Must Have Items for a Camping

Are you an avid camper? Camping is an exciting, recreational activity for those who want to take a break from the daily grind and get in touch with nature. However, it is important to go well prepared.

There are varieties of tools that can make life easier for camping fanatics. However, the wide variety of options available for camping can make it difficult to know what must-have useful and innovative camping tools to add to your list. To make the decision-making process easier for you, we present you a list of the best camping and essential items for your next trip.

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Screened Tent
Sleeping Bag
Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag
Glowing LED Tent Pegs
Camping Stove
First Aid Kit


1. Screened Tent

This is a must for all your camping trips. You will need a tent that meets your requirement and offers maximum comfort. You should also go for a tent that is easy to pitch. This Coleman Evanston Screened Tent is spacious enough to contain 6 people and it’s very easy to set up in as little as 15 minutes. This Wenzel Klondike Tent is also a good option.

2. Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is another item you can’t do without when camping. It is always recommended to go for the one best suited to the climate. The four season Abco Tech Sleeping Bag is designed for extreme temperatures, and it ensures you have a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep. It is easy to clean and carry. This Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag is designed for cold temperatures.

3. Glowing LED Tent Pegs

If you are late getting to the campsite or need to get up in the middle of the night, these glowing LED tent pegs will be very useful. Powered by one AA battery, these lighted pegs can provide up to 10 hours of light for the night time.

4. Camping Stove

A camping stove will keep you warm and cook your food as well. In addition to that, this small and lightweight BioLite CampStove can also charge your electronic devices. It works by turning fire, using natural fuel like twigs, into electricity. It has an internal starter battery that helps kick-start the wood and get things going. You may also consider a more traditional camping stove such as the Coleman Bottle Top Propane Stove.

5. First Aid Kit

Almost everyone needs to have a first aid kit in case of an emergency. So if you are planning a camping trip, you need one because you never know what might happen. It can help take care of some minor injuries which you can treat yourself. This first aid kit has 100 pieces and is a smart choice.

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Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion
Camping Lantern
Waterproof Jacket
Grub Hub Portable Kitchen
Insect Repellant


6. Sunscreen

No matter what time of the year, sunscreen is another item you must have on your camping trip. No one wants to suffer sunburn. So make sure to bring sunscreen and apply it to your skin when you are out for extended time in the sun.  Here’s another great option as well Thinksport Sunscreen.

7. Flashlight

Having a quality flashlight for camping is a must. You will find it useful when moving around in the night or if you’re in the dark confines of a deep forest or caves. This powerful LED, super bright handheld light is a great option. It has the intense spotlight for long-range observation, as well as circle floodlight for large area illumination. It has 3 brightness levels and 2 security design modes and uses a 1 piece 18650 Lithium-ion battery or 3 pieces AAA battery.

8. Camping Lantern

At night you will want a strong source of light when hanging out around your camping location.  Having a dependable source of light up to 12 hours of regular, continuous use with AA battery is simply awesome. This Etekcity Portable LED Camping Lantern is lightweight and very portable, and it’s designed for extended use. You can also consider the Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan as a great in-tent option to help keep you cool as well.

9. Lighter

As a camper, you like will need some type of fire-starting device unless you truly want to do it the old-fashioned way. That is where this Tesla Coil USB Rechargeable Windproof Lighter comes in handy. It will make it easy to start a fire even in windy conditions.

10. Compass

another essential item you need to add to your pack is a good compass. With a compass, you can orient yourself and determine where you need to go. This Eyeskey Multifunctional Military Army Aluminum Alloy Compass with Map Measurer is built for strength and capable of working under extreme weather condition.

11. Waterproof Jacket

you can never tell when the weather will take a turn for the worst, so you have to be prepared. Having a lightweight waterproof jacket prepares you for any eventuality. You can simply roll it up and put it in your backpack when going for outdoor activities. Here’s another option, Baleaf Unisex Packable Outdoor Waterproof Jacket.

12. Hammock

If you’ve want a great way to relax without laying down in your tent then consider a hammock. It is made of high-quality, heavy-duty 210T parachute nylon fabric, with an extra soft feel that gives you great comfort.

13. Grub Hub Portable Kitchen

The Grub Hub portable camp kitchen helps you to organize your camp scene. It is easy to set up in as little as 3 minutes to provide a complete outdoor kitchen. It is rugged and very portable and lets you organize all outdoor kitchen gear.

14. EcoCamp OUTDOOR GEAR Mess Kit or Odoland Camping Cookware Mess Kit or Gold Armour Camping Cookware Mess Kit

You will need camping cookware to fix your meals. While cooking around the campfire is fun, you will need the right equipment to do it. So we recommend the three different camping cookware options here for your consideration.

15. Insect Repellant or Ultra 30 Insect Repellant or REPEL Lemon Eucalyptus Natural Insect Repellent

Insects and bugs can be so annoying when on a camping trip, but with a good insect repellant, you can keep those little annoying creatures away. Not only are insects unpleasant to have in your tent, they can also bite you, some can spread diseases and end up ruining your holiday. However, any of the three insect repellants here can help you keep them at bay.

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Two-Way Radios
Multipurpose Pocket Knife
Portable Washing System


Other must-have items for a camper include Two-Way Radios, Multipurpose Pocket Knife other options here, and Portable Washing System.

If you’re completely new to camping, this list of must-have items will help you get started on your first camping adventure. Be sure to add all the necessary items but try as much as possible to pack light because you will be the one to carry your gear!