Must-Have Mondays are BACK!!!

That’s right! I’m bringing Must-Have Mondays back…finally. I don’t remember why I stopped doing them actually. I think one of the Mondays fell on a holiday, and then I was busy the next week, and then I just forgot because I wasn’t in the routine of doing it anymore. Whatever it was I’m just glad they are back! I love sharing my must-have items with you and hearing what you think of them or what you recommend as well. So here we go.
This weeks must-have is…..
The Barnes and Noble Nook Color! Or if you’re like me & got the original Nook before they even made the Nook Color, yours might look less fancy but still great to read books on.
I was a little sad that just a few months after my wonderful husband bought me my Nook as an early Christmas present last year they decided to come out with the Nook Color, which kind of works more like an iPad with it’s  full touch screen & ability to show in color (hence the name). Mine is the original Nook & I love it. I can read books, magazines, and newspapers on it, as well as surf the web & play games too. The only downside is when I read magazines I can’t really see the pictures that well because it’s only in B&W and it shows the pictures really small. But that’s ok with me because I mostly just use it for books.
There are 5 things I really love about my Nook:
1. I can get new books way faster. No more driving to the bookstore to get that new hot book I’ve been waiting for. On the day that it comes out (or on the day I decide to start reading it) all I have to do is find it on my Nook, buy it, and start reading. It takes about 60 seconds and I don’t even have to put on makeup, load 2 kids into the car, and navigate a quiet book store with them.
2. It’s cheaper than buying real books. I’ve heard people complain that E-Books are too expensive and I beg to differ. So far, every book that I’ve bought & downloaded on mine has been less expensive than if I bought an actual book. When a new book comes out it’s usually just in hardback first, and hardbacks can be spendy! The last one I bought was like $18.99. I read it in 2 days. I checked the price on my Nook and it was only $10.99. Much more reasonable! Maybe it’s not always cheaper, but it’s pretty dang close most of the time. And if it is like a dollar more than an actual book I think I’d just rather pay up than to go to the bookstore and buy it. Time is money people! And you can’t put a price on the convenience.
3. The Lend Me feature. One thing I love about real books is the fact that I can lend them out to everyone. People are always borrowing books from me and I love it. I love that they don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on them when I already have (LOL) and I love introducing people to good books and series that I love. With the Nook you can loan other Nook users some of the books that you have bought for up to 10 days. I say some books because not all books have the Lend Me feature, but a lot of them do. All you have to do is type in the recipient’s email address that is linked to their B&N Nook account and it will automatically show up on their Nook & they can read it pretty much right away! They can have it for up to 10 days and then it automatically comes back to you, so you don’t have to worry about lending it and never seeing it again like you do with real books. (I’ve had that happen a few times-sad!) If you’re like me & don’t have a ton of friends with a Nook you can find groups on Facebook & other websites where people with Nooks will post lists of books they own & want to borrow & you can just swap email addresses with them to get some of the books you want. You can also check out your local library and download E-books from them. Look into that. Just remember that when you are lending out a Nook book you can’t read it on your Nook until you get it back, much like a regular book.
4. It holds so many books! If you are traveling, going on vacation, laying out on the beach,or even heading to a doctor’s appointment or something you can just throw the Nook in your purse & know that you have tons of reading material with you when you need it. You don’t have to have a big bulky book (or books) with you and you don’t have to worry about bookmarks. Or kids pulling your bookmarks out like mine. The Nook automatically saves your place in multiple books at the same time so when you go back to the book it starts right where you left off. Neat!
5. It has a non-reflective screen. This means you don’t see your own reflection in the screen while you’re trying to read (so distracting!) & you can read it in bright sunlight without getting a glare off of it. The screen also doesn’t have a backlight so it doesn’t strain your eyes like a computer, phone, or iPad does. You have to be in some sort of light to read it with  just like a real book. I like to read mine at night when I’m trying to wind down & my husband won’t let me keep the lamp on when he’s trying to sleep, so I think I need to get one of these:
A little clip on Nook lamp! That would be perfect & would allow me to read until the wee hours of the early early morning while my husband snoozes away. I do this often & usually regret it the next day.
There are many other good things about the Nook too, but those are the main ones that I covered. You can read more about them HERE. Please note: Barnes and Noble is in no way a sponsor of my blog or me, though I wish they were. I was not paid to promote this product, it’s simply my own opinion of a great item that I love & want to share with you guys! I’d love a free Nook Color though, hehe.
I don’t know how the Nook compares to Amazon’s Kindle or any of the other E-Readers. They all have their pros and cons and like any big ticket item or electronic device that you’re going to buy you need to do your homework and compare them to see which one sounds best for you. Some people are die hard Kindle lovers, others will say just get an iPad (I wish! Yeah, that’s a tad out of my price range right now!) but for me the Nook is just perfect. It does everything I need it to & more & I use it all the time. My husband even uses it now too (when he can peel it out of my hands) and said he might get his own. I’m trying to talk him into getting the color one & then he can have my old one…I’ll let you know how that one goes!
I’d love to hear your feedback. What do  you think of the Nook or the other E-Readers? Do you have one? Do you want to get one? Do you think they are a waste of time or money, or are you just a real book lover & can’t part with the smell of a nice new paper book? Either way, let me know! I’d love to hear about it.
That’s all for now. Enjoy your relaxing Labor Day. I’m going to go read a good book 🙂
xoxo, Melissa