Must Have Firearms Accessories for New Gun Owners

First firearm purchases carry a great bundle of joy but are riddled with confusion at the same time. Buyers often wonder what they need further for the protection of their investment. Like any other significant purchase, your firearms require some TLC to work at peak performance. 

While these purchases can cost you extra on the hefty cash you paid for your firearm upfront, they allow your weapons to stay in prime conditions. 

However, with several supporting accessories in the market, many can’t decide between necessities and luxuries. 

Here is a list of the essential must-have firearm accessories for new gun owners to help bring clarity to the fun yet confusing quest of gun gear. Let’s have a look at our magnificent 12 for your budding arsenal!

Must-Have Firearm Accessories: Safe Storage


The first thing you need to sort out when you buy a gun is its safe storage at home. A secure yet affordable and functional firearms storage accessory is a necessity of every gun owner. Leaving your gun unattended can land in the hands of criminals, children, and animals. It can also cause your gun to rust or get scratches.

Having safe storage also helps land a security certificate which is essential for your insurance claims. Therefore, here are some storage items to consider: 

Where to Buy
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1. Gun Safe

Gun Safes are a great way to store and lock your guns away. There are several reasons why you should get one. They protect your firearms just like they protect you. Do check out the best Gun Safes in the US. If you are on a budget, click here for quality Cheap Gun Safes.

2. Muzzle Lock

A muzzle lock is essential for the safe storage of your firearms. It will keep your gun inoperable and hence adds a layer of security when you’re not around. We highly recommend one if you have kids or pets at home. 

3. Gun Gear Bag

People invest in firearms for legal protection and self-defense. You will need a portable, functional, and secure travel case for your guns when you go out traveling or around. Some states also require you to own one — in the failure of compliance, you may get into some legal trouble with hefty fines! 

Must-Have Firearm Accessories: Shooting and Training


Although most people buy guns strictly for self-defense, you will need to practice shooting occasionally to ensure that your prized possession works fine. For recreation or hunting purposes, gun accessories for training are a must-have for every beginner. Let’s have a look at the gear you will need:

1. Targets

Visibly grid targets are effective for training. A target is a must-have in your arsenal for testing the accuracy and precision of your firearms. You can have a target as simple as a paper plate with a back-board: however, for a far-fetched gun range, multi-grid Redfield targets or handgun fans like the silhouette target are great options to consider. 

2. Eye and Hearing Protection

Firearms being loud can damage your hearing if you don’t protect your ears. The average decibel level of a gun is equivalent to that of a clap of thunder. Sounds not too much? Realize that the thunder is miles away from you while your gun is right next to your ear. Repeated use of firearms without ear-protection can lead to impaired hearing. Therefore, use ear muffs or plugs. Also, get eye protection as Shrapnel from ejected shells can be a real threat to your vision. You may get a kit for protection or both of these separately. 

3. Laser Sighting

As a newbie to the realm of shootings, laser sight for your gun can be a game-changer in your training. It can help you improve your aim at the range faster, making you a more skilled and reliable gun-owner. 

Must-Have Firearm Accessories: Cleaning and Maintenance


To ensure your firearms have a prime condition and deliver peak performances, you need cleaning and maintenance supplies. As a newcomer to the firearm realm, you should consult your dealer for specific accessories. Having an expert guide, which your dealer most likely is, will prevent you from buying unnecessary accessories or potentially damaging your gun. 

Here are some essentials you will want to have in your arsenal gear after purchasing your first firearm:

Where to Buy
BoreSmith Triangle Patches, Cal 27 thru 35, Premium Gun Cleaning Patches, clamshell
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ComfortTac Ultimate Belly Band Gun Holster for Concealed Carry | Compatible with Smith and Wesson, Shield, Glock 19, 17, 42, 43, P238, Ruger LCP, and Similar Guns, for Men and Women

1. Cotton Clothes and Patches with a Barrel Cleaning Brush

You will need these instruments to get rid of debris from the interiors and exteriors of your gun. Many cleaning cloths and brushes are reusable: hence, such an investment will not take a toll on your pocket. However, you will require fresh cotton patches every time to ensure your firearm is debris-free. 

2. A Cleaning Mat or Container

You will need to disassemble your firearm to clean it. A cleaning mat or container will help you keep your parts from scratching against the table or countertop amidst this. These parts of your gun won’t roll or slide aside. These products also prevent you from losing these parts when disassembled! 

3. Cleaning Solvent and Gun Oil

These two products are a must-have for gun owners. Cleaning Solvents remove residues in the barrel and other parts of the gun, while gun oil prevents it from rusting and lubricates your firearm for pristine functioning. Have a look at our guide of Gun Cleaning Kits.

Must-Have Firearm Accessories: Concealment of Firearms


If you wish to keep your firearms out of sight, you will need to add this one to your gun gear. 

1. Concealed Carry Holster

This is a must-have for you if you wish to carry your gun concealed at all times. These holsters adhere close to you, keeping your firearm away from everyone’s sight. There are car holsters as well if your state honors a concealed carry license.

Must-Have Firearm Accessories: Extras


The following are some essential extras.


One of the most confusing purchases for new gun owners is ammunition that fits their needs. From the grain to the bullet type and its caliver, every feature impacts accuracy. Therefore, consulting your gun dealer or someone experienced should be your best bet. Once specific ammo is your favorite, you can bulk buy it to save money and time. 

Extra Magazines

Many new firearm enthusiasts overlook the need for extra magazines. Your gun becomes useless the second it runs out of bullets. Therefore, buy additional magazines as a backup.

The Bottomline

As a new gun owner, you may find it tough to create personal gun gear. With our detailed guide, you no longer have to stay confused having guns at home. We highly recommend getting in touch with your gun dealer before finalizing your purchases.