Parent’s Choice diapers at Walmart

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Babies are expensive. I’m a mom of 3 now, so having been through this a couple of times I know what to expect. The gear, supplies, and gadgets you need to raise a baby these days can add up quickly. Clothes, bottles, toys, swings, car seats, strollers, carriers, etc. Let’s not forget one of the biggest expenses when it comes to raising little ones: disposable diapers.


I’ve bargain shopped, coupon clipped, and compared just about every brand out there. The thing is, I don’t really have time for that with three kids now. My little Harper hates shopping and will literally scream through the entire store, so I don’t have the patience or clear thinking sometimes to sit and compare diaper prices on the baby aisle at the store. Not with a screaming 2 month old in the stroller. I need something reliable that works well and doesn’t break the bank, like these new and improved Parent’s Choice diapers from Walmart. The are the best value diaper brand to help you save a ton of money on your baby’s diapers.


I’ve noticed that one of the things Harper loves most is a fresh, dry diaper. My other kids could have cared less if they were wet or dry, but it really bothers Harper. She likes a dry diaper so much so that as soon as I change her she will almost immediately wet it again and need another changing. This happens a lot and I’m constantly changing her, so we go through diapers rather quickly. Thankfully Parent’s Choice diapers are now even more absorbent and are just as sturdy as the major diaper brand labels, so they can handle the worst diaper messes. Just because these aren’t expensive doesn’t mean they can’t stand up against competitors. I’ve tried them all, and the more spendy brands don’t necessarily mean you get a better diaper. I found that Parent’s Choice diapers fit well and are pretty good with leaks- even at night. (I admit to not changing with every night time waking!)

See? Happy baby.

Did you know you can save up to $240 a year with Parent’s Choice diapers? Now that’s some serious #BabyDiapersSavings.


Want to save even more on your baby’s diapers? Make sure to grab this coupon for a pack of Parent’s Choice diapers and head to your closest Walmart store. You can find out if your Walmart store carries the new and improved Parent’s Choice diapers here. Trust me, your baby will thank you and so will your wallet! 


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