Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Do you wish to brew your specialty coffee at home? Are you looking for a coffee maker that can offer you a flavorful and powerful brew? Do you want to have lots of hot and cold options for your coffee needs? If you answered yes to all these questions, consider getting yourself a Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker.

This high-end coffee machine is designed for dedicated coffee lovers. It’s an extremely versatile machine that can make just about any kind of coffee drink you prefer, so you can bring in the coffeehouse-quality coffee at home. You can brew anything from a single cup, a half carafe, to a full carafe using your favorite coffee grounds with this machine. This coffee machine’s design and engineering are impressive, and even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs will be impressed by its results.

Where to Buy
Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Why Buy the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker?



One of the greatest things about the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is its ability to perform a variety of operations while using only a small amount of space. It comes with multiple brewing options, which will be listed below, and it can effectively and efficiently make any kind of coffee you prefer.

The winning feature of this coffee maker is its incredible versatility and its ability to make great-tasting coffee that speaks of quality. It offers brew types that aren’t available with other coffee makers, and the recipe collection included brings up fresh and new coffee ideas to enjoy so you can use the coffee maker to its full potential.

This machine is equipped with Ninja’s patent-pending Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction technology designed to access the full flavor of the coffee beans with different ranges of desired richness. But still, it’s the Ninja Signature Brews that remains a huge selling point for this machine.

While it may take some time to get used to, the system is pretty easy to use, and soon enough, you will be trying out new recipes to enjoy.

Parts and Items Included


Once you purchase the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker, you will find these items:

  • Glass or thermal carafe – You have the option to choose from glass or thermal carafe. The carafe included can hold up to 10 cups of coffee., so you can hold large amounts of caffeine to keep you going through the day. The thermal carafe is great for keeping the coffee warm, while the glass carafe is a bonus since it’s dishwasher-safe.
  • Water reservoir – The water reservoir can hold around 50 ounces of water. It also comes with a fold-open top to make refilling easy to do.
  • Ninja scoop – The Ninja Smart Scoop Measuring Tool can help you make accurate measurements for whatever brewing size you want to make.


  • Frother – The built-in, fold-away frother can transform hot or cold milk into a silky froth in seconds. It’s compact and simple to use.
  • Permanent reusable filler – You don’t need to spend a lot of money on paper filters because this coffee maker comes with its own permanent reusable filter. However, you can still use paper filters if you please.
  • Warming plate – This warming plate is set at a precise temperature so you don’t burn your coffee after preparation (and so that the glass carafe won’t break, too).
  • Recipe guide – The 20-recipe inspiration guide included can help you create new and exciting drinks with your coffee maker!

Brewing Settings

The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is able to brew both hot and cold drinks. Its settings include:

  • Classic brew – This is great for brewing up some good old-fashioned drip coffee. It’s all about balanced flavors, perfect for lovers of black coffee or café au lait.
  • Rich brew – This setting is helpful if you need a little more kick in your cup, as it can give you a more concentrated amount of drip coffee. It offers a more intense taste to energize you with alertness.
  • Iced coffee – Brew fresh coffee over ice for a flavorful iced coffee that’s not watered down. To best brew on this setting, place ice in your cup before you brew coffee over it, and the coffee maker will create a concentrated concoction to make the coffee still flavorful even when the ice melts down.
  • Specialty brew – This is a super-rich concentrated blend that gives off only a few ounces of coffee as a base for delicious cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, and other coffeehouse-style drinks.


Besides these settings, the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker also comes with a self-timer for self-brewing. You can select the type of brew and the style you want hours in advance for an easy pick-me-up in the morning. Just make sure the device is plugged in so it can brew automatically.

This coffee maker also offers a variety of brewing sizes. Its knob-shaped dial allows you to choose between different brewing sizes, giving you control of exactly how much coffee you brew. You can choose from a small cup (9.5 oz.), XL cup (11.5 oz.), travel mug (14 oz.), XL travel mug (18 oz.), half carafe, or full carafe. The device can do this thanks to the Ninja Coffee Bar System with the Auto-IQ One-Touch Intelligence technology that can gather the right amount of water from the system’s reservoir for your brew size and type.

Dimensions and Capacity


The heating unit of this coffee maker measures around 1,500 watts. It weighs in at 13.4 lbs. with dimensions of 12 x 8.8 x 15 inches. It takes up less counter space by being taller than being wide. If you have an open space in your kitchen counter or a higher-sitting upper cabinet, then the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker can sit comfortably.


  • Versatile
  • Produces flavorful coffee
  • Built-in timer for automatic brewing
  • Available in glass carafe or thermal carafe option
  • Large water reservoir
  • 4 brewing settings
  • 6 brewing sizes
  • Integrated built-in frother
  • Comes with a permanent reusable filter
  • Compact design
  • No coffee pods required
  • Affordable for a high-tech coffee maker


  • The design is a bit tall, so it needs enough height space.
  • Some may consider the brewing too slow.
  • Lots of plastic parts
  • Specialty brew doesn’t make espresso, but only espresso-style that’s fine for lattes and cappuccinos.



The Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker is an excellent coffee maker of choice if you prefer to enjoy different coffeehouse-type brews in the comforts of your home, thanks to its versatility and affordability.