Must-have Monday!

I’m going to start this thing I’ll do every week called Must-Have Monday. It’s quite simple…I’ll write about and review something I think you shouldn’t live without. It could be a beauty item, food, clothing, baby item, house stuff, etc. Get it? Great.
For my first Must-Have Monday I’m going to blog about a beauty item I absolutely cannot live without. It’s a Lancome product called Genifique.
┬áIt’s relatively new & I’ve been using it since September. Now, Genifique isn’t just one product, it’s a whole line of skincare within Lancome’s product line. There’s a serum (or youth-activating concentrate), a cream serum (for more moisture), a night cream, and an eye cream. I use the serum and the eye cream. When I first started working for Lancome they were trying to launch Genifique, so we were had this phrase burned into our brains: Genifique to every client. And it wasn’t just because they were trying to make a huge sale or anything, it’s because it really can be used for any person, any age, and any skin type. I took home a little sample and withing 3 days I saw a difference and was hooked!
So what’s is this miracle product? Like I mentioned above, it’s a youth activating concentrate. Lancome took 10 years to make this product and what it does is it actually goes into the skin and boosts the activity of genes and regenerates the youthful proteins that are in our skin. Genifique’s promise is that you’ll see visible results in just 7 days. Your skin will look lit from within, velvety to the touch & cushiony soft, it will even out your skin tone and texture, and minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. There are 7 world-wide patents on it and there is nothing else like it anywhere.
I started to use Genifique and saw a difference in about 3 days. My skin did in fact feel velvety smooth and extremely soft. My foundation went on so smoothly! My skin’s texture was just amazing! After about a week my pores looked a lot less noticeable and my skin looked really radiant and vibrant. The Genifique serum should be your first item you apply to your face after cleansing and toning. You literally need a very small drop, about the size of a pea (or smaller!) It is so silky smooth that a little drop really does go a long way and should be plenty for your entire face and down onto your neck. They call Genifique a youth activating concentrate because it has ingredients in it that will help to “activate” your other products that you put over it…meaning it will help in the absorption of any other creams or serums that you put over it. Your other beauty products are going to work better with Genifique as your first step in your routine. So even though I use Genifique’s serum first, I still use another serum (that I previously used) on top of this, and then I use my moisturizer and eye creams. (You can literally “layer” your other products over Genifique).
So how much does this miracle product cost? Some people may cringe at this price tag….ready? It’s $78 for a 1 ounce bottle. But, and I’m not feeding you crap here, it will last you so so long. Like I said before, a very small drop in the morning and night. A 1 ounce bottle could easily last you 6 months or longer. And don’t forget, Lancome does free gift with purchase (GWP) in the spring and fall at Macy’s, Dillards, Saks, or whatever department store carries Lancome in your area. So if you time it right, go buy Genifique when they are doing GWP and you will get a ton of free stuff just for purchasing it. Actually, right now, Lancome’s GWP has a small .25 oz bottle in their GWP. You just have to spend $32.50 to get this whole set & it’s a great way to introduce Genifique to your beauty regimen!
Or, you can always go to your Lancome counter and ask for a sample of Genifique. They should be able to give you one if they have enough in stock as a tester. Or they might give you a little demo if you have time to sit down with them!