Organizing Your Fishing and Hunting Gear

If you’re a fishing and hunting enthusiast, it’s certain that you own a lot of accessories such as fishing rods, baits, shot guns, bows and arrows, and many more. As your collection for these hobbies grow, so does the need for a proper storage to keep them safe. Since both of these hobbies are seasonal, you need to find a good space to store them for the off season. For most people with the same hobbies, their gears and equipment are mostly kept in their garages where all other tools are being stored.

If you’re having a difficult time organizing your fishing and hunting gear in your garage, here are some tips that may help you.

Store Primary Pieces of Equipment Using a Rack

Some of the primary equipment used in fishing and hunting are rods, guns, and bow and arrow. To be able to store them safely and keep them in shape, using a rack would help. This is a safer solution compared to leaning them against the wall because that can ruin their shape and can cause them damage when they fall. There are many kinds of racks to choose from which are suitable for these equipment.

Where to Buy
White Slatwall Panels
Viper Tool Storage
tilt-out storage bins


  • Use Slatwall Panels to Hang Other Accessories

Other accessories or gears used in fishing and hunting are jackets, vests, and hats. These things can be stored properly by hanging them on slatwalls using hooks. Smaller accessories like gloves, tackle-boxes, and other hard-to-hang gears can be kept in baskets and shelves before hanging them to the slatwall. An angled shoe shelf can be used to hold fishing and hunting boots. For smaller gears such as hooks, lures, and sinkers, you can hang them by using tilt-out storage bins.

Use Cabinets to Store Gear and Equipment

Some items used in fishing and hunting can rust especially during the winter season, therefore, it’s also great to keep them in storage sheds or cabinets for protection. Firearms and other life-threatening gears can also be stored in cabinets with lock for safety. There are some storage sheds or cabinets that have inside racks where you can place other things like backpacks, camping equipment, fishing line, hooks, and more.

These tips will help you keep your garage organized and maintain your fishing and hunting gears safe and in a good shape. There are a lot of storage and organizer options when it comes to these things and to help you choose, here are some of the best ones we found.


This fishing rod rack can hold at least three rods. It is a great way to utilize space in your garage. It’s also easy to install and it will provide you an easy access to your fishing rods while keeping them safe and out of reach of children. Aside from your garage, you can also use these racks in boats and trucks.

If your garage wall does not have any space, you can use this fishing rod rack which can be installed on the ceiling. It can hold up to 9 fishing rods. It is made of solid pine and can be installed easily.

This fishing storage and organization cabinet is made of durable rough sawn barn wood. It can hold up to 12 rods in all sizes and 8 fishing utility boxes where you can keep the hooks, lures, and sinkers. It also has a large inner area for tackle storage.

This gun rack can be installed on your garage wall. It can hold different kinds of rifles and shotguns. It is made of steel with soft rubbery coating to protect your guns from moisture.

If you want to keep your guns and rods together, this is the best storage for you. This rack can hold 4 rifles or shotguns and 8 fishing rods. Its barrel-rests are felt-lined while its rod holders have soft foam for protection. It is made of sturdy and durable materials.

This is a stylish wall rack where you can keep your bow and arrows. It is handcrafted and it can hold 2 compound bows and up to 12 field-tip arrows. It is durable and easy to assemble and install.

If you want to keep your guns safe and private, this security cabinet will work great for you. It can hold 14 rifles or shotguns which are up to 54” tall. It has a removable top shelf where you can store other gears and equipment like hand guns and cameras. It is made of durable materials and it has elegant silver accents for a more stylish look.  Also be sure to check out our related posts on best gun safes for a garage and  tips for storing guns in a garage.

We hope the tips and options we provided will be able to help you organize your fishing and hunting gears in your garage.