Organizing Girls Hair Accessories

Organizing little girl’s hair accessories can be a bit maddening especially since they aren’t too organized themselves.  You can take a few simple steps to get everything in place. This can clear up a lot of clutter on her dresser and make all of her hair accessories much easier to find.  Your daughter will love the new system also – every morning she can easily pick out what she wants that day. In this post, I will tell how you can use things available in the house to organize hair accessories and also show you some of the organizing products that are easily available and worth buying.

Where to Buy
Food containers
Plastic Drawer organizer
Magnetic Paper Clip Holder
Ice Block Tray
Pill Box
Carabiner Clip
Rotating Organizer
All in one organizer
Budget-friendly organizer
Hair beads Storage Box
Yubbaex 12 Rolls Washi Masking Tape Set Decorative for Arts
ANPHSIN Pack of 5 Small Pill Box Supplement Case
Christmas Hair Accessories for Girls

1. Food containers

Small plastic food containers are cheap and very useful.  They are spacious, durable and you get many of them in one pack. You can place these containers in the drawer and store different clips, rubber bands, pins and other hair accessories in them.

2. Plastic Drawer organizer

This simple draw style plastic organizer is a multipurpose thing which will never go wasted. For me, it has become an essential thing in each room. The drawers are spacious and easy to open so you can store your jewellery and hair accessories easily. for you little daughters, simply label each drawer with a Washi tape. Just in case you are unable to find a Washi tape, here’s the one

3. Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

You can thank me later because this is one of the cheapest hacks to store all your bobby pins. All bobby pins under one roof and super easy to access, I bet your daughter won’t lose these pins anymore. The simplest sample of the magnetic paper clip holder is below, however, you can find cuter and colorful ones around as well.

4. Ice Block Tray

To keep different colored clips organized and available on time, I use ice block trays. This is a cheap yet a very reasonable way to keep hair accessories in place. My daughter likes to sort the colors and shapes, so I make this an activity to keep her busy. Here’s a sample for you.

5. Pill Box

If your little girl has lots of tiny hair bands, get her a pill box. Each day a new color and all the bands in one place. There are different kinds of pillboxes available in the market, but I’ll share my favourite ones below:

This is a conventional style pill box with seven compartments. Since the compartments are very small, I prefer this for very tiny clips.

The first sight of this pillbox was more of a tumbler to me, but a closer look revealed the usefulness of this organizer. It’s a pack of seven organizers, each organizer with two compartments. Not only is this box easy to open but also has a firm closure. Additionally what I like about these boxes is the removable compartments so you can make the space as per your need.

6. Carabiner Clip

Hair ties and bands are easily misplaced. A carabiner clip like one I have just linked above is mostly available in the house but never thought to be used for this purpose. Simply loop all the bands in it and hang it anywhere near the mirror.

7. Rotating Organizer

I have always had a problem with hair bands juggling here and there to find the right space in the drawer. My daughter loves them so we have many in different colors. Luckily, I found this Sooyee Clear Acrylic 4 Tiers 360 Degree Rotation Circular Hair Tie and Headband Holder.

Despite being spacious, it doesn’t take much space on the dressing table and accommodates hair bands, clips, and other hair accessories. Since its acrylic, it’s more durable than other plastic organizers and very easy to clean as well.

8. All in one organizer

If you want an eye-catching organizer that isn’t too fancy yet fulfils the purpose, I recommend this all in one Nifty organizer.

It’s available in six different colors and rotates 360 degrees. I call this a perfect, must have dressing table organizer but it has multiple compartments for hair brushes, combs, clips, bands, ties and bows. Consider this as a one-time investment. Will definitely last long.

9. Budget-friendly organizer

If you have very young daughters and you don’t want to invest in something expensive for now, I suggest this Boast 3-layered Portable Clear Plastic Organizer.

It has 3-layers and each layer can be divided into six layers through the detachable cells. It’s made up of high-quality plastic and proves to be very stable and durable for quite a long time. With this, I don’t have to worry even if my daughter wants to play with it, reorganize her hair accessories and simply carry it around the house.

10. Hair beads Storage Box

Every girl has a phase where she loves to use colorful hair beads on her braids. The style looks cute and mommies enjoy being creative with these hair beads, yet I know how frustrating it is to find these beads on time. I found this storage box which solves my problem.

This Fenteer storage box has detachable dividers which can convert this into a multilayer compartment. You can adjust the size and quantity of the compartments yourself as per your need. I earlier used it for hair beads etc but now I have placed small household things like pins, knobs and tools in it. In short, this has proven to be a very long-lasting organizer to me.

Before you buy any of the above things to store and organize your daughter’s hair accessories, you must get some new hair accessories as well. I gifted my daughter this pack of Hair Accessories which includes hair ties, hair bows and clips. The love that she has for this set has made her much more organized about her hair accessories.   Check out the below link and you will love it too;