Must Have Storage Solutions for Small Apartments


    Small living spaces have little to no place for storage. So, you have no choice but to get creative with storage in small apartments. 

    Thankfully, several storage solutions can make your limited space work for the storage of your clutter.  From vertical to wall-mounted storage solutions, here are some clever ways for making storage in small apartments less daunting!

    Tips for Storage in Small Apartments

    Living in small and tight quarters should not hold you back from meeting your storage needs. These tips will help you keep your small living spaces organized:

    1. Declutter Your Apartment Regularly


    The first step for storage, whether in a mansion or a small apartment, is getting rid of unnecessary items. Effectively declutter your apartment regularly. Remove things you no longer need. 

    Not only would it make room for useful ones but help you save time in finding your things. Furthermore, it may well cut down costs associated with additional storage furniture. 

    We highly recommend donating or recycling your items instead of throwing them in the trash can if possible.

    Here is our guide on decluttering wires of home devices.

    2. Use Your Windows


    If your apartment has beautiful big windows, feel lucky! 

    But, windows can take a good portion of real estate on your walls, limiting space for furniture and shelves. You can utilize them for storage. The only downside is you giving up a bit of your natural lighting!

    From books stacked up for a nicely crafted reading nook to shelving, you can use your windows for storage space. 

    3. Take Cues From Small-Living Experts


    Your apartment may not be as small as a tiny home, but you can still borrow some ideas employed in them by small-living experts. For instance, you can try magnetic strips in your kitchen for flatware. It will help you free valuable drawer space.

    4. Hang Your Plants


    If you are a fan of home plants, try hanging them instead of placing them on counters. It will help free a lot of counter space, making your small living space welcoming and refreshing. 

    Here is our guide on top reasons to get home plants!

    5. Look For Non-Obvious Storage Spots


    Small living spaces should not restrict you from storing things well. Look for non-obvious storage spots around — they are everywhere, trust us! 

    For instance, you can utilize space above your kitchen cabinets. Most kitchens have a big gap between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. It is a great place for items you do not need frequently. From small kitchen appliances to cookbooks, you can stack everything up nicely in storage solutions like baskets. 

    6. Invest in Creative Storage Solutions


    Storage solutions today go way beyond just baskets and cabinets. There are lots of modern and slick storage solutions available that one can buy. With the help of our buying guide exclusively on storage solutions for small apartments, get the right ones for yourself. We also have our top picks waiting for you!

    Things to Know Before Buying Storage Solutions for Small Living Spaces

    With the correct storage solutions, you can live small and store well. Consider these things to make the most of them:

    1. Embrace Multifunctional Furniture


    Our number one tip for anyone struggling with storage in small apartments is to embrace multipurpose furniture! From storage ottomans to benches and beds with built-in cubbies, these are items you will have in the apartment anyway, and now, they can also be handy in storage for you. There are lots of multifunctional storage solutions available at IKEA and Amazon.

    2. Assess Your Space and Items

    Another essential task after managing your clutter is assessing your items and space. What kinds of things do you store? Are they tools, pantry items, books, sports equipment, pots, clothes, or more? What space do you have for storage solutions? 

    Your storage shelves and hooks should be able to fit all these questions. After all, no one wants to buy beautiful and spacious storage solutions to realize they would meet your needs! 

    3. Think Vertically!


    For storage solutions to work in small living spaces, think vertically. It will help you buy storage furniture that takes place on the wall instead of the floor, making your apartment feel spacious. 

    Don’t get how that works? Here is an example: Think that you have a 10ft wide wall and boxes of 1ft width. You can fit only ten boxes across it on the floor. However, if you stack them vertically, you can create as many rows worth the height of your walls, making ten column towers of storage containers in your space! 

    Hence, vertical storage solutions increase your storage capacity exponentially, making your small living space a lot more functional. 

    4. Pay Attention to The Material 


    If you want to store heavy items, make sure your storage solution has material that withstands the weight. For instance, for heavy metallic items, getting wooden storage furniture instead of glass would go a long way for you. 

    You can question the seller if their storage solution product will comply with your needs.

    5. Go for Wall Mounting Furniture 


    In small living spaces, there is already a lot less space at foot. Getting storage solutions that stay on the ground can end up congesting your home. Hence, going for storage furniture that mounts to the wall can reduce clutter on the floor!

    There are several wall-mounting storage solutions in the market today. Make sure the one you buy has enough strength to support your items and itself with the wall.

    The Bottomline

    Storage should not be a problem for anyone with several storage solutions available today. Get creative with the space you have and manage your living space effectively. Declutter your place. You can follow our 15-minute rule to do it like a pro.

    Use non-conventional spaces for storage, like places above the kitchen cabinets, your windows, and under your bed. But make sure you do not overdo those places too much. You do not want to give your home a messy look. 

    It is also essential to spend on storage solutions. Consider all our tips before you get one. Only the right choice will benefit you. We have also enlisted our picks to save you time on shopping for storage in small apartments! 


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