Must-have Items for Organizing a Pantry

The kitchen pantry provides room for the items to be assembled in an organized manner without causing clutter. Most of your daily usage appliances and food items can fit in the pantry so that you can always be ready to cook by just grabbing and getting started with the items. 

It saves you from the struggle of searching for stuff that you forgot after keeping in the kitchen cabinets and saves time. Most people are not aware of the must-have items to get before organizing their pantry but don’t worry, we can help. 

Before hopping directly to the items you need for the purpose, check out what steps you should follow to organize the pantry. Because organizing a pantry is not a five-finger exercise, everyone in the house should cooperate once it’s done.

Following are some steps that you should follow: 

  • Start from a Clean State

Organizing your kitchen pantry is just like organizing your bedroom closet. You cannot put everything in order unless you start from a clean slate. Empty your pantry before getting started, and you are ready to get started with organizing.

  • Screen Usable Items From the Heap

Most of us buy stuff that is we might not ever use in the kitchen. Hence it does nothing but occupies extra space in our pantry.

If you are one of those people, you should not mind checking the expiry dates of all the items. You will be amazed to see the number of items that have been expired and are resting in the pantry with their seals closed. Get rid of all the expired things as well the useless items that are just crowding your space up. A nice and spacious kitchen is everyone’s favorite that has only the usable stuff. 

  • Categorize the Items 

The next and last step before getting started with the process of assembling your pantry is to categorize your screened items. This will speed up the process of organizing the pantry and save you from the extra struggle.

Now that you have your pantry nice and ready and your items screened, you should consider getting:

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1. Pantry Organizers


Organizing items is a time-taking and challenging task because it gets messed up in no time. So, you should begin with buying a decent pantry organizer so that each container can hold items of a similar category. This would not only ease the process of picking up the desired items from the pantry but also motivate you to work in the kitchen without getting exhausted. 

2. Storage Organizers 


The next important item after buying the pantry organizers is a storage organizer. Storage organizers come in various sizes so that you can buy the right one according to your requirement. Different sizes can be used for different items, so you can buy more than one size. 

You might be wondering that why you need these containers to be in your pantry. Are these essential when everything comes in its packaging? The answer is YES. These are must-have items because the original packaging of the items cannot be sealed once opened. We don’t usually buy groceries daily. It is either done weekly or monthly, and you cannot let everything open for the entire week or even a month. This is why these air-tight containers are essentially the must-haves for organizing the pantry. 

You can go for this set of 6 storage boxes to keep different items like cereals, rice flour, cake mix, or pasta.

3. Storage Shelf Rack


Storage shelf racks can be used for multiple purposes. You can use them to stack plates and bowls on them. You can also place them in your pantry, and they separate the area into two sections, one above the rack and the other below it. You can keep different items on these racks, and they will not disappoint you in terms of saving space as well as time. 

4. Zipper Bags can Save Space


These zipper bags are available in different sizes and can be used to store multiple items and increase their lifespan. You should buy them before getting the pantry of your kitchen organized.

5. Wall Hooks 


If you do it right, you can fit so much of your items in that apparently small space of pantry. If you have a free wall, you can use hooks to hang your routine items like an apron. Organizing is an art, and you need to be an artist if you want your kitchen to look spacious and tidy. 

6. Bamboo Spice Rack


The bamboo spice rack is another essential that you cannot miss out on if you are planning to organize your pantry. The spices are something that you can never live without in the kitchen. But they often get difficult to find when needed the most. 

This rack makes sure that all of your spices are in the same place so that you don’t have to find the stuff while you are cooking. 

The best thing about this product is that it is environment-friendly as it is made from bamboo. 

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7. Labels 

Labels make it easy for you to pick the desired item without searching here and there repeatedly. You should label every container to avoid the hustle. The containers mentioned above come with stickers of labels. You can also make your labels out of the sticky notes. 

Labels will help the newcomers to be away from the hassle of searching for different items, so you don’t have to worry. 

8. Shelf Liners


Shelf liners are essential as they prevent the food from falling through the wire shelves. These also restrict the containers from slipping, thus ensuring stability. You can use them on all the shelves of your kitchen pantry to avoid slipping and falling of the containers. Hence, they can help keep your kitchen garbage-free. 

9. Stackable Plastic Organizer Storage Bins


The organizers play an essential role not only in the kitchen but every corner of your room that has a lot of stuff to be arranged. They also give an appealing view of the area where they are placed. The best thing about these organizers is that they are stackable, which helps you arrange several items in less space. 

One more advantage of these stackable plastic organizers is that they are transparent; hence, you can easily see the things inside, eliminating the guesswork. 

10. Can Rack Organizer 


Most of our kitchen items come packed in cans. Grocery can be fun when you are a foodie. But fitting all those canned food items in one place can be problematic, especially when you have a lack of space. Nobody can afford to let half of their pantry space be taken by your favorite cans of food. Some people can’t do anything but limit their grocery list to sort this out. You can still buy all your favorites and fit them in the minimum space. 

Yes, this is possible by using the can rack organizers that you can get in the nearby stores or from online stores. The best thing about these racks is that they are stackable. 

11. 3-Tier Sliding Drawer Organizer


Among the must-haves in the organization of your kitchen pantry, you cannot forget to enlist the 3-Tier sliding drawer organizer. With the help of sliding drawers, you can pick whatever item you want from the drawer without messing up with your pantry. 

12. Turntable Snack Organizer


A pantry must be organized using organizers that can accommodate a myriad of your kitchen essentials in the smallest possible space.

An ideal organizer should be easy to use in a way that picking up one item doesn’t derange the rest of your items. Turntable Snack Organizers help fulfill this demand and fit into small space yet can carry 2 to 3 different types of your favorite snacks. 

13. Straw Bins


Straw bins are also used for organizing your kitchen items. Some straw bins come with lids. It helps you to cover your items, as well as stack them on one another. This further increases the storage for more of your essentials to be placed in the pantry. 

Make the Best of your Pantry Doors

Now that you are done organizing the space you had inside your pantry, utilize its door if you have one. The crowded pantry does not look tidy and presentable, so you can utilize the pantry doors to organize your stuff in a better way. You may need the following racks and organizers to use the space of your pantry doors the right way:

Full-Length Racks and Baskets for Pantry Door


Utilizing your pantry doors can add a room to the storage you already have. The best thing about this hack is that it does not add to the clutter by occupying the area inside the pantry. You can use full-length racks for doors that are a perfect solution to keep whatever you want. 

If you don’t want to use these full-length racks for the pantry doors, you can have smaller-sized baskets instead. In these baskets, you can keep materials of similar categories. 


Organizing the pantry is crucial as it saves space and makes your kitchen look presentable. It requires only a one-time effort in a month, and that is something we need in our busy routines. Assembling all your must-haves in your pantry does not only organize the kitchen but your life as well. Therefore, you should take some time from your busy life and organize your items in the pantry.