Best Headphones for Glasses Wearers


For glasses wearers, it’s really challenging to wear headphones because glasses and headphones go together like cats and dogs. Headphones with poorly fitting ear cups and bands that pinch and put pressure on frames are annoying and uncomfortable. This is why most glass wearers are looking for headphones that are easy to …

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Most Comfortable Earbuds


When it comes to earbuds or headphones, aside from the sound quality, another thing most of us look for is how comfortable they are to wear. There are some earbuds that feel more welcome in our ears compare to others. But it depends on our preferences because some people like earphones that …

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Best Waterproof Speakers for the Beach and Pool


Heading to the beach or pool? If you want to take your music with you without worrying about your speaker being splashed with water or being handled with wet hands, getting a waterproof speaker is your best choice. No one really intends to get their speakers wet, but accidents and bad weather …

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Best Outdoor Speakers for Camping and Other Outdoor Activities


If you are planning to go out camping, hiking, backpacking or going to the beach, bringing a speaker with you can enhance your trip. Any portable Bluetooth speaker can do, but outdoor speakers go even further. These speakers are built to survive harsh outdoor elements while delivering incredible sound. Great outdoor speakers …

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Best Speakers for Vinyl Turntables


Audiophiles who have experienced listening to vinyl know how much a record player works well from a great speaker more than any other music playback device. Vinyl records have that warm and organic sound that people have been missing in today’s smartphone/iPod era. Streamed music – the type of music you listen …

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Best Speakers for Tailgating


Tailgating is a common practice by sports fans in parking lots during college football seasons and the beginning of NFL. However, it has become a sport in itself as enthusiastic fans engage in friendly competitions to throw the biggest, the loudest and the best shindig before the big game. And what’s a …

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Best Marine Speakers


If your idea of relaxation is taking your boat out, enjoying the blue sea or river view and chilling with a beer on your hand while listening to some good music, getting a marine speaker is a great idea. But when bringing in a speaker on the boat, your standard Bluetooth speaker …

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Guide to Bookshelf Speakers


Speakers are an important part of any entertainment system, so if you’re building your own, speakers are a must-have. But if your room doesn’t have enough space, bookshelf speakers are your most realistic option as they can easily fill the room with sounds. Bookshelf speakers are speakers that are meant to rest …

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