Oh, How Pinteresting!

This week I’m all about someecards. I love them. I love a good, sarcastic one-liner. I found a few this week that cracked me up & I wanted to share them on OHP. I think I must have been really cranky while pinning this week because most of these are not very nice!
I love this. I want to get one of these blank signs to carry with me so I can say this.

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Soooooo true.

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The only time this is sometimes OK is in the case of a Twitter update. I can never make things brief!

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Seriously, so many people’s lives would be much better if only they’d listen to me & do what I say! How hard is that?

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I totally thought of my bff Breann here because we have called each other with information like this before…as if it’s breaking news. Then we sit & discuss the pictures together and share our favorites. Yes, I am not-sosecretly a horrible person sometimes.

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Every 28 days. Stop the whining men…it’s a little sniffle.

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I hate working out. I’m just so lazy.

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Yeah, Pinterest is technically work for me, because I’m a stay at home mom, right?! Hello…I’m researching here. And you get to reap the benefits, so deal with it & eat your delicious treats & enjoy that beautiful wall hanging I made today.

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I can’t deal with this…

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Especially if it comes in a pretty bottle or box! 

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Yes, and make it as vague as possible, please.

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Well? I axed you a question…

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My refrigerator is covered in little magnetic pads of paper and dry erase boards for this reason. I am obsessed with lists and I enjoy seeing my progress. 

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Again, how hard is it to do what I tell you to do?

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Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?! 
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