Playroom Organization

Like most houses with young children, there never seems to be a never-ending supply of toys.  It’s always a challenge to get them organized because there is just so much stuff. And if you take a look at the stuff around, most of it will always be unnecessary to you but if you ask your kids if you can throw them away, you know how they would react. Their needs, wants and demands keep changing and the shopping list is never shortened. I understand the pain of storing and organizing such things in the house. Therefore I am following a minimalist type thinking, here’s a tip; buy only something if it fits into one of the following categories:

1. I love it, and I mean really love it.

2. I need it.

3. It will make my life significantly easier.

You can apply these same rules to your “stuff” when decluttering – if it does not fit into one of these categories, get rid of it.  This can be your first step in organizing all of the toys. Let go of the idea that you have to keep something because it was a gift or because the kids used to love it.  If it does not fit into one of these categories, donate it. I also this see this a way to develop the habit of sharing, giving and donating the things that were or are dear to us, hold some emotional value but not needed anymore

Once there are a lot fewer toys to organize, the process is easier.  Toy boxes seem convenient because you can easily shove stuff into, but in reality, they can make the situation much more difficult. You never find what you want at that moment and secondly, I have never personally liked them. For a more organized method, consider the following organizers; trust me they will make your work easier and room cleaner.

Where to Buy
Royexe - Storage Cubes - (Set of 8) Storage Baskets
Tot Tutors WO498 Elements Collection Wood Toy Storage Organizer 
9-Cube Organizers and Storage Shelves Unit
Gaffer Power Labeling Tape
Avery Labeling stickers

Cloth bins – one for each “type” of toy.

Royexe – Storage Cubes – (Set of 8) Storage Baskets

I personally like these cloth boxes because they can be used to store and organize anything and everything. I have placed them line-wise on a shelf and labeled the bins with Washi tape.  If the tape isn’t sticking very well to the cloth, you can use electrical tape on the ends to keep it in place.

These boxes are pretty versatile as they claim and also easy to fold so you can be creative according to the playroom.  For example, if you have a few extra, put some under a table or other unused area. If you don’t have color preferences, you can buy a dark color and you wouldn’t have to wash it often.  There are really so many great toy storage ideas to consider.

You can also use the old pull out drawers to organize items like art supplies.  You likely have a plethora of coloring books, crayons, paint, and craft supplies – way too much to fit into a cloth bin.  Label each drawer with what’s inside. This also lets you create “centres”, similar to how a preschool classroom is set up.  Your playroom can have an art centre, music centre, sports centre, imaginative centre, and a literacy centre.

Shelf Organizers:

Tot Tutors WO498 Elements Collection Wood Toy Storage Organizer 

If you are looking for something permanent, durable and presentable, I would suggest you an organizer like Tot Tutors Wood Toy Organizer. Although it will require some extra space or a corner of the playroom, addition of this will automatically solve half of your organizing and sorting problems. It contains 12 standard size bins and 4 extra-large bins that are easy to remove and clean.  You can put toys, books, art supplies, blocks and any other handy things that keep messing the room.

9-Cube Organizers and Storage Shelves Unit

It has nine high-quality foldable storage bins (with the upper portion for storing smaller things) that can surely make your playroom more organized. Quality-wise, this is a perfect choice! Every cube/drawer is supported by four steel bars. Its support system is rust-proof and dust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about any possibility of wear and tear. Aside from its quality and elegant design, this multi-layered drawer is very easy to assemble as well. With 36 x 12 x 31 inches dimension, this will be enough to keep all your valuables safe and in good condition. 


The labels on the bins and drawers are key in keeping the playroom organized.  Anyone (like a husband) can now clean the playroom and put everything in the right place.  When in a hurry and cleaning up, you are not tempted to throw something in the closest or randomly in a toy chest because you know that it has a place and can easily find where it should go. The best washi tapes are those that offer strong adhesiveness and easy to remove.

Gaffer Power Labeling Tape

Available in 3 different colors, Gaffer Power tape is one that can be used on any surface, from cloth to box or metal. It reduces the hassle of cleaning the adhesive residues and doesn’t smudge the ink of markers or pens.

Avery Labeling stickers

for people like me, who want their work to be more organized and neat, the labeling part can be done with these removable labeling stickers. Unlike the adhesive Washi tape, you wouldn’t have to measure all labels of the same length and tear off. They stick to any surface very nicely and are easy to remove/clean without leaving behind any adhesive residue. One pack contains 72 labels so it’s not a bad investment and you can use the labels for other purposes as well.

When the room is organized, kids tend to spend more time playing, enjoying and learning.  The room looks more spacious, useful and they’re not so overwhelmed with choices. Also, there’s enough room for other activities such as a workout room during their naps, so everybody wins!

So that’s all there is to it – a simple playroom organization method.  Please leave us a comment to let me know how you keep your kids’ toys organized!