Must Have Items for Visiting Beach

Beaches are known to be one of the most visited places worldwide. People love to visit beaches for chilling and relaxing. If you are a beach lover and planning to travel to a beach, you should carry some essentials. So, let us straight get to the point. 

Following are some items without which your beach trip will be incomplete:

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1. Travel Towel 


A beach towel is one of the must-have items before packing up for the beach. You can use this towel to dry your body or use it while having a sunbath. These towels are available in different colors, so you can pick your favorite one. 

2. Vacuum Storage Bags for Packing


Whenever the whole family is about to travel somewhere, packing luggage seems the most difficult thing. More than half of the space of your vehicle is taken up by your luggage. You can get away with this struggle by simply opting for vacuum bags. Just pack your stuff inside these bags, and they come with a device that vacuums the air from the bags. 

This turns a large bag into a smaller one that can easily be carried along. So, this is something you should buy before planning a trip to the beach or anywhere. 

3. Leave-in Hair Conditioner


Your hair is at the greatest risk of being damaged during the beach days. The wind there is not kind, and if you don’t protect your hair well, you will end up getting frizzy, dry hair. Not only the wind but the sun and saltwater will compete with one another to damage your smooth hair.

You should have a conditioner that can fight against the dry wind and harsh sun to protect your hair. The leave-in conditioner helps replenish nutrients and protect your hair like nothing else. 

4. Cooler Bag 


A cooler bag will keep your drinks and snacks cool and fresh for a long time. This is something everyone would want, especially during their trip to a place like a beach. These bags contain a thick insulating layer that prevents or at least slows the process of heat dissipation. In addition to that, these bags may also contain multiple small pockets with one large main storage compartment to store all your other beach trip essentials. 

5. Beach Mat 


Beach mats should be sand proof and made of materials that dry quickly. Some blankets and mats are made of parachute material so that the drying process does not take much time. If they have sand weights at the end of their edges, they are even more convenient. These mats are foldable, which makes it easy for you to carry them around. 

6. Sunscreen 


Roaming on the beach may cause damage not only to your hair but also to the skin. Because of the direct sun exposure, you should never forget to take your sunscreen along. 

Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Lotion is specially made for use at beaches; thus, it gives more protection to your sensitive skin. On the other hand, the regular sunscreens that you use every day cannot provide enough protection at beaches as this one would. 

7. Water Shoes


Protecting your feet is as important as protecting your hands and face. Sharp rocks and shells on the beach can cut your unprotected foot, and you surely don’t want to risk infection there. To tackle this problem, you should bring your water shoes with you. If you don’t have one, buy one.

Following are the best water shoes for men and women:

For men: WateLves Outdoor Athletic Sport Shoes

For women: BARERUN Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports

8. Personal Hand-Held Fan


It might get pretty hot at the beach in the summers, and there aren’t any fans or air conditioners to help cool you down a bit. For that purpose, you must carry a portable, hand-held fan, which will give you some cool air in the scorching heat of the sun. Just make sure to charge it before hitting the beach. 

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9. Portable Charger


While packing up for the beach, don’t forget that you won’t find any sockets there. So, it is important to bring a portable charger or power bank with you. We recommend getting this lipstick-sized charger by Anker that features a 3350mAh battery in a portable size. Throw it in your beach bag and use it whenever your phone is running out of battery while capturing memorable moments on the beach. 

10. Waterproof Phone Case

Because the beach is fun and you cannot resist catching around with friends in the water, the waterproof phone case will come in handy for you. With a waterproof phone case, you can take your phone with you in the water and capture all the moments without worrying about damaging it.

11. Beach Bag


A beach bag fits plenty of stuff within and is lightweight compared to most bags that we carry. So, to avoid the hustle of carrying big bags on the beach, you should opt for a lightweight one. We recommend checking out this insulated tote bag by OdyseaCo. It has a high capacity that doesn’t just look cool on you but also provides great functionality. 

You can easily put four large beach towels in it along with some snacks. Moreover, it has one zippered compartment to store your phone securely. It comes in four different colors to choose from. 

12. Beach Umbrella 


There is no better place to get a tan and better sunlight exposure than a beach. If you are traveling to the beach just tanning your body, you might want to skip getting an umbrella, but it is a must-have for others. A beach umbrella is not like ordinary umbrellas – it is covered entirely from both sides, so the harmful UV rays can stay away from you. 

13. Bathing Suit


You cannot ignore a bathing suit if you are planning a beach tour. No matter if you are going to spend your day at the shore or in the water, you should buy yourself a good quality bathing suit. You will feel left out if you are in 3-piece or your casual trousers, so you better buy yourself a bathing suit of your choice. 

14. Hand Sanitizer


It is hard to stay germ-free while having fun at the beach, playing with your little ones or friends. You might even want to grab your favorite snack and munch on them while running around the beach, but with dirty hands? A big NO! For that purpose, you can carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your beach bag and stay clean. 

15. Rash Guard

Going to the beach and not taking a rash guard is like going to Antarctica without a jacket. Rash guards work great in protecting you from the harmful UV rays and even the friction caused by using a surfboard or a boogie board. 

We find these rash guards best in terms of quality:

For women: Women’s Long Sleeve Sun Protection Top by HISKYWIN

For men: UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Shirt by Roadbox


A beach trip should always be memorable. But how would you have a good time if you don’t have all the must-have items for visiting the beach? For that purpose, we listed some of the most essential things that you must pack when traveling to the beach – be it an umbrella, sunscreen, or a waterproof phone case. Happy traveling!