Painting Pumpkins!

Last week we finally had time to do pumpkins with the kids. We invited one of my husband’s co-workers and his little boy over for dinner, pumpkin carving, & caramel apple treats for the kids. It was a fun night!
We let the kids paint their pumpkins this year rather than carve them. Why? Because for one thing, I hate carving pumpkins. Yes, I said it. Secondly, my kids always refuse to even touch the pumpkin guts, so I end up having to do the entire thing. So no carving this year! They actually had way more fun painting them because they could do the entire thing without our help, and what kid doesn’t like being able to do something without the help of mom or dad? 
Here are the artistic dads (both tattooers & amazing artists) giving a little advice to the kids on how to start.
Think they’re having fun?
Ayden hard at work. He’s so talented, seriously.
My pretty little pumpkin.
Don’t get me started on her outfit…I have no say in her clothing selections nowadays!
They were comparing techniques here I think.
Ayden’s scary pumpkin!
The back of his pumpkin (he painted the “Scream” guy!)
Lily’s pumpkin (I think she tried copying….errrr I mean was inspired by her brother).
I’m so proud of them! These are the best jack-o-lanterns (minus the lantern part) that I’ve ever seen!
 I’m seriously impressed with their painting skills.
Next, it was time for caramel apples. Now, if you’re like me you might have a child with a few loose or missing teeth, and apples are just not a good idea for kids with loose teeth. So I decided to cut the apples up into wedges and then I’d dip each little wedge into the caramel. That way it’s easier to eat for the little ones and you don’t end up having to waste most of the apple. The only thing was I forgot to buy some sticks for the apples (I thought the caramel was supposed to come with them! Mine was missing the sticks). So I decided I’d just dip them myself by hand and then let the kids add their sprinkles. It wasn’t anything fancy but it worked out great and the kids loved it!
I think Lily liked hers.
These were definitely a huge hit with the kids.
They loved that they got to do the sprinkles themselves.
The great thing about doing it this way was that it was quick & easy, and I didn’t waste any apples. In fact, I actually had a few leftover. I bought 4 apples, but only used one! Those Granny Smiths are huge, so one of them sliced up & covered in caramel was enough for all 3 of these kids to split! They each had like 3 big wedges and then they were done and said they were full. So yeah, I will definitely be doing caramel apples like this in the future 🙂
I’d say our Halloween night was a success!