Mother’s Day

Happy early Mother’s Day to all of the mommies & mommy bloggers out there!

 I hope you are having a lovely Mother’s Day weekend with your family & loved ones.
We finally got some sunshine today so I took my little ones to the park! Sadly, Daddy has to work weekend so it was just the 3 of us, but we had a blast. I slathered them in SPF 50 & brought a blanket, some water bottles, & my Nook to Ayden’s elementary school playground. It was fun and they also had a boy’s baseball game going on so there were extra kids there to play & we got to watch the game at the same time. 
I got the most precious handmade gift & card from my sweet little guy. He couldn’t wait until Sunday (he gave it to me the minute he walked in the door from school!) so I figured I could show you guys before Mother’s Day too 🙂
Here’s the picture he drew of me on the front of my card.
And the inside of my card. This made me cry like a little girl.
And my sweet little boy’s picture & handmade frame. He put ladybugs on it because he knows they are his sister’s favorite.
He told me that he thought of what to write on the inside all on his own. It was so adorably cute and I hugged & kissed him probably 100 times. 
It’s things like this that reassure me I am doing a good job at raising my children. I take my job seriously and I honestly question myself when it comes to parenting at times, but this proves that I’m doing something right. Not only are they happy, healthy, intelligent, and funny, but they are also loved and they feel it.

I don’t know what our plan is for tomorrow but nothing can top this! 
Happy Mother’s Day!