundance of plants into your bathroom with a living wall. Possibly difficult to achieve with actual plants, but a panel of artificial foliage will provide the same result and is much easier to maintain. It will save surface area, create a magnificent feature on your wall, and bring the outside inside.

    7. Utilize mirrors to expand the space


    Hang a huge mirror (or two or three) over the sink in your bathroom to reflect natural light and make the area appear larger. Mirrors are the number one method employed by interior designers to make a room appear larger; you’d be shocked how much they can expand a room. In your bathroom, go large and bold to make a statement.

    8. Create the appearance of spaciousness with an oval bathtub

    In a tiny bathroom, a freestanding bath should not be avoided. An oval bathtub eliminates corners to create the illusion of more room. A shallow shelf that conceals waste pipes is also useful for displaying bath salts, bathroom plants, and other items.

    9. Work in a unit affixed to the wall

    Wall-mounted modular furniture continues to be used for storage due to its uncomplicated, streamlined appearance. Available in a variety of heights, widths, and depths, it allows you to construct semi-custom furniture that fits your area optimally. You will also find a variety of colors, ranging from gentle hues to bold, daring tones, as well as numerous textures.

    10. Utilize unused wall space to install a towel rail

    Towel rail

    Towel rails offer aesthetic flexibility in the bathroom, since they may be freestanding or affixed to the wall. The ladder option is typically freestanding and made of a lightweight material, whereas the rack towel rail is mounted to the wall and composed of metal. 

    Another option is are heated towel rails. They go above and beyond the standard towel rail by warming your towels before and after use and reducing the musty odor that damp towels frequently create. Towel rails that employ a hydronic heating system or an electrical system are typically the most expensive to install, therefore it is essential to include in the cost. However, certain heated rails can go a long way toward heating the entire bathroom and may be a worthwhile purchase.

    11. Decorate alternatively using tiling

    Avoid overloading a tiny room with an excessive number of distinct design themes. However, this does not imply that your bathroom must be devoid of character. Combine hexagonal and Metro tiles. It offers intrigue to a small space without overpowering it with pattern. 

    12. Introduce Texture with Baskets


    The organic texture of baskets can soften a tiled bathroom and offer contrast against an all-white room. These woven jute containers are ideal for use as hampers or storage for robes and slippers. Using the proper towel folding and rolling techniques, baskets can be used to store additional towels. 

    13. Invest in freestanding and versatile furniture

    Bathroom furniture

    A small bathroom should not hinder your artistic flare. If your bathroom is on the small side, you may want to consider using standalone furniture that can be relocated quickly. Choosing freestanding storage and seating allows you to rearrange your design whenever you please, and unlike fitted bathroom cabinets, you can take freestanding items with you when you move.

    14. Install recessed shelving

    Recessed shelves are a terrific space saver, both practically and aesthetically, as they keep toiletries off the surfaces and out of sight. Building the shelves into false walls that conceal the piping is an ingenious application of an essential feature. Also consider spot or linear recessed light fixtures.

    15. Use Dual Norman Window Reflectors

    A Norman window, which consists of a half-circle on top of a rectangle or square, is completely traditional and aesthetically distinct. Combine it with dual mirrors above a double vanity and finishing the look with a classic medium wood finish and elegant gold fittings. 

    16. Black Clawfoot Bathtub

    Painting your clawfoot tub black or another dark color is one of the simplest bathroom ideas for making a statement. It is stylish, modern, adventurous, and most importantly, simple.

    17. Use Hexagonal Tile

    In no way are planks and squares your only options for bathroom flooring. Attractive hexagonal floor tiles compliment the warm wood finishes and white walls in a Southwest-inspired contemporary bathroom.

    18. Create an arrangement on your vanity

    Using a few simple techniques, you can arrange your hand soap and toothbrushes in an attractive manner.

    First, include a tray! Using a tray or trivet as a basis quickly gives goods a sense of belonging.

    Add an odd number of objects to the stack. Place odd number of objects on a tray for it to be aesthetically pleasing.

    Include natural materials, such as a bristle brush, coral, small plant, or flowers, and play with the height and scale of the objects, i.e., combine taller and shorter pieces.

    19. Replace Your Bathroom Rug

    Bathroom rugs

    A filthy or worn-out bath mat will make your bathroom appear untidy. Unquestionably, if you have one, it must be changed immediately. In the most luxurious baths, however, Turkish and Persian rugs have replaced terrycloth mats. The tufted wool rugs are comfortable and the ideal alternative to bath mats. Moreover, with patterns and hues that only improve with age, they can offer so much individuality and refinement to your bathroom.

    20. Add Some Marble


    Adding marble to a bathroom is one of the simplest ways to elevate the space. Marble, which is associated with elegance and sophistication, can be utilized in a range of applications, including vanities, showers, flooring, and containers that rest neatly on the sink. However, you don’t have to invest on real marble; there are many of inexpensive tile options that will do the trick.


    A well-designed bathroom is one of the most essential components of any residence. Whether you’re purchasing, renting, or simply visiting, the bathroom is one of the most frequented areas in the home. Since there is no shortage of bathroom inspiration, choosing the ideal touches for your space can be a bit daunting; however, a judicious thoughtful of tiles, moisture-loving plants, and trendy accents will help you style your bathroom effectively.


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