Must-have Monday 3/21/11

Ok, I’m a cheater and I skipped last week’s must-have because of my surgery…so I promised this week’s would be a good one. Now I’m kind of kicking myself that I said that because I’m having a serious case of writer’s block. I think because I’ve been recuperating on the couch for the last week and not caring about my hair or makeup I’m going to pick a children’s item rather of a beauty item. So this week’s Must-Have Monday is….
The Nintendo DS!!!
I’m telling you, these babies have been lifesavers!!! I hate to sound like the mom who plops her kids in front of the tv or videogame, but sometimes when you have a major illness or surgical procedure and two crazy kids you kind of need to do just that! My kids are 6 1/2 & 3 and they each have their on DS Lite (the Lite is the not as fancy, more moderately priced one at $129 instead of like $189). We decided on the DS for Ayden this year for Christmas and he absolutely loves it! Well, Lily soon discovered the DS and she decided to steal her brother’s all the time. At not even 3 years old she was playing Mario on it and was actually pretty good! So her birthday came around in March and we decided to get her one as well (go ahead and judge me all you want for giving my 3 year old a video game, but when she idolizes her brother she wants what he has, so I got her what she really wanted for her birthday). Best thing was, we got it used from GameStop for $100 and it looked pretty much brand new. They have about 8 games between the two of them, which we also buy used at GS and trade them in there as well. These things are great for car rides, grocery shopping trips, quiet time, and having to force 2 children to sit in a waiting room with daddy while mommy gets prepped for surgery. Shayne said there was a kid in the waiting room who was a nightmare…screaming, jumping, crying, etc, and our kids were sitting quietly playing their games waiting for me. They’ve also helped out a lot because Shayne had to go back to work 2 days after my surgery and I pretty much couldn’t do anything. I laid on the couch for about 5 days and could only get up to go to the bathroom and get myself and the kids something to eat or drink. So when they got exceptionally crazy it was nice being able to say “Ok guys, you’re being a little too loud and crazy so you each go and get your games and go in your own rooms for a bit and have some quiet time” and it totally worked! Awesome! So yeah, if you have children and they like video games you should seriously consider one for them when you feel they are at the appropriate age. You might even steal it a few times to play some Mario! hehe
Ayden with his DS on Christmas morning
And Lily in the car right after we took her to GameStop for her DS