Must-Have Back to School Items

Summer’s here, and before you know it, you’ll be in front of the school entrance again. And when thinking of back-to-school preparations, everybody knows the best part is shopping for brand new school supplies and breathing in the smell of new notebooks. 

We’ve created a list of the essential school supplies you’ll need to get ready for that fated day. From the basics such as pens, notebooks, and pencils to a printer, a corkboard, and a flash drive, we’ve got you covered.

Scroll further to see the essential school supplies you need, stuff to consider having a stock of, and more back-to-school items that you probably didn’t know you needed.

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You may already have one from last year, but you have to make sure you own a comfortable backpack. Chances are, you’ll be dragging school materials from one classroom to another, and sometimes even in 15 minutes or less. So possessing a bag such as the UGRACE Vintage Laptop Backpack that disperses weight evenly and doesn’t hurt your back or shoulders is essential.

Pens (various colors)


Get some pens for a quicker, bolder, smoother note-taking experience. Also, according to some studies, using various colored pens to write down notes can enhance your memory. 

Pencils / Mechanical Pencils

Pencils are a great help when writing down notes since, unlike pens, you can easily erase your mistakes, and pencils also allow you to sketch out designs. Just make sure to add a sharpener or additional lead to your list.

Highlighters (various colors)

Highlighters are a student’s saving grace. For most of your studies, you’re free to mark up all your textbooks. And if you plan on selling your used books someday, the next student who orders them might even thank you for the highlights.


Mistakes do happen, and often too. So, if you see a small error or typo just before handing in your research project or paper, you’re going to require a whiteout that’s convenient for a quick fix. Whiteouts are available in tape or liquid form.

Pencil Case

Rather than giving yourself a hard time digging for pens or pencils at the bottom of your bag, store them all in a pencil case.


While some students now favor taking notes with their laptops, studies show that hand-taken notes are more helpful for memorization and understanding. Hence, you’ll require a notebook for each class, or you could get some multi-subject notebooks that can hold up to three courses in one.


Paperclips are ideal for storing papers together; these are a standard must-have to keep things organized, simple, and nice.


Notecards are a definite must-have. They are ideal for creating flashcards to memorize vocabulary, people, dates, or facts. But, if you want to further it up and study on the go, consider punching a hole through your cards and push a clip-ring through.


Even during this era of electronic technology, some teachers will still hand out physical copies of assignments, the syllabus, class projects or give back your printed documents with their feedback inscribed on them. Store them all in one folder solely dedicated to the class. As always, the organization is key. 


Some teachers will require you to have three-ringed binders to file your class materials. These binders will come pre-punched most of the time, but if not, you might also want to consider investing in a three-hole punch.

Binder Clips

Sometimes just using a paperclip isn’t enough. For larger clipping tasks, you can go with a binder clip. They also come in multiple sizes, so there’s always one suitable for the job of keeping a stack of papers together.


Scissors are great for school and chores around the room. Scissors are an essential school supply: whether you’re snipping up definitions and pasting them to your notecards or cutting the tag off your new shirt.


Staple your school papers to make them nice and neat. Buy a mini hand-held stapler for your backpack and another for your dorm desk. So, if you come across any stapling emergencies, you’re prepared, and your classmates will also thank you.

Planner / Agenda

School can get pretty busy, so keep yourself organized with the help of a handy-dandy planner. As soon as you receive a paper or assignment, you can write down the due date in your planner and start on it early. With this item, you’ll never miss your deadlines again!


Rips eventually happen. So whether in a text, poster, or notebooks, use a clear scotch tape to tape up those tears.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is an excellent tool for any event. It’s a versatile tool you can use to repair a split flip-flop, a hole in your backpack, or a rip in your folder.

Sticky Tack / Poster Strips

There are multiple ways to hang up posters on your walls, but sticky tacks and poster strips are easy classics and are available just about everywhere.


A printer is optional. Most schools will have printers available to the students and provide them with a given amount of printed pages. Though, if you intend to do plenty of printing or don’t want to hike out in a computer lab, you might want to consider investing in a printer of your own.