Must Have Items for Organizing Kitchen Drawers

Organizing your kitchen will save you a lot of trouble. A disorganized kitchen robs you of a lot of space that you could use. It will also make it harder for you to access utensils and tools.

An organized kitchen, on the other hand, looks very neat and clutter-free. Organizing kitchen drawers is essential as it will help you efficiently use the available space. It will also make your cooking process more efficient as you will have easy access to all the utensils and gadgets you need.

In an organized kitchen, you will be more aware of where everything is and will not have to go rummaging through the drawers to find anything you need.

Items to Help You Organize Kitchen Drawers


Thankfully, there are many items you can get that can help you organize your kitchen drawers, some of which are given below:

Where to Buy
Bamboo Silverware Drawer Organizer
Diagonal Space Saving Bamboo Drawer
In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block
Organizer Kitchen Drawer Tray
Polar Whale Coffee Red and Black Pod Storage Deluxe Organizer Tray Drawer
Bamboo Wooden Drawer Dividers
Wood Peg Board System for Deep Drawers Organizer


Drawer Organizers

You might find that items inside your kitchen drawers can get mixed up when you open and close them. This can create a clutter of disorganized utensils. If this happens, then finding what you need in this mess can be a real annoyance. However, you can easily fix this by using drawer organizers.

You can find a bunch of drawer organizers online that you can use. They come in different shapes and sizes. You can mix and match them to create configurations that are best suited for your needs.

Drawer organizers allow you to segregate and organize different kitchen utensils or gadgets, increasing available space. They can be beneficial in decluttering kitchen drawers and keeping everything organized.

You can get drawer organizers at a pretty low price as they tend to be relatively inexpensive. They can also be stacked on top of each other to increase the available space.

Diagonal Drawer Organizer

There are a lot of utensils that might not easily fit inside your kitchen drawers unless they are laid down diagonally. But as mentioned before, if these utensils and gadgets are not adequately contained, they clutter up, making a mess. So how do you keep them organized?

An easy solution for that is diagonal drawer organizers. They go to the next level in helping you keep your kitchen organized. They are usually very inexpensive, and a large number of options are available online.

You can use diagonal organizers to store utensils and gadgets without worrying about them cluttering up. They allow you to use the drawer space efficiently and also keep everything tidy. You can also use them alongside other drawer organizers for maximum benefits.

Knife block Inserts

Knives are a dangerous tool that should be kept in a secure place in an organized manner. Organizing knives and keeping them secure can help keep them sharp and out of the reach of children.

Knife block inserts that can be put inside a drawer are an excellent tool for this. You can place one inside your kitchen drawer, and it will keep all the sharp utensils organized. Doing this will also help you free up a lot of counter space.

Knife block inserts allow you to have easy access to your knives while also keeping them away from children. They can vary in terms of shape, size, and the number of items they can hold.

Slim Drawer Organizers

Cutlery and silverware tend to take up a lot of space in a drawer. They clutter up the bottom of the drawer creating a mess. This mess can make your kitchen look very disorganized.

You can use a slim drawer organizer to help you keep the silverware and cutlery sets organized so that they don’t create a mess. It can also help you segregate different types of silverware and store them accordingly. You can place it inside a drawer and keep your cutlery from mixing up.

Slim drawer organizers come in different sizes and materials. So, you can easily find one that best fits your needs. It is usually a good idea to go for a slim drawer organizer that can be used to store at least a complete cutlery set.

K-Cup Drawer Organizer

Coffee is a beverage most of us love. It is consumed in almost every modern home. Many people prefer K-cups, but storing them can be a hassle.

One of the most space-efficient methods of storing them is using a K-cup drawer organizer placed in a drawer. You can use it to store K-cups face-up, allowing you to pick one whenever you want to make coffee. This can help you avoid rummaging through a pile to find the correct item in the morning.

K-cup drawer organizers are usually placed above other utensil drawer organizers, allowing for more usable space.

Customizable Drawer Dividers

We usually stack our ceramic baking dishes on top of each other. But it should be noted that they can be pretty fragile. It can also be time-consuming and difficult to get the correct dish size you need from the pile.

So, it is a good idea to place the dishes separately in an organized fashion in your kitchen drawer for easy and quick access. You can do this by using a set of customizable drawer dividers.

Simply divide the drawer into suitable-sized compartments using the dividers. You can then place the dishes separately in whatever order you prefer inside these compartments. This will help you have a more fun and easy time when cooking.

Wooden Pegboard

Wooden pegboards are a great way to organize a deep kitchen drawer. They can be used to organize plates, bowls, and cups meticulously. You can customize wooden pegboards however you like, giving you the freedom and flexibility to store different utensils with ease.

A wooden insert is placed at the bottom of the drawer, and then you can put pegs wherever you want on the insert. This item is a must-have, thanks to the freedom of customization it provides you.

It keeps the utensils secure, saves space, and grants easy access to the stored items. You can simply adjust the pegs to store pots, dishes, bakeware, etc., of different shapes and sizes.

Where to Buy
Docking Drawer Blade In-Drawer Outlet
NIUBEE Adjustable Expandable Acrylic Spice Rack Tray
Meriville 1-inch Diameter Metal Spring Tension Rod
Puroma 24Pcs Desk Drawer Organizer Set 5-Size Versatile Vanity and Desk Drawer Storage Bins
E-ROOM TREND Plate Dish Holders
Amazon Basics 8 Tier File Holder Organizer
Wire Basket, Warmfill 6 Pack Wire Baskets for Storage Durable Metal Basket Pantry Organizer Storage Bin Baskets for Kitchen Cabinets


A Charging Drawer

Pots and dishes are not the only things that might be cluttering up your kitchen’s counter space. Charger cords can ruin your kitchen’s look and also take up space. So, how do you keep them out of sight?

You can do so by using an in-drawer outlet. This outlet fits inside a drawer and can be used to charge your phone. It can be very helpful in organizing a charging spot inside your kitchen without making the cords visible.

You can find many options for in-drawer outlets online at a reasonable price. They are usually easy to install and use. An in-drawer charging space will help you protect your tech, keep the counter clutter-free, and free up space.

Spice Drawer Rack 

We usually keep a large selection of different spices in our kitchen to use when cooking food. But it can be unpleasant to have to rummage through your spice drawer or cabinet to find the ingredient you want. Disorganized storage of these items will waste your time.

By organizing your spice jars in an orderly manner, you can avoid wasting time and also save counter space. A spice drawer rack can be used to keep all the jars organized.

Spice racks are an essential part of any modern kitchen. By using racks that can fit inside a drawer, you will be freeing up a ton of space while also gaining easy access to the spices while cooking. These organizers are usually made out of wood, plastic, or metal.

Tension Rods

Tension rods are an excellent item for organizing drawers in your kitchen. They have many different uses to help you organize your kitchen drawers.

A tension rod uses tension to keep itself in place. They are usually spring-loaded, and their length can be adjusted to fit your drawer. Tension rods can be installed in a kitchen drawer to segregate different containers and utensils.

A tension rod can also be installed inside a drawer to store the lids of pots and Tupperware. This will help you securely store the lids and organize them. You can use tension rods as a way to organize cooking sheets or cutting boards, etc.

Bins for Deep Drawers

Plastic bins can have a ton of uses. You can place them in a drawer to store many different things in an organized fashion.

You can find inexpensive plastic bins that can fit snugly together and place them inside a deep kitchen drawer. The bins can then be used to organize and store utensils or gadgets vertically. They can also be used to store products such as vegetables and fruits that do not need to be refrigerated.

You can place bins with lids inside deep drawers to store dry ingredients. This method will help you use drawer space efficiently. These bins are also usually very easy to remove and clean.

Plate Holders

Plate holders are another item that your kitchen must-have. It would be best to dedicate a drawer to plates in your kitchen as it will save you a ton of time while cooking.

You can use plate holders to keep the dishes in place and secured. This will prevent the dishes from jostling around and breaking. Plate holders are usually placed inside deep drawers to benefit from the extra vertical space.

You can organize dishes in your drawer by using these holders. It is a good idea to buy plate holders that come with handles so that you can take them out and quickly set the table.

Metal File Organizer

You might be wondering why you need to keep a metal file organizer in your kitchen? Objects such as trays, baking sheets, lids, etc., can be very difficult to store. They can cause damage by falling on top of each other.

Metal file organizers are an excellent way to counter this problem. They can be placed inside a deep drawer to store lids, cutting boards, trays, baking sheets, etc. This method allows you to store these objects securely while also granting you easy access to them.

Wire Baskets

Not a fan of plastic? You can use wire baskets as an alternative. They can be used to organize produce and utensils in your drawers effectively.

You can create different configurations using wire baskets of different shapes and sizes placed inside kitchen drawers. Doing so will help you save more space and have a much more organized kitchen. Wire baskets can be used for storing different types of gadgets, utensils, and produce.


A kitchen should be organized for maximum efficiency and ease. Disorganization will make you waste a lot of time while cooking as you will have to rummage through drawers and cabinets to find what you need. A cluttered drawer is not a good sight to look at.

Many items can help you organize your kitchen and make your life easier. Hopefully, you would have found new ways to organize your kitchen drawers to gain more space and save time through this article.