Organizing Girls’ Hair Accessories


    It might be frustrating to organize hair accessories for little girls, especially when they aren’t particularly organized. You can put everything in place by following a few easy steps. This can reduce the amount of clutter on her dresser and make it much simpler to locate all of her hair accessories. Your daughter will also adore the new approach because it makes it simple for her to choose her outfit for the day each morning. These are some ideas for keeping girls’ hair accessories organized.

    Organizing Girls’ Hair Accessories

    Use clear cookie jars for a see-through solution

    With these containers, you won’t need to sift through disorganized drawers. Find some clear cookie jars with lids made of glass or plastic, and then fill them with your bows, headbands, and ribbons. You could need a few containers, depending on how many accessories you have.

    Glass cookie jar mock up. Transparent jar mockup

    Wrap headbands around an oatmeal container

    Grab an empty oatmeal container, wrap some fabric over the outside, and secure it in place using hot glue. Wrap your headbands around the container and place it upright on your dresser or counter for convenient storage. For a seamless appearance, try coordinating the fabric you choose with the rest of your decor. If you need to keep a lot of headbands, you can make a number of these.

    Organize drawers with plastic containers

    Your hair accessory drawer doesn’t need to resemble the junk drawer. Group your accessories by color, type, or size, then place three to six clear plastic containers at the bottom of your drawer. In a tiny bathroom, this is a fantastic method to conserve storage space. Use colorful or sparkling containers in the absence of clear ones.

    Use up vertical space with stackable bins

    Don’t squander any available space. Use some stackable plastic containers, then stack your accessories in a tall tower. Your tower of accessories can be placed within a cabinet to be hidden or left out in the open for convenient access. Look for stackable bins online or at most home goods retailers.

    Try a cake stand for an elegant solution

    Use a classy cake stand, then place your hair bows and clips in the middle. The cake stand makes a sweet centerpiece when placed on your dresser. Additionally, you can hang your earrings from the cake stand’s side. Find a plain white cake stand or go wild with a patterned one for the simplest adornment.

    White porcelain cake stand

    Group your elastics with a carabiner

    This is the right option for you if you’re constantly looking for a hair tie. Purchase a carabiner, load it with all of your elastics, and then snap it close. When you need a fresh hair tie, just pull out the carabiner from a drawer. The same can be accomplished using short, narrow headbands.

    Keep your bobby pins in one place with a magnetic hair clip holder

    Bobby pins always seem to vanish. By placing them in a paper clip holder, you can keep them organized and in one place. The top of your dresser or the countertop in the bathroom is a suitable location for the paper clip holder.

    Try a jewelry organizer for an easy solution

    There are so many little compartments included! Put all of your clips, bows, hair ties, and headbands in a jewelry organizer that hangs on the inside of your door. Attempt to group your hair accessories according to color, size, or shape.

    Top view of Open brown leather jewelry box. Golden jewelry in brown leather accessories organizer

    Use ribbons for a beautiful display

    Try a few ribbons if you wish to highlight your hair ornaments. Use a push pin to secure a long piece of ribbon to your wall before adding your clips and bobby pins. For a multi-dimensional hanging, add additional ribbons to your wall. For additional storage, you might hang your ribbons on a coat hook that is fastened to the wall.

    Glue clothespins to a wooden board for a wall storage

    This complements a room with a rustic design effectively. Use hot glue to affix five to ten clothespins, with the clips facing down, to a wooden board. Use screws to attach your wooden board on the wall, then hang headbands and bows from it using clothespins. Before gluing the clothespins on, paint them white if you want to give this design a somewhat more contemporary appearance. The gentle nature of clothespins makes them ideal for holding delicate headbands or bows.

    Try a weekly pill organizer for small rubber bands

    Large storage solutions frequently result in the loss of little elastics. If you frequently use tiny elastics, you should store them in a weekly pill organizer to keep them all together. To keep your elastics organized, try organizing them by color. A pill organizer could also be used to store tiny earrings or studs.

    Daily medication pill container reminder for a week with AM PM

     Use wire photo grid

    For storing and displaying hair accessories, use a wire photo grid. It will undoubtedly function admirably as a holder for girls’ hair accessories as well. To organize hair bows and clips, hang them on the wall or keep them on the dresser.

    Poster, cards mock up attached on black grid board with binder.

    Upcycled picture frame display

    Use an old picture frame instead, take the glass out, and attach a colorful piece of paper or cloth to the back. You can choose any color to paint the frame. Then, to create a means for attractive bows and clips to be organized, hang ribbon or thread to the frame. For additional storage, add decorative hooks or knobs to the bottom of the frame.

    Carry it in a caddy

    The kitchen aisle’s utensil caddies are ideal for carrying items from one place to another and for putting together kits for particular personal-care duties. Although the sections of the clear acrylic organizer categorize nail supplies, they would also be ideal for hair ties, clips, and sprays.

    Built-in Compartments

    Due to the heat they emit and their odd forms and sizes, hot hair tools are among the most difficult items to tuck away. Add heat-safe containers to your bathroom storage to make the most of your available space. Even your largest tools may be stored easily because of the depth and built-in drawer divisions that keep things in their proper places.


    The greatest strategy for organizing your hair accessories in a drawer is to combine what you already own with reasonably priced new items. Eliminate clutter first. Then, arrange every item in your inventory and distribute them among your organizers and containers. To be able to quickly select an item each day that you style your hair, it is important to be able to see what you have. 


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