Moving on up

Hey dolls! 
I’m alive and we’re all moved…did you miss me? I’ve spent the last week or two basically packing, lifting heavy things (with my horrible back), cleaning, and then unpacking and organizing everything at the new house. I am so sick of doing busy work and cannot wait to resume normal life and get back to our regular routine. Seriously, at this point, if I find another box full of junk that needs to find a place in the new house, I may just scream or rip my hair out.

Speaking of hair…I took a quick break from all of the organizing and rearranging yesterday to take some time for myself. My lovely friend, Anna, made a house call to do my hair, and even brought me a coffee. Gosh, I love her. She gave me a quick trim to shape up my limp, lifeless cut, and then threw on a nice toner to counter the lovely dishwater-tinged look I had going on with my blonde ends. It was nice to take a little break and do something for myself, and it helped distract me (momentarily) for this mess of boxes & clutter that were stacked up in what should be my dining room. 
In addition to the hair, I also showered and put on makeup! First time in what seemed like forever…because lately I’ve been looking more like this:
That’s what I looked like on moving day #2, when I realized I desperately needed to make a Target run for some household stuff and organizing essentials. Plus, you know, I hadn’t really left the house and interacted with other adults or the general public in what seemed like an eternity, and Target is basically the happiest place on Earth. I ended up running into my other great friend, Jodi, at Target and she bought me a coffee. She may have just felt sorry for me in my non-showered, hat-wearing, ratty-bun rocking state, but I was happy to accept the free caffeine and talk her ear off for a few minutes before I spent $200 on shelving, curtains, rugs, and Command Strips.
Finally, at long last, I have mostly everything unpacked and kind of put in their places. The rest of it is in a huge pile in the basement, and I’m debating on whether or not I have the energy to organize a yard sale before the weather starts getting too cold. It sounds like a lot of work, but we have a lot of stuff to get rid of. I absolutely love the new house, but the thing about old houses is that they have pretty much zero closet space. The bedroom closets are teeny-tiny, and there are no hallway, bathroom, or linen closets whatsoever. Where do I put all of the bedding, towels, games, jackets, and general clutter that usually fills up one’s closet? I’m still trying to figure that out. My husband and I have to share one of those dinky little closets too! I’m not sure how this is going to work out, and I really need to try to squeeze another dresser in our room. So for now, we still have a small pile of random stuff stacked up in a corner of the dining room, and I cannot wait for it to disappear. I’ve never done a yard sale of my own before, but it seems like a lot of work. And I’m not sure how I feel about strangers picking through my old crap, but I do like the idea of making a few bucks off of the stuff I no longer want or have the room to store. You know I hate clutter!
Side note: I really, really can’t wait to get Harper’s slide and ball tent out of my living room and into her own bedroom, but she’s still a little wobbly on it and needs close supervision while playing on it. For now, my living room still looks like a Fun Dungeon (have you seen this ridiculous show? My kids love it, and this episode actually made me LOL. It’s pretty weird, but definitely funny and relatable! Fast-forward 47 seconds to the Fun Dungeon part).
With all of this moving talk, I almost forgot- these big kids started school on moving day.
I cannot believe I have a 5th and 2nd grader. Aren’t they adorable? I’m not sure Ayden would like to know I said he was adorable, but he’s such a little man now, it’s crazy. And Lily has lost all of her baby face and looks so big. I was just looking at her kindergarten pictures the other day and she had still looked like a sweet little, round-faced toddler in them. Not anymore. She’s also quite the little fashionista these days. Since we live so close to the school now, Ayden decided to join the Safety Patrol and be a crossing guard, which sent me into a fit of tears. When did my baby get big enough not only cross the street without me, but stand in the street and help direct traffic and keep his fellow students safe? I’m not sure where the time went, but I’m just not really OK with all of this. I told him I couldn’t promise that I wouldn’t be out on our front porch with my coffee every morning, watching him crossing people at the corner like a crazed stalker. All I got in return was an eye roll and a “Mommmmmm.” He knows I love him, though. Such big kids!
This whole back to school thing has been a little bit of an adjustment for Harper. First off, there are the new surroundings. Then, her big brother and sister leave before she wakes up and she doesn’t see them all day. Poor thing has been busy exploring the living room and her new bedroom, all the while searching for the kids, yelling “Ay-dee! Yi-yi” (Ayden, Lily). Isn’t that the sweetest thing? She’s probably looking for the stairs, because in the old house the big kids lived downstairs, and Harper would stand at the top, hold on to the baby gate, scream for them, and wait for brother and sissy to eagerly run up the stairs and come play with her. She had a system and we messed with it! I sit and watch her little furrowed brow sometimes as I imagine her thinking “Where the heck am I, and where are those dang kids?”  We’ve been getting some extra snuggles in every morning, while we lazily cuddle on the couch watching Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street. Is it bad that at 13 months she’s already watching TV? I figure at least it’s educational, right? Not like I’m letting her watch Spongebob or something. 
She was in an Elmo trance.
So, that’s my life lately. It’s involved a lot of late nights, early mornings, packing, organizing, fast food, more packing, lots of  sitting on hold with the Internet provider (4 times! 4 hours total), and very little sleep. Oh, and more packing. And then unpacking. Oh, and then going back and cleaning the old house from top to bottom. Ugh. I think I’ve been asleep before my head has hit the pillow almost every single night (or sometimes morning, on the super late nights), and I absolutely dread my annoying alarm going off every morning now that we’re back in school. Does anyone else hate alarm clocks as much as I do? It’s on my husband’s side of the bed, so every day it goes off I have to nudge him really hard and whisper “Turn it off,” as if the sound of it is going to make my ears bleed or something. Seriously, I hate that noise. 
Alright, so now that I’ve caught you up on my unexciting little life, I’m off to tend to some sick kiddos. You know, they have been around roughly 600 other little kids in the last 5 days, so of course they are sick. Yes, already! Time to buy some hand sanitizer by the gallon because school germs give me the creeps.