Oh, how Pinteresting Wednesday

Sorry for the lack of pins this week. I haven’t been on Pinterest much since I’ve had pneumonia & all. But here’s a few recent ones that I love!
I am seriously going to make one of these for our front porch!
Source etsy.com via Anna on Pinterest
Ain’t that the truth.
Source repinly.com via Repinly on Pinterest
Emergency binder…must make for my family.
Source yourownhomestore.com via Allison on Pinterest
Cute little thing on children’s character.
Source repinly.com via  Repinly on Pinterest

Hahahahahaha. I thought I was the only one who wondered that…

Source tossedaround.tumblr.com via  Sarah on Pinterest
Great idea to keep fridge cleaner.


 Source lh3.ggpht.com via Melissa on Pinterest

I want to do this but my daughter says it’s too creepy.

 Sourcepin4fun8343.blogspot.com  via Esther on Pinterest

Caramel apple bar! Easier than making whole apples.

 Source  Elliesbitesdecoratedcookies.wordpress.com via Angela on Pinterest

Halloween swirl cookies. These look so cool.

 Source: makebakecelebrate.blogspot.com  via  Annie on Pinterest
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