Must-Have Items for a Ski Trip

Taking a ski trip during winter is one of the most enjoyable experiences. The thrill and the sensation that skiing provides are unmatched by any other sport. But to fully enjoy your trip, you should be well prepared.

If you are unprepared, your whole skiing experience could be ruined. Therefore, you need to make sure to bring everything that you will need during your trip. Given below is a list of must-have items for a ski trip.



Your clothing is an essential factor you need to consider while preparing for a ski trip. You will be spending so much time in cold temperatures and around snow. So, ensure that your clothing is suitable to keep you warm and dry under these conditions.

Given below are some clothing items that you must have for a ski trip:

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1. Waterproof Ski Jacket


A ski jacket is essential for any ski trip. It will serve the purpose of keeping you warm and protected from the elements.

Ensure that the jacket you choose is windproof to keep yourself warm and protected from the wind. It should also be waterproof as wet clothing can quickly rob your body of its heat. Another thing to ensure is that the jacket does not hinder your movement.

2. Waterproof Ski Pants


Waterproof ski pants are another essential clothing item for a ski trip. They will help you keep your lower body warm, dry, and safe from the wind. You should always choose the ones that are waterproof and windproof to protect your body from the harsh weather and keep yourself warm.

3. Light Jacket


A light jacket is an extra layer of warmth that you can wear. It is a mid-layer usually worn beneath a coat over a shirt. You can wear or remove it depending on the temperature.

Light jackets are a necessary piece of clothing for cold temperatures as they provide extra warmth while skiing. They can be of any material as they do not come into direct contact with your skin. Try to go for a light jacket that is not very bulky.

Alternatively, you can use fleece as a mid-layer, allowing you to stay warm if the temperature drops. Other popular mid-layers are hoodies and shirts.

4. Base Layer


People prefer to wear a long sleeve shirt as a base layer during a ski trip. Regular shirts tend to absorb sweat produced by your body, making them wet. They don’t dry out fast enough in lower temperatures.

So, you want to opt for a shirt that is made of moisture-wicking material. This material does not absorb sweat allowing you to remain warm and dry while skiing.

5. Warm Gloves and Mittens


Touch screen compatible gloves will keep you warm and allow you to interact with your phone while you are wearing them. This will enable you to check your phone without taking your gloves off.

Mittens can also be used instead of gloves. However, we advise you to wear both mittens and gloves while skiing. Combined, they provide more warmth keeping your fingers toasty.

As with all other outer layer clothing on this list, you should opt for waterproof gloves and mittens.

6. Warm Socks


Get waterproof socks to keep your feet warm and dry during your ski trip. It is vital to keep your feet warm as they can get damaged by cold temperatures.

Ski socks are best suited for this. They tend to have some cushioning to help you be more comfortable in your boots, and they are perfect for keeping your feet warm.

7. Winter Hat


A winter hat will keep your head and especially your ears warm. It will protect you against the cold wind while skiing. Ears are susceptible to getting hurt in cold temperatures. So, be sure to cover them with a warm winter hat.

8. Waterproof Shoes and Boots


Waterproof boots or shoes are a must-have item to bring with you on your ski trip. They can even be worn when you go out on a walk or for dinner. While outside, they can keep your feet warm and dry.

It is advised to ensure that the boots or shoes you get have a good grip to prevent you from falling while walking on slippery surfaces such as ice.

9. Leggings


Leggings can be worn beneath jeans or ski pants to provide an extra layer of warmth. Ensure that the leggings you buy are made of a moisture-wicking material so that they don’t soak up moisture or sweat. As mentioned before, wet clothes are uncomfortable to wear and can rapidly bring down your body temperature.

10. Neck Warmer


A neck warmer is used to cover the lower part of your face as well as your neck. Make sure to pack a neck warmer for your ski trip, as it will help protect your face from the cold wind while skiing. You can easily pull it up or down your face as needed.



Now that we have discussed the essential clothing items for a ski trip, we can move on to the gear you will need for skiing.

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1. Skis


Although you can rent skis at your ski location, the price can be very high. You can find good-quality skis online at a reasonable price. Try to go for a high-quality product for an accident-free trip.

2. Ski Poles


Ski poles are a vital part of skiing. Ensure that the poles you opt for are sturdy, high quality, lightweight semi-flexible, and suitable for your height.

You can find a bunch of options online at an affordable price.

3. Helmet


Helmets are a must-have for your safety while skiing. Hence, you should never go skiing without a helmet. It can protect you in case of an accident and could potentially save your life. Make sure that you use a comfortable helmet and the correct size.

It is advised to use an adjustable helmet for maximum comfort and ease.

4. Ski Goggles


Without ski goggles, your eyes will get blasted with snow and wind, reducing your vision while skiing. This can be pretty dangerous and can potentially result in a severe accident.

Some models of ski goggles come with UV protection, which prevents the light reflected off of the snow from blinding you.

5. Ski Boots


High-quality ski boots allow you to have more control while skiing. Ensure that you get a comfortable pair of ski boots that is the right size for you.

However, they can be pretty expensive, so only buy if you intend to use them often.

6. Ski Bag


So, you have all your gear, but how would you carry it around? A ski bag is necessary to carry around your equipment. A good ski bag should be affordable, lightweight, and sturdy. Before buying it, make sure to check if your poles and skis can fit inside the bag.

7. Multi-Tool


A multi-tool can be a lifesaver if you find yourself in a pinch. It is a good idea to carry one around with you during your ski trip. If your gear loosens up while you are far away from your resort, you can use a multi-tool to fix it.

8. Hand/Toe Warmers


Your fingers and toes can get very cold if you stay out in the snow for long, even if you are wearing gloves. In extreme cases, you can even get frostbite. To prevent these problems, you can carry a hand/toe warmer with you while skiing so that you can warm your hands and feet on the go.

9. First Aid Kits


A first aid kit is a must-have when going for a ski trip as it can possibly save your life. During your trip, you might end up far away from your resort. And if God forbid, an accident happens, you will need immediate first aid before help arrives.

For this purpose, you should keep a first aid kit inside your backpack for emergencies as you don’t know when you might need it. Don’t forget to keep your prescription medications on you during your ski trips.


Some essential accessories that you will need for a ski trip are given below:

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1. Sunglasses


Snow blindness can be very uncomfortable and painful. However, you can avoid it altogether by wearing sunglasses that protect your eyes from too much UV light. You can get a pair of sunglasses from your local store or online stores.

When buying sunglasses, try to strike a balance between price and quality.

2. Backpack


A backpack is necessary for you to carry essential items around with you while skiing. Ensure that the backpack you get has ample space in it, is durable, and made of high-quality material. Also, ensure that it is not bulky so that it does not restrict your movement.

3. Water Bottle


Skiing is a pretty exhausting sport. You will need to hydrate regularly to keep going. For this purpose, you will need a well-insulated water bottle so that you have access to clean drinking water at all times.

4. Ski Lock


If leaving your skis for any reason, you must ensure that they are kept securely. For this purpose, a ski lock is necessary to help prevent your gear from being stolen when you are away from it. Ensure that the lock you get is sturdy and provides sufficient security.

5. Universal Power Adapter


A universal power adapter is a must-have item for any trip or vacation. Different countries use different kinds of outlet designs. A universal power adapter will allow you to use almost all outlet designs.

6. Portable Charger (Preferably Solar Powered)


A portable charger will allow you to charge your phone on the go. It will help you make your phone’s battery last longer, and this increased battery life could save your life in an emergency as well.

Always keep a charged portable charger, preferably solar-powered, with you during your ski trips because you never know if the place you are going has electricity or not.

7. Sunscreen


During your ski trip, you will be blasted with sunlight. At high elevations, it is easy to get sunburnt. Therefore, remember to protect your skin using sunscreen while skiing.

8. Lip Balm


Lip balm is an important item to bring with you on your ski trip. While skiing, wind and dry air will cause your lips to get chapped, which can be very uncomfortable. To prevent your lips from getting chapped, use lip balm regularly on your trip.

9. Hairdryer


You will be getting a lot of snow in your hair while skiing, causing them to get wet. A hairdryer will help you keep your hair dry. Although your hotel might provide you with a hairdryer, it is still a good idea to take one with you to be safe.


Skiing is an enjoyable and thrilling sport. Some people prefer to indulge in this sport now and then while others like to do it often.  Regardless, you must be well prepared when going on a ski trip. We hope that this guide has helped you be more prepared for your ski trips so you can enjoy them to the fullest.