Must-Have Items for a Long Plane Ride

Traveling is an essential part of our lives, whether by plane, train, or car. And when it comes to long trips, we often have leisure time to do all sorts of things in an uncomfortable seat. It is generally a good idea to pack handy things before going on long trips. However, there’s a limit to what you can carry, making it hard to decide what things you need to take and what to skip. 

Many factors change the way you prepare for your flight, such as the duration of your flight, destination, whether you are going home, to a tourist spot, etc. Be mindful of these aspects of your journey before packing, and you will have a good one. 

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Sleeping on the Plane 

When you have an overnight trip, you may want to sleep during the flight to get adequate rest and be fresh when you land. Following are some essentials that you need to have to sleep well on the plane:

1. Neck Pillow


Having recurring back or neck pain can be a problem when you travel a lot. Keeping a good pillow and neck rest with you helps you adjust yourself on the seat. When you are in an uncomfortable position and you fall asleep, the pain is inevitable. However, it can be avoided by proper care of your body posture and proper pillow placement. 

2. Footrest 


Normally, airplane seats don’t have a proper footrest, but there’s no guarantee of its coziness, even if they have one. A lot of us have trouble falling asleep while sitting, which can be solved using a footrest. You can get a comfortable inflatable or memory foam footrest online on which you can rest your feet and legs while sleeping.  

3. Shawl or Blanket 


The airplane air conditioner will not always work as you want it to. You must avoid getting sick when going on long trips, and a cold airplane trip can ruin your journey. Therefore, keeping a shawl or a blanket can help you stay warm if the temperature inside is too low for you. There is a large variety of shawls and blankets available to choose from.  

4. Sleeping Mask


The airplane lights will not always turn off whenever you want. If you want to sleep without covering your eyes with your arms, the best solution to that is a sleeping mask. Put on your sleeping mask and sleep without being concerned about the brightness during your long flight. 

5. Noise-Canceling Headphones


If you want undisturbed sleep, you may be interested in buying noise-canceling headphones. Sometimes when we have an exciting day ahead of us, it’s hard to fall asleep. Noise-canceling headphones can help you sleep more peacefully by silencing all the snores and murmurs around you. 

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Taking Care of Your Health and Hygiene 


Having a long trip ahead of you requires preparation, and ignoring our daily hygiene routine makes us uncomfortable. There are many easy ways to stay fresh during your trip and avoid any uneasiness on board.

1. Toothbrush and Toothpaste


Bringing your toothpaste and toothbrush with you is always a good idea. If you have a trip during the night, you can brush your teeth on the flight before sleeping. You can also buy a mini toothbrush and toothpaste for your travels. 

2. Chewing Gum


When the airplane takes off, the pressure change usually gives us an annoying pain in the ears. Therefore, bringing chewing gum with you can help lessen the irritation. If you don’t want to get up and brush your teeth, you can use mint chewing gum. This way, you can knock down two birds with one stone. 

3. Hand Sanitizer


With the ongoing pandemic, keeping our environment antiseptic has become more important than ever. Packing hand sanitizers and antiseptic wipes can help you take care of the germs on your seat and your body. 

4. Moisturizer

Entering into the flight from a humid environment can be refreshing at first, but it may cause dryness if you stay there for a long time. Hence, having good-quality moisturizers and lip balm could prevent your skin from dehydration.

5. Face Mask


Wearing masks is mandatory on your flight. Therefore, bringing a comfortable mask with you is something you should do during a long trip. When you are on the plane for more than 5 hours, wearing an unbearable mask can leave marks on your neck and face. Hence, make sure to pick a face mask that suits you.

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The in-plane entertainment services may not be according to your taste or too outdated if you don’t plan to sleep during the flight. In this case, avoiding boredom should be your main objective. 

1. Book Reading


If you are a book reader or kindle reader, you shouldn’t forget to bring them with you as they can make your trip fun and quick. 

2. Laptop


Bringing your laptop with you is always a good idea, provided that you have downloaded the content you want to watch during your long plane ride. 

Emergency Preparations

1. Medications


If you are on medication, you must keep your medicine in a separate pouch with you if the flight is delayed or the time to take medicine comes while you are in the air. Having general medicine, including laxatives and paracetamol, is always a good idea to prevent any issues during flight. If you have anxiety or sleeping issues, you should take some pills to stay alert or fall asleep during your flight, as per your physician’s recommendation. 

2. Power Bank and Charging Cord


Your phone’s battery will die during the trip if you plan to watch a movie or listen to songs on your long plane ride. Many airplanes have charging ports installed on their seats, but you need to bring your charging cord with you. In addition, you should also bring a portable power bank to keep your phone charged during the flight. 

3. Items for Toddlers


If you plan to bring a toddler with you on your long plane ride, you might need some extra preparations. This includes a carry bag for their items and other essentials to take with your long ride with the toddler. Bring with you some toys or gadgets to indulge them in fun activities. Having a spill-proof cup with some snacks can help you avoid the tantrum of a hungry kid.

On-Plane Comfort 

When traveling between different climate zones, it’s best to have a separate set of clothing for the place your plane will land. This will help you adjust to that temperature easily, and you won’t have to wait to get to your residence to change.  

1. Compression Tights


Sitting on your seat for a long time can be tiring and sometimes painful. Wearing compression tights and socks is a good idea for longer trips. You can also take off your shoes during the flight to avoid extra sweating. You may have to get up at times, and wearing the shoes repeatedly can be taxing.


Preparing well for a long plane ride is always a great idea. From gathering essentials to taking care of your comfort, you should not ignore anything, especially when traveling with a toddler. Doing all this being mindful of your destination is thoughtful and an important aspect for having a good flight.