Out of my Element

So the last few weeks have been quite an adjustment for us. We moved, the kids switched schools, and my husband started a new job. Oh, and we’re living with my parents. Did I mention that? (I talk about the move here and here). It’s a lot to take in. It hasn’t been bad- just stressful. When everything is new, new, new at the same time it can get to be overwhelming. Thankfully, children usually adapt pretty quickly, and mine certainly have in this case. My husband is settled in at his new job (and is loving it! Hooray). So where does that leave me?
I don’t know what to do with myself. My days are kind all jumbled together with the kids being in school and me not being in my own house. What do I do? Keep myself busy and be my usual, neurotic self? Or do I just pull the yoga pants back on and laze around? Lately, I’ve been going with the second option.
Part of this has to do with the kids’ schedule- it’s a bit weird. You’d think that since they are in 3rd grade and kindergarten that they would go to the same school. But you’d be wrong. Here, the kindergartners have their own school called a Kindercenter. One of the downsides to this is that the parents must provide transportation one way, which sucks. I’m not used to that. Ayden has always ridden the school bus to and from school with no problems. Now I send him off in the mornings and then have to get Lily ready for her afternoon session. This takes a while, because she’s a moody little diva most days and takes her sweet time getting ready. Then I drive her in the opposite direction of Ayden’s school every day around noon, and she rides the bus home with her brother at 3:30. I know it seems silly, but this little mid-day trip to drop her off every day makes me feel like I’m boxed in and can’t leave or do anything during the day. I know it’s not the case, and I have plenty of times for errands and whatnot, but I get anxious thinking that something will happen and I won’t be home in time for them to get off the school bus. Silly, silly, anxiety ridden mommy– maybe one day I’ll get adventurous.
So what am I doing with all of this time while I’m “stuck” at home?
Nothing, really. I’m not blogging, that’s for sure. It’s hard to find the “time” and space for it, since I don’t have my office or desk here. Usually I’d be on it for a good portion of the morning with my calendar and planner sprawled out in front of me, blogging, emailing, tweeting people, jotting down notes and ideas and getting blog posts and pictures edited. Now, everything is just kind of everywhere, and I haven’t looked at my planner in weeks. Staying organized is quite the challenge. It’s really hard to stay on your normal routine when you’re out of your element.
I need to get moving! I need some motivation.
Exercise has pretty much been out the window since summer vacation.
My yoga mat misses me. My butt and thighs have begun to jiggle again & I don’t like it.
My sewing and quilting stuff is packed away in a storage unit. No crafting for me 🙁
I haven’t been reading & can’t focus on anything when I pick up a book.
TV and movies don’t even really interest me right now.
My goal this weekend is to get organized and start on a “new” routine next week- something similar to what I was doing when I was in my own house. It’s going to be a bit of a challenge, but I think I’m up for it. I need a challenge right now- something to push me to get off my butt and do something.
How do you stay motivated?
And organized?
Have you ever been in a situation like this where you were out of your element?
Wish me luck!