Must Have Items To Make Your Long Commute Less Boring

Going on long commutes is perhaps the best way to take a little break from your everyday life and one of the most fun things you can do with your family and friends. However, the freedom and fun won’t take minutes to wipe if all you have got to do is stare idly out of the window. Here’s where you need to make your long commute less boring!  

Beyond a full tank of gas, a couple of car organizers, and some kids’ gadgets to keep your little one entertained, there’s far more to what you will need to make the most of your long ride. From adult coloring books to all-in-one tablets that will give you access to any app you want, this list has everything you need to make your long commute less boring.

Things to Consider Before Buying Must Have Travel Entertainment Items   

Look for Something Portable

Considering the size of your must-have road trip entertainment item is very crucial. A long commute means staying inside a moving vehicle for more than just a couple of hours, and definitely due to little to no room, sitting for hours is tough. Hence, packing only compact items is suggested, or the little room inside your vehicle will shrink to almost no space for relaxing.    

Items small in size will not only ensure more seats for relaxing but also enough space for storing necessities. However, getting a portable item does not at all mean you settle on inferior products.

Age Appropriate 

Whether you are a teenager, adult, or a parent looking for a must have road trip item for your kids, it is important to buy age-appropriate gadgets. This is because a product that closely relates to your age, interest, and skill can only fully help you make your long commute less boring. 

Items small in size will ensure you get more seats for relaxing and enough space for storing all necessities. However, getting a portable item does not at all mean you settle on inferior products.

Do Not Compromise on Battery Life 

Last but not least, be mindful that the product you choose should last long. That means that the item should have sufficient battery life to accompany you until you reach the final destination. Of course, you won’t want your source of entertainment to die before covering even half of the route planned.

Therefore, we recommend you go with items that house massive battery support to remain active throughout your long commute.  Similarly, if you select a non-tech item for making your road trip less boring, make sure you only purchase the ones that house enough activities to keep you occupied for a long time. 

Top 5 Must Have Items to Make Long Road Trips Entertaining 

  Fire 7 tablet, 7Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera - Sky Blue, 4.8Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with MicAdult Coloring Book Bundle with 8 Deluxe Coloring BooksRegal Games Original Assorted Auto and Interstate Travel Bingo Set, Bingo Cards Great
Best For:
  • those who need a travel extension to their expensive home tablets
  • enjoying the Amazon apps like Prime Video, Kindle, Amazon Kids, and Music along the way
  • children and adults of all age
  • kids who like watching Amazon Kids
  • those looking for a very cheap, just-for-road-trips tablet
  • producing instant prints of the sights that come along the road trip
  • those who like maintaining a full-of-pictures travel journal
  • creating colored and black-and-white prints
  • music fans who like the idea of enjoying peace with music
  • experiencing simple, responsive on-ear controls
  • coloring on the go
  • relieving stress and anxiety
  • adults who want to revive the artist inside you
  • minimizing screen time
  • people looking for hassle-free board game
  • keeping the kids busy during long commutes
  • making sightseeing more exciting
  • reducing screen time
Where to Buy
Fire 7 tablet, 7
Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera - Sky Blue, 4.8
Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic
Adult Coloring Book Bundle with 8 Deluxe Coloring Books
Regal Games Original Assorted Auto and Interstate Travel Bingo Set, Bingo Cards Great

1. Fire 7 tablet, 7

Fire 7 Tablet

Don't want to skip on your home tablet's fun but are afraid to travel with it cause it might get ruined on the way? No worries. Take the Amazon Fire 7 tablet instead! It is, of course, not as mighty as Apple or Samsung's big screen but not inferior either. In fact, it’s really hard to go wrong with a product that costs the same as dining in a five-star restaurant. 

As the name suggests, the Amazon Fire 7 tablet has a 7-inch display and a decent 16GB of storage that you are always allowed to swell with the help of a  microSD slot. The battery juice lasts for at least 7 hours after one complete charge; that could have been a little more but remember, 7 hours in total means 7 hours of continuous screen time after a charge. Pretty sufficient, right? 

The biggest star of the Fire 7 tablet's show is its affiliation with the robust all-in-one Amazon ecosystem. This means purchasing this very affordable must have item will earn you subscriptions of Kindle, Amazon Prime Video, Alexa, Amazon Music, and even Amazon Kids. 

Amazon Fire 7 tablet

Overall, Fire 7 isn't the best tablet but a great road trip tablet, where a 720p camera with just 16GB of storage is not a big deal. What's more important is its relatively low price so that users can take it as a travel version of their other mightier tablet without worrying about Fire 7 getting lost or scratched. 


  • Storage capacity can be extended with a microSD card

  • Great connection with the Amazon ecosystem

  • Ideal for all ages

  • Worry-free guarantee

  • Very cheap

  • Case has a built-in stand


  • Meager brightness 

  • Low camera quality

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera - Sky Blue, 4.8

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

Cameras are an important tool while on a long journey. Capturing every sight with the lens in hand will not only make your long commute less boring but will also help collect a ton of happy memories throughout the entire trip. However, finding a good travel camera is hard as only a few are made for the occasion. 

With so many plugs and parts, they’re huge, inconvenient, and easy to damage or even lose. This Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera fits perfectly into your travel backpack and accompanies you no matter what destination you go to. Plus, everything you need is housed directly within the gadget itself, saving you from a lot of hassle of storage. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

Its compact yet durable body will let you take easy snapshots. The Instax Mini 11 also equips some pretty convenient buttons so that you can pass it on to some kid for capturing all the fun for you. Costing just 60¢ per image, the camera's 3.4-by-2.1-inch capture prints won't cost you a fortune either. 

Though the prints are not as sharp as a professional photographer might expect, the quality is acceptable for making instant memories and keeping you entertained along the trip. We mean, at least you will have something better than just idly watching the roads pass by. Thanks to its AA Power Battery, the Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera will last for around 150 shots after a complete charge. 


  • Affordable instant camera 

  • True automatic exposure

  • Close focus and Mirror features for selfies

  • Retailed in many fun colors

  • Produces colored and black-and-white Instax Mini films

  • AA battery power lasts for about 150 shots


  • No editing features

3. Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling Overhead Headphones with Mic

Sony Wireless Industry Overhead Headphones

Here is a product to help you get entertained with the number one solution of eliminating boredom: music. The very well-built Sony Wireless Industry Overhead Headphones will prove to be your best travel buddies. These comfortable over the ears headsets have an ANC function that does an excellent job canceling every irritating background noise like your vehicle's engine. 

Sony has also induced a bass-heavy default sound profile with ANC to complement the user's music with an extra rumble and thump. However, if you do not really like the feature, Sony permits you to tweak the headset settings or change the theme via the preset and graphic EQ available in the Headphones Connect App. 

Thanks to their massive more than 40 hours worth of battery juice, they are an ideal choice for taking with you on long road trips. Unlike previous productions made by Sony, this Wireless overhead WH-1000XM4 device enables multi-pairing, making it simple for you to switch between audio sources when you're on the go.

The only drawback of this amazing must have long road trip item is its slightly bulky design that isn't very compact. However, luckily, Sony has addressed the issue by adding a folding joint to the headset so that you can bend its ear part to make the body size more portable. The Sony Wireless Overhead Earphones also come with a protective case.


  • Robust audio performance with rich default bass and detailed thumps

  • Excellent background noise blockage via ANC technology

  • Folding Design

  • Customizable EQ

  • Comfortable fit 


  • Seems bulky if not folded 

4. Adult Coloring Book Bundle with 8 Deluxe Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Book Bundle of 8

Don't know how to get out of travel boredom? Is it also making you stressed? These coloring books will not only make your long commute less boring but will also turn the commute into a low-key, relaxing session. The bundle features eight interesting books with designs especially aided to reduce mental stress and anxiety like Henna and Mandalas-Inspired designs.  

All the eight masterpieces are the best-selling adult coloring books out there because their designs are intricate and stunning, and they can be used with any coloring materials. There are also a few cartoon ones to keep you entertained for hours on end. 

Adult Coloring Book Bundle

The books are appreciated by both the newbies and the seasoned colorists because they house all the excellent features: hand-drawn illustrations, artist-quality paper, and hardback covers that allow on-the-go coloring on a road trip without the need for a solid base.  

What really makes the set the best coloring for adults is that each of the eight books has the highest quality paper; smooth, thick, and bright white papers. Also, the manufacturer has printed only one design per page to make sure the colors done on one side of the page do not imprint on the other.  

Suppose you have just begun your coloring journey or like the idea of experiencing coloring therapy on long commutes. In that case, you will definitely like this set since every book features over 35 hand-drawn designs that range in complexity, perfect for pros and beginners too 


  • Hard Paperback makes the books easy to color on-the-go

  • Perfect for both beginners and experts

  • Paper is white and perforated

  • All types of pencils, markers, crayons work well with the paper

  • Massive range of design and coloring activities 


  • Some patterns are too small to color 

5. Regal Games Original Assorted Auto and Interstate Travel Bingo Set, Bingo Cards Great

Regal Games Original Assorted Auto and Interstate Travel Bingo Set

Regal Games Original Assorted Auto and Interstate Travel Bingo Set is a great entertainment solution for long road trips with family or a group of friends. The set holds a pretty intuitive design for keeping everyone occupied by making them interact with the scenery. 

The set features four window-style bingo cards with solid construction made of 4-ply cardboard paper. They are big, almost 6 inches long and wide, and carry large prints that make reading easy for kids and adults. Each of the four different colored cards has slide windows to offer players more fun than usual bingos. 

Instead of idly watching out from the windows, all commute members will not closely observe the scenes that pass by, and the first to get 5 in the same row wins! This game will prove to be a great fun source and an interesting learning station for children. 

The kids will be able to spot different transportation, landmarks, animals, and more! They will also master the ability to distinguish between road signs and spellings.  


  • Mess-free board game. It does not carry too many accessories 

  • Great learning approach for kids 

  • Interesting Window-design compared to conventional Bingos 

  • Solid construction


  • Shutter windows might get stuck 


Final Word

Long road trips are an excellent solution to relish the outdoors and take a break from the usual hectic structures of everyday life. But what if your long commute turns severely boring and not what you expected? That’s why you’ll need your trusty barrage of gadgets and devices, so your travel time is time well-spent.

Once the initial excitement passes, the mood can turn and ruin the experience but not with the top 5 boredom eliminating products we have just discussed above. Though all of them are great products, the one we like the most is the Fire 7 Tablet

It is a great entertaining source that’s convenient in size, good in terms of battery, and will fit everyone no matter how young or old you are. However, if you need something that not only makes your commute less boring but also relaxing, go with the Sony Wireless Industry Overhead Headphones to relish music therapy while on the go.