Our “dating” anniversary

Labor Day weekend 9 years ago this really cute guy I was crushing on called me up.

9 years later, almost 7 years married, and 2 kids later he’s still the love of my life and my best friend!
 Happy anniversary babe!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of us over the years…

Wedding day

Taking me to a hair show in Seattle 

At a friend’s wedding 
Before I had tattoos!
One of my favorites!
At my brother’s wedding
They don’t look alike at all, do they? 😉
They were tickling me! I hate being tickled.
Ayden’s birthday with Shayne’s grammy
Look at me scarfing down that cupcake…
This is where my daughter’s love of cats stems from. My husband!
“Our dad’s work is cooler than your dad’s!”
3 man band in the living room
Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle
Daddy & Ayden with their electronics
Monkeying around at the zoo!
She was too afraid to go by herself, so daddy was a good sport
Being silly
Tom Cat!
Lily wanted him to be Elmo this year. Her wish was granted
Father’s Day with his princess.
Father’s Day with his little guy.
Thank you God for blessing me with this great man!

Love you forever, babe.

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