Personal Safety Products


As much as we’d like to walk around without fear, there’s always some danger lurking outside. Females should be especially careful about their personal safety, especially if they have to be outside after dark. Men aren’t really much safer, since muggers and other criminals could attack anyone.   It makes sense to invest in at least a few personal safety products. The list below will discuss some of the best options.

Stun Gun iPhone Case


Stun Gun iPhone Case


This stun gun is cleverly disguised as an iPhone case. When used on anyone who might be a threat to you, it would deliver a 950,000-volt shock which should deter them from any further action. There’s a dual safety mechanism and a dual push trigger system to make this contraption work properly every time.

This case would hence be the perfect gift for someone who owns an iPhone and would like to protect it (and themselves) from potential criminals. The LED indicator lights would also let you know if the phone needs recharging, so the features would come in handy in any case.


Hand Mirror


Hand Mirror


This hand mirror comes with an adjustable Velcro strap that’s used for attaching it to bicycles, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, or any similar vehicle. It has a convex safety lens that’s resistant to vibration as an additional safety feature. You can gift it to a right-handed or left-handed person. It’s suitable for both!

Of course, the hand mirror is specially built for your hand. This way you can check to see if anyone’s trying to creep up on you or do away with blind spots when you’re riding. The mirror is reported to give a clear vision, especially when you rotate it 90 degrees. This way, you can prevent many accidents as well as have a good view of whoever might be around you


Circle Knife Necklace


Smart Vault Biometric Safe


This personal safety item also serves a double function, with the stone providing a necklace as well as a weapon in case of emergency. You can expose its blade with the locking mechanism in order to protect yourself against any kind of physical threat.

The handle material for this stone circle is stainless steel, with a Zombie Hunter Survival Knife also included. With this stone circle around your neck, you can safely carry a small protective weapon with you without worrying others. However, keep in mind that this circle would likely set off metal detectors, so it would be best to remove it before entering secured areas.


Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet


Halo Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet


This is a DOT-approved helmet that comes with a mechanism you can operate while wearing gloves. It also has front air intakes that would prevent dangerous fogging. The UV-protective coat would protect you from harmful rays, while the snap closure on the chin strap makes for easy wearing.

The headgear itself is a replica of the Masterchief’s helmet from the popular Halo games. The modular design makes for convenient wearing. Plus, the contoured pad in the center will make sure your scalp doesn’t overheat. In fact, you can even remove the center and cheek pads in order to wash them.


Anti-Kidnapping Watch Wrist Band


Anti-Kidnapping Watch Wrist Band

If you’re afraid of your child being kidnapped, this wristband would be the perfect gift. It’s specially designed to let you carry several escape tools when you’re walking about. This would allow the wearer to escape from duct tape, rope, handcuff, and zip ties. The tools here include a ceramic razor blade, 4-inch Kevlar saw, and a polymer handcuff key.

Make sure to practice with this band before it’s needed, if ever. This will make it easy for you to escape within a few minutes of being tied up. The saw will slice through several kinds of rope or any other restraints.


ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry


Ultimate Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry


As mentioned before, women have to be especially careful about their personal safety. However, carrying around firearms could be even more of a risk, especially since it could create a telltale bulge in your pocket or purse. This is why you should invest in this concealed carry holster, which allows you to hold several compact weapons along with the required ammo.

This carry case is made of military-grade elastic. It has a gentle tapering that would provide a comfy fit with a large capacity. You can fit around 4 weapons and 3 magazines in there if required, provided they’re of a compact size.


50 Cent Hidden Blade Coin


50 Cent Hidden Blade Coin


A hidden knife or blade on your person could protect you from many attacks robberies, or muggings. In fact, just having something like this in your control could help to make you feel safer and more confident. This particular blade provides security and convenience, being a circular variety constructed from Japanese steel of superior quality.

You can use this bade to cut any cord, rope, zip ties, and duct tape that might have tied you or someone else up. This would increase your chances of escaping an undesirable situation. If you’re traveling in a hostile area, this is a valuable tool to have on you. If you store it with other coins, this blade could be completely undetectable.


The Easylock


The Easylock

It’s simple to lock away your valuables when you’re at home, but carting them around is a different story.  With this Easylock, though, you can easily secure your precious belongings when traveling. The components are not just extremely strong, but they’re simple to install and user-friendly to boot.

When you’re staying at an inn, motel, or hotel, there might not always be a safe for you to place your valuables. Not every hotel staff is reliable or trustworthy, and they can open your room at any time. With the Easylock, then, you can install your own lock on any door and keep your family and belongings completely safe.


Pocket Samurai Keychain Knife


Pocket Samurai Keychain Knife


Carrying around a knife is not always the best idea, but sometimes you need it for extra security. With this pocket knife, you get a mini-weapon as well as a keyring, a pocket or money clip, and a lightweight experience as well. The tanto blade is made of 440C stainless steel, while the handle is of titanium and includes a frame lock.

This whole contraption weighs less than a single ounce, making it easy to carry around town. If nothing else, it’s a cool, unique gift for anyone who loves samurais and wants to feel secure at any time.


Pixel Keychain Flashlight




This key-chain flashlight is available in both cool and warm white options, with replaceable batteries so you never run out of power. It’s also ultra light, making for an easy carrying manner. The size is also unobtrusive and makes the flashlight almost indestructible.

This handy device can clip onto your current key-chain and provide illumination wherever you go. Walking down a dark alley at night or navigating your way when the power goes out isn’t safe at all. You can hence stay safer with a beam of light illuminating our path wherever you go. The light’s brightness is measured at around 25 lumens.


Secret Stash Water Bottle




This water bottle isn’t as ordinary as it might look to anyone but the owner. It’s actually made from a real water bottle and is handy in hiding your valuables no matter where you are. Of course, the graphics on the product could change according to the season or marketing required, but the concept remains the same.

You can fill up the top part of this bottle with actual water. The bottom part is hollow in order to store whatever you want to transport without risk. This could be jewelry, emergency cash, or a credit card.


Keychain Safe


Keychain Safe


If you need to keep just a small amount of cash on hand, this key-chain safe is by far the best option. It’s made from stainless steel that’s corrosion resistant and provides a watertight seal to keep your money safe in more ways than one.

You can also use this safe to hold your medicine when you’re traveling or store a few choice pieces of jewelry. If you know someone who needs to carry something small on a daily basis while keeping it safe, this would be the perfect gift for them. You can also utilize this device as a geocache


Secret Stash Flip Flops


Secret Stash Flip Flops


It’s a great idea to have your safety products double as something else. These synthetic flip-flops are a good combination of both, since they provide a casual footwear experience as well as a concealed space. Here, you can fit in some cash, credit cards, or even a precious trinket if necessary.

When you visit the beach or a pool of any kind, your valuables are usually not always in your sight. Since you can’t trust the lockers or safes in such places, you should invest in these flip-flops in order to keep everything secure.


MCCC Safety Self Defense working LED Flashlight




This flashlight is no ordinary one, especially when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones. It can give out a beam of around 600 lumens at a distance of 200 meters. The battery is rechargeable, which is quite a convenient feature to have.

The main unique feature of this flashlight is the audible alarm that can go off when you perceive a threat. Many times, even a loud noise might deter criminals, who would do anything to avoid getting caught. All you have to do is press the red button twice, and the alarm will sound along with a red light strobe.

Personal Alarm Keychain

A personal alarm keychain is handy if you or a loved one often has to go out alone or in the dark. It comes with a wrist strap that anyone can wear easily, be it a kid, adult, or elderly person. You can choose between the colors red and black in order to have some sort of preference, but it’s doubtful whether any other colors are available.

This band is shaped like a beetle, which makes it a cute accessory as well as a safety device. It’s also made of sturdy, durable, and eco-friendly material. When you feel like you’re in danger, all you have to do is pull the security pin. The alarm is different from a car’s so it’s likely to attract attention from anyone passing by.

To help ensure your personal safety, a few safety gadgets can make a lot of sense to have available. The Anti-Kidnapping Watch Wrist Band would be a good investment if you’re afraid of being kidnapped or restrained. The Secret Stash Water Bottle is best if you simply want to store some valuables safely.