Must-Have Items for Organizing a Pantry

Maintaining a clean pantry is difficult, especially if you frequently buy food for a large household. Unbelievably, having a well-organized pantry can affect how quickly you can work in the kitchen. We’re providing some smart pantry organization ideas to keep those half-empty containers, snacks, and other daily necessities safely stowed in a useful and easily-accessible method to help you organize your space.

 Must-Have Items for Organizing a Pantry

1. Bag Organizer

A bag organizer is a useful tool for organizing all of your zip-shut bags. This helpful tool keeps storage bags sorted by size so they don’t end up all over your pantry, from tiny snack-size to gallon-size and a few in between.

2. Stackable and Airtight Containers

Woman with bowl of green apples in pantry, organizing in kitchen

Anything, including pasta, flour, oats, seeds, beans, almonds, and crackers, can be kept in stackable containers. Select the square and rectangle shapes, which are intended for modular stacking. In comparison to circular ones, these shapes can save more room and are also simpler to store. Selecting airtight containers with a snap closing is also crucial. These can keep your products fresh and guard them against rodents and ants.

3. Glass Containers

If you dislike plastic, choose glass storage containers for your pantry. Glass doesn’t discolor, retain odors, or leach chemicals into food, making it a healthier material to use when handling food. It provides it an orderly upgrade so you can readily see what you need and know immediately if you’re running low on something so you can quickly restock it.

4. See-through Storage

Neatly organized transparent canisters for baking ingredients

Put similar things, such as cans, bottles, or cartons, in a bin and arrange them together in your pantry. By doing this, you can avoid spending time looking for things like a tomato sauce can or a packet of chicken breading. But it’s best to pack your treats in clear bins that are easy to look through. By doing this, you can quickly identify what you need and prevent buying duplicate items at the grocery shop.

5. Wire Baskets

Produce should be stored in wire baskets rather than plastic containers so that it can breathe and stay fresh. If you don’t want transparent plastic containers, this is also another transparent storage alternative for you.

6. Wicker or Woven Basket

A wicker basket gives a pantry a bit of texture and style. They typically go on shelves in the living room, laundry room, or bathroom, but they can also be used to cover items in a pantry. If wicker isn’t your thing, though, you can still add style with monochrome woven baskets.

7. Storage Shelf Rack 

Items that could otherwise get lost in the sea of your other possessions can be stored more efficiently with the aid of a rack. Storage shelf racks can serve a variety of functions. On top of them, you can stack bowls and plates. They divide the space into two parts, one above the rack and the other below it, and can also be used in your pantry. Different goods can be kept on racks, and they won’t let you down in terms of time and space savings.

8. Labels

pantry jars of chia seeds, and brown sugar

You may quickly choose the necessary item thanks to labels and avoid making numerous futile searches. To prevent the hassle, label every container. Sticky notes can also be used to create labels. You need not worry because labels will spare newbies the headache of having to hunt through various goods. 

9. Hangers

Chip bags are difficult to see, they don’t stand up well, and you don’t want to squash the chips, so storing them can be challenging. Additionally, make sure to consume them before they expire! You can clip your chips closed with trousers hangers to keep them accessible and fresh if your pantry has wire shelves. You may try hanging them from the wire as a smart storage solution.

10. Repurpose Crates

All you need to dress up some bare shelves and conceal some unattractive necessities is a wood crate. Keep anything you don’t use every day in there, such as reusable totes, because they are difficult to get and can be stored here.

11. Drawer Separators

rows of preserved food in glass jars on wooded shelves, good for food or restaurant theme concept

Invest in some drawer organizers to help keep your bottles, cans, and other pantry products upright so they don’t spill out of their appropriate drawers. Install flexible dividers to prevent the clinking of liquor bottles, but separators are useful for organizing anything in your pantry drawers.

12. Ladder

A steep library ladder will add some style and help you reach the stuff hidden away at the ceiling if you have a lot of vertical space. If you have a lot of vertical space, extend cabinetry to the top of the wall.

13. Pocket Organizers

In addition to being used for storing shoes, pocket organizers have become a standard storage option for use in every room of the house. It will add an immediate organizational solution if you hang it on the pantry door. Put away packets of gravy mix, boxes of tea, and any other small or light items that tend to collect in cabinet corners or fall through your wire shelves.

14. Shelf Liners

Boxes from toppling over and merchandise falling through wire shelves can both be avoided with the aid of shelf liners. Liners can also prevent moist materials from falling off the shelves and leaking into the floor, such as oils and condiments.

15. Pegboard

With a layer of pegboard, you can organize any pantry or kitchen wall. Pegboards are sheets with holes that are simple to install and allow you to hang numerous spice trays, measuring spoons, and other kitchen utensils.


After some time, your pantry may get disorderly. But these essentials would undoubtedly assist you in solving your issue. Always put things back where they belong to help keep your space tidy, and get the whole family on board by keeping food out and visible. To avoid having to spend hours arranging again, plan a short cleaning twice a month to make sure everything is current and in its proper position.