Pocket Knives: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

What was mankind’s greatest invention? You might say that mankind’s revolution came across with the help of a wheel or the computer. Little do we know that an invention made man’s life easy from when he lived in caves and fought with his bare hands. This invention was a knife and it transformed human lives from the very first day of its being.

This ‘cutting edge’ invention made it easy to tear, trim and skim through forests. Early humans could not fish, cook or hunt without this razor-sharp accessory. Now when someone asks you about mankind’s greatest discovery, make sure you tell them about the knife.

About Pocket Knives

The first signs of a pocket knife date back to 500 BCE in the European regions. Back then, it was called a jackknife and looked like a very simple, folding device. Since then, multiple historical eras brought revolution to the shape and size of a pocket knife and made it a necessity for regular usage.

If you already don’t know, we would like to inform you that everyone must own a pocket knife. No matter how you like your portable knife, you will find a product that meets all your requirements. Now that we do not have to fend off large animals or live in caves, a pocket knife can get us through most situations easily.

Pocket knives vs other knives

“Why pocket knife, why not other knives?” you must be thinking. When knives perform a simple task, why is a pocket knife more important than a regular kitchen knife? Let us shine some light on this question:

Blade material

 Sharpness is the most important concern in a kitchen knife, even more so if you are Gordon Ramsay. The steels used in kitchen knives take care of regular affairs like chopping onions and slicing meats. Pocket knives are versatile and thus their blades are made of different materials for greater edge retention. Laguiole knives are wel-known for their most remarkable and rare pieces that are hand-engraved by Master-Knifesmiths.


 Kitchen and other regular knives have a fixed blade with a solid handle for good grasp. Pocket knives may have a spring, a lock and a hinge for folding and carrying. If a kitchen knife is one the table, its blade is exposed, unlike a pocket knife which always has a protective cover.

Blade length

 Kitchen knives usually have longer and stronger blades. Pocket knives are small with shorter blades that don’t exceed 5 inches. You need short strokes from a pocket knife whereas kitchen knives deal with bigger items like an entire watermelon.

Bonus features

 Kitchen and other simple knives have only one feature, and not chutzpah. Pocket knife sets nowadays have at least 8 different tools to amplify their advantage. These bonus features are only unique to these folding knives and no others.

Benefits of pocket knives

Many people ignore the usability of the wonderful tool called a pocket knife. It is much more than just a carry-around for ‘just in case’ situations. These knives are more useful than you can imagine, once you get to know their wide-range applications.

Here are some key benefits of a pocket knife:

Carry in the wild

If you are a fan of outdoor trips like fishing, hiking or camping, a pocket knife must be your best friend. There is no better or more versatile tool to pack on an outdoor journey than a pocket knife. If you are only carrying a backpack, it does not make sense to pack a large knife or a machete in that bag. Pocket knives have an advantage of size and durability. Simple tasks like cutting little branches or difficult ones like setting up a tent become easy with the help of a pocket knife. Cutting a line from a fish or removing a hook from the fish’s mouth is easy with the help of this tool as well.


In situations where you do not have access to proper cooking utensils, a pocket knife comes to the rescue. One knife set can turn into a knife, fork and even a spoon. If you are on a picnic or at home, cut small items like fruit or cheese with a pocket knife. Eating fruit with a pocket knife can save you from using disposable cutlery that harms the environment. Simply cut the fruit, put it in your mouth like a fork and then clean the blade later. When cooking, you can open canned food, bottle caps and other boxed ingredients with your pocket knife.


 It goes without saying that a knife’s best usage is to cut things. However, a pocket knife takes the extra leap by being a portable and handy tool. From envelopes to cardboard boxes, you can cut it all with the help of a pocket knife. Cutting a rope, perforating something or scratching on a hard surface is easier with a handheld knife. Keep it in the office desk drawer, kitchen drawer or car compartment, a pocket knife will prove its importance more often than not.


Those who love creating new things or recycling old items will love the flexibility of a pocket knive. DIY-ers are looking for new projects and their mind works in a magical way. Making sleek, clean cuts with a pocket knife can make this tool your best friend if you are a nifty DIY-er. Make sure you do not bite off more than you can chew and not stress your small knife blade by making difficult cuts. For all handy cuts, a pocket knife will be very useful.


 People in the fashion or retail industry are armed with a pocket knife at all times. That is because this little knife set is ideal to trim clothing or any wee bits on an outfit. Considering the fragile nature of apparel, using a large tool may cause irreparable damage. A pocket knife will not cause such distress and keep things easy.

Self defense

 Pocket knives are not weapons, unless a situation arises that demands such usage. From attackers to animals in the wild, you can seek some security with the help of a pocket knife. It is portable, lightweight and easy to use. Most knives spring into action with one hand, to help you defend yourself from an unfortunate event. Use the knife as a threat for as long as you can to avoid serious injury to yourself or the attacker. In dangerous situations, we advise that you contact security as soon as you are out of range of the attacker.

First Aid

 A first aid kit is the best source of treating a wounded person, but sometimes a kit is not around. Whether it is to rip clothes off, create a tear or trim through a surface, pocket knives are the ideal tool. It may help you save a life when other tools were not around. In short, for solving emergency cases with little time, it is best to put your pocket knife to use rather than wasting time.

How to choose a pocket knife

Why is picking a pocket knife so difficult? Even if you were standing in a store full of pocket knives, you won’t be able to pick one without knowing how different models work. Since these tools have been around for a long time, their features and shapes have evolved over the years. At any point during your shopping, you can easily browse through dozens of pocket knives before finding a perfect model.

The best approach is to know about these knives as much as you can, so we are diving right into this aspect by starting with the type of blades.

Types of blades

 You would think that you need a single blade knife, but do not make a decision without comparing the different types of blades with your requirement.

Single Blade

 Single blade knives are the best example of ‘less is more’. Manufacturers focus on one part of the process- the blade of the knife. These knives are very simple but strong enough to get all jobs done. These knives may have a detached casing, a spring function or a locking mechanism for safety.

  • Pros: If you want just a regular pocket knife, go for a single blade one.
  • Cons: those looking for added features in a pocket knife may want to explore more options.

Multi Blade

 Having multiple blade means that your pocket knife can perform more functions in one go. Multi blade knives start from two and can go up to four different types of blades. These blades differ in shapes and sizes to assist you with a particular task without fishing for another knife.

  • Pros: you get a wholesome tool set with multiple blades during outdoor trips or traveling
  • Cons: the blades may not be very durable as a single blade knife so there is a limit to the load these blades can bear.

Multi Tools

If you are a tactical person or someone who needs more tools in one set along with a knife, there are many options available. Saws, nail clippers, nail file, screwdriver, key ring, compass, you name it. These knives give you more options in one price and come in handy in all situations. The Swiss Army Knife is a pioneer in this domain, created to meet the needs of a versatile army man. Since then, these knives have become household tools to perform various tasks and act as a self-defence tool.

  • Pros: good for the jack of all trades who needs a lot of tools on them.
  • Cons: the blade will not be very long or versatile as in a single knife.

Pocket Knife Handles

 Like blades, pocket knives feature come with various types of handles. We won’t get into too much detail with handles, but it’s worth mentioning that bone, aluminium, and wood are three of the most popular handle types. Bone materials are actually found in many different models of modern day pocket knives. The material is made of bones taken from decreased animals (who died a natural death). Aluminum handles offer a lot of functionality but aren’t the best on the artistic side. Wood has been a common occurrence in pocket knife handles for several decades, but is now out of fashion.

Is it legal to own a pocket knife?

 Owning or carrying a pocket knife is not illegal, unless your state mentions it in any way. However, it is good to check with your law enforcement agencies about any kind of pocket knife that is forbidden. Do not carry a knife to federal departments and offices or other high security areas. Airplanes also forbid carrying sharp objects onboard, so make sure you avoid these situations.

Where to Buy
Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife
Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in S.S. Folding Knife with 3.1in Serrated Clip Point Blade and Aluminum Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival and EDC
Snake Eye Tactical Two Tone Pearl Designed Handle Assisted Open Folding Pocket Knife Outdoors Hunting Camping Fishing (Rainbow/Blue)


Best Pocket Knives to Own

Whether you are looking for a simple carry-around tool or an all-inclusive set, here are some options that you can browse.

TAC Force Pink Knife

If you are looking for a pocket knife that checks all boxes, TAC Force’s pink camo knife is an ideal candidate. It is an essential tool for camping trips, hiking, traveling, self-defence or for home usage. There is a pink casing which is ergonomically designed to avoid skidding accidents. The sharpened knife blade comprises of high-quality stainless steel, as it contains more carbon.

This knife is very practical, you can make deep cuts in thick ropes, seat belts and rubber with it. It is very durable and reliable to keep with you at all times as a necessary tool. Do not worry about the weight as this tool is very lightweight to carry in a backpack or your pockets.

Victorinox Pocket Knife Set

A mini pocket knife set by Victorinox is just what you need on an everyday basis. Designed as a unisex tool, this set is equipped with a mini screwdriver, nail file, key ring, tweezers, toothpick and knife blade. There are many colors to choose from in this model, so you can order a color that you like.

This Swiss-made stainless steel knife is designed for durability and strength. It is 2.25” in length with a polished ABS cover that reflects true Swiss style. You will never leave this set out of your travel accessories because it fits in any purse, pouch and bag. The company provides a lifetime guarantee against any defects.

Smith & Wesson Folding Knife

Smith & Wesson’s jet-black folding pocket knife is made of a high Carbon stainless steel blade. It is a highly reliable tool that comes encased in an aluminum handle that is lightweight. Using this knife takes only a few seconds, because of a pocket clip, finger flipper and thumb knobs.

The company ensures that the knife blade will not escape from its inner lock unless done so by hand. The slightly curved shape of the blade comes handy with scratching usage and deepening a cut in objects like small branches.

Snake Eye Tactical Knife

Those looking for a fancy knife to gift to someone can consider the Snake Eye Tactical Knife. Its blade is rainbow and blue tainted and coated with Titanium. This tactical knife has a spring assist function that can come handy during outdoor trips like fishing, hiking and camping. There is a safe enclosed knife cover with a pocket clip to keep this tool safe.


 At the end of the day, choosing a pocket knife comes down to personal preference more than anything else. That being said, taking the above information into consideration will definitely aid your decision making. Every pocket knife model is distinct in its own right, and you’d find that they follow various standards to ensure consumer safety. We suggest bookmarking this guide so you can refer back to it when it comes time to make that purchase.